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RAA 2012 Round 1: Professor Motor

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  • RAA 2012 Round 1: Professor Motor

    Round one of the 2012 RAA is in the books.
    At this time, I do not have the complete results. Steve will post them tomorrow sometime.
    What I can say is, It was VERY CLOSE in all the classes. So much so, Steve is busy compiling the results as we speak.
    One thing for sure, the cars are better this year than any year I have driven in the RAA. We had many car finish on the same lap. I am really pleased with how the race went off and a big THANK YOU to Andy Smith and his staff.
    I will try to post some pics tonight.
    Sorry for the torture...
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    I left the percentages of final lap sheets there.

    So hopefully tomorrow I can get a hold of them to see what can be done. I'm hoping photos of the sheets will transpire and I can post the results tomorrow night.

    Many ties on lap count high in the ranks, will be interesting.


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        more pitchers

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          More photos and comments tomorrow.
          Fun time had by all.


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            Nothing showing up... ?


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              Those them pictures ain't loading for how I am suppose to wait till tomorrow for the results.....sooner or later the cops are going to tell me to get off this ledge!


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                Driving impressions from the 1st round at PM

                The number refers to the order in which I ran each car and NOT where the car finished!!!!!!! How a particular car handled on this track may or may not reflect it's performance on another track. The track is wood with what appears to be an epoxy surface, +/- 80 feet, and has Magnabraid. The longest straight is 18 - 20 feet. I have run on this track for the last 3 years.

                1. Big Jack: Body really rolls and it sounds like something is dragging but it handles well.
                2. MD43: loose in the rear end.
                3. Arroldn: noisy and runs out of steam on the long straights.
                4. BOV: seems slow but corners really well – what it may lack in straight line speed it makes up for in the corners.
                5. 03raldale: Quicker than some of the others but not as planted in the corners – weight ratio off?
                6. Slot Hawaii: a nice little rocket that handles well and has sufficient brakes. One of the quietest cars of the field.
                7. Wicked Mini: a distinctive body style that harkens back to the glory days of racing. A little loose in the rear end.
                8. Solkol: a little loose; weight ratio seems off.
                9. Trans Issues: more predictable handling though it suffers a bit in the corners.
                10. F1 fan: Nice car! Not a lot of top end but not any less than the rest of the field. Handles really well – a pleasure to drive.
                11. Mr Tiggz: nice little car, a little slippery, needs a lot of brake.
                12. Fumey: slow coming out of the hole, doesn’t have a lot of brake, smooth but loose in the corners.
                13. 9000cse: point and shoot rocket without brakes. Not a lot of traction.
                14. Haystack: smooth.
                15. Gtken: nice weight ratio, quick out of the corners.
                16. Smokieo: nice and smooth – CG a little high; feels as though it’s ready to tip if pushed in the corners (to be fair I feel all 911s/997s exhibit this trait).
                17. Geno: typical F40. Nice.
                18. Moby Dick: nice, but it feels just a bit top heavy in the corners (again – I feel this is typical of the 997).
                19. Redlyner: nice low car, nice weight ratio, nice to drive.
                20. Lowtech: loose in the rear end. 

                Late Entry WCR - nice little car that doesn't have a lot of brakes.

                1. Big Jake: loose in the corners and feels a little slow.
                2. MD43: a little loose; rear end drifts.
                3. Lindsey Angell: nice, a little loose in the corners.
                4. Alexis in Greece: slow.
                5. Bustaflea: on or off, hits top end immediately, handles fine but needs different gearing.
                6. Skipgrad: fine.
                7. F1fan: nice handling car.
                8. Supertuner: some drivers complained about the front end popping out but I had no problems with it – different driving styles?
                9. Mcliams: nice solid, well handling car.
                10. Moby Dick: Nice combination of wheelbase, weight, balance and traction.
                11. Fred Fries; fast, would benefit from better traction.
                12. Fumey: nice and smooth. Good weight to power balance. Keeps accelerating to the end of the longest straights. Boring body style. Didn’t I see it on the shoulder of 696 earlier this year?
                13. GTKen: handles nice, a little light in the rear end. Lower the CG?
                14. Redlyner: long, low and fast. Drives like it’s on rails.
                15. Burton: felt like a box-stock Carrera; not that a box-stock Carrera is a bad car, but it seemed to lack a competitive edge. 

                1. Big Jack: ungodly braking makes it very hard to drive.
                2. Trans Issues: More power than traction.
                3. Alexis in Greece: back end is loose.
                4. Mr Tiggz: a rocket without any traction.
                5. Geno: Nice running car, could use a little more traction in the corners.
                6. O3Raledale: too fast for the amount of traction the tires provided.
                7. BOV: could’ve been smoother though it ran fine.
                8. Ckouba: another point-and-shoot car.
                9. JScotIII: nice ratio of power to handling.
                10. Fred Fries: nice but could’ve used a touch more speed. Handles the corners really well.
                11. Arroldn: no traction in the corners.
                12. ShortLand: Audi R8 was really quirky; not too fast yet hard to drive smoothly in and out of the corners.
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                  Chopped liver, maybe

                  And ... ?


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                    Thanks Wicked Mini!

                    I for one REALLY appreciate the comments and feedback.......(maybe because of the nice comments about my cars).

                    Maybe I should ignore those people shouting "jump, jump, jump, and get off this ledge!



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                      Originally posted by Wicked Mini View Post
                      4. Alexis in Greece: slow.
                      Meaning lacking straight line speed?


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                        Alexis in Greece - your car just felt under-powered. Handling wasn't an issue because because of its speed (or lack of). I didn't get a chance to look at your car so I'm not sure if it's the motor, the gearing or some combination of things. I think your car might do better on smaller/tighter tracks. Good luck!


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                          Thanks for the feedback


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                            Wicked Mini,

                            Thank you much for all the feedback!



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                              I will fix the photos tonight.


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