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4TH RAAce, "The Coffin", Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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  • Help, I need some adult guidance!!
    Boy, have you come to the wrong place!


    • Originally posted by Terry Noe
      The green machine has been sent North. It left yesterday at 11:45am via Express mail. Now the anxiety attack begins.

      How many handicap points will my team get in the Can-Am Challenge?
      You have a PM.


      • Originally posted by Wet Coast Racer
        Do you have any answers, Bart?
        There's certainly nothing that can be done by anyone here about a program that won't play on a Mac. The only universal answer -- and it's probably a PITA for the race hosts -- is to also post the results in plain old ascii text.

        Originally posted by Wet Coast Racer
        Would you have foreseen this technical difficulty?
        Since the program the race hosts are using -- groundbreaking though it may be -- wouldn't run on a Mac, I would not have had the opportunity to foresee this technical problem.

        Originally posted by Wet Coast Racer
        Personally, I appreciate the application of technology that Van & Eric have brought to this, it's a groundbreaking event in proxy racing.
        I certainly appreciate their efforts -- ALL their efforts. From the Mac users' perspective, the application of a technology many people who are in this race can't even see is underwhelming, to say the least. That's no critical reflection on Van & Eric, and I can't quite see why you thought that was the gist of my remarks. It wasn't. The gist was simply that some participants can see the results, and some can't. While I don't plan on slashing my wrists over this technical glitch, it *is* an inconvenience. A proxy race is only really possible because of the rapid sharing of information afforded by the web, so when human or technological elements hinder the flow of information, it cannot but affect the running of a proxy race.

        Originally posted by Wet Coast Racer
        No doubt solutions will be found eventually to problems that crop up with browsers and operating systems.
        No doubt. But not before this round of RAA is over and done with. It's all kind of a moot point, since we still don't know the standings after the Ace race, and I believe there are still unresolved penalty questions that will most certainly affect those standings, and even the race at the Coffin.

        I'd really prefer it if people wouldn't interpret my remarks according to their *perception* of what they THINK I was saying. All ya gotta do is ask, man.



        • GTS RAAce 1 in the books

          Hi guys,

          Thus ends another day of racing here at The Coffin. Again, sorry about the Mac compatibility. It's an issue that's beyond me unfortunately. Hopefully the Windoze users amongst us can read the data I've published. I do plan on publishing standings for this race in a more readable form. I hope you guys can appreciate that we've run 45 heats of 3 minutes each here today. Yesterday running all the cars for qualifying took around 11 hours. It's a lot of work just staying on top of the racing side of it, not to mention all the ones and zeros. Numbers will be forthcoming.

          Here is the lineup for tomorrow:

          GTS RAAce 2: Top Qualifiers

          The slowest of the fast cars go first tomorrow. I'll be sitting out and running race control while Alfonso Rev, Chris, and Reckless man the controllers.

          I have a big pile of numbers to crunch tonight. I'll publish some sort of summary if I can get on top of tabulating all the results. I hope to publish a bunch more photos too.

          For the browser impaired:

          Top Ten Lap Times:
          1. 8.666 Porsche GT1 Evo NHDungeonracer - Chris
          2. 8.726 Saleen S7 Mr Bugs - Reckless
          3. 8.771 Porsche 959 Dave Kennedy - Reckless
          4. 8.795 Mercedes CLK Ivory Pete - Reckless
          5. 8.838 Porsche GT1 EVO Marcus P. Jr. - DV
          6. 8.838 Corvette C5R B52 - DV
          7. 8.839 Honda NSX Fast and Furios - Chris
          8. 8.865 Mercedes Benz CLK Fireball - Reckless
          9. 8.870 BMW M3 GTR PeteN95 - Chris
          10. 8.875 Audi Quattro Smokeio - Chris
          Some lap times are from yesterday, so look for the faster cars to start moving up through the pack with the 3 minute heats.

          All the racers who've submitted cars get a big thumbs up from myself, Reckless and Chis for giving us an awesome day of RAAcing!


          • 1. 8.666 Porsche GT1 Evo NHDungeonracer - Chris
            Wow, Dickie has the fast time. Chris must be one hell of a driver!


            • Me, me, me!

              Did my car make it up to you or is it still sitting in customs? I would hate for the tires to get flat spots and the nitrous to go stale. Let me know.

              Wishing/praying for a decent showing and lap time,


              • Chris rocks!

                Originally posted by Smokeio
                Wow, Dickie has the fast time. Chris must be one hell of a driver!
                Hey Smokio,

                Chris is a very good, very experienced driver. He generally has pretty good feedback on the cars and is excellent at diagnosing problem areas.

                The fast cars are up tomorrow so look for more movement on the top lap times.


                No word on your car from this end. We were in all day as you can imagine. LMP cars don't race until Sunday so we're hoping it shows up tomorrow.

                I've done a check of total laps for the GTS and LMP RAAce. In the case of a tie for number of laps, fastest lap determines position.

                Provisional Standings For GTS
                1. 118 8.865 M-B CLK Fireball
                2. 116 8.838 Corvette C5 B52
                3. 114 8.887 BMW M3 PeteN95
                4. 114 8.911 Audi Quattro The Professor
                5. 114 8.974 Toyota Supra Bart
                6. 114 9.081 M-B CLK Racersolo
                Qualifying for LMP
                1. 14 5.784 MG/Lola WildBill
                2. 15 5.912 Audi R8 The Professor
                3. 16 6.154 Nissan R390 Reckless Racer
                4. 13 6.170 Dallara PeteN95
                5. 16 6.233 M-B CLK Nutkiller
                6. 14 6.311 Lola B2k Spiritracer
                7. 15 6.419 Dome Judd SCX
                To all you Dome Judd haters: don't hate the player, hate the game. Qualifying is by lap time. The fastest cars encouraged the drivers to explore the limits in the 1 minute heats. The most consistent cars drove the greatest number of laps which will be important come race time.

                Neil, sorry about trashing your Porsche. Tried to make up for it with your GTS Corvette C5. It was easy to drive your car at the limit. It's light and has good balance. This is the perfect combo for The Coffin.

                I'm going to head home shortly and start feeding the numbers into Excel and publish standings for the whole field. I'll post my photos too.

                RAAce ON!
                Last edited by dr vanski; 03-10-2006, 04:15 PM.


                • 8.666 Porsche GT1 Evo NHDungeonracer - Chris
                  Take THAT, Barbie!!!!!!!!
                  Now who was saying my "stock" motor is slow????


                  • The fast cars are up tomorrow so look for more movement on the top lap times.


                    • Originally posted by dr vanski
                      Bart, your gears are getting very noisy so you might want to get your hands on some replacements.
                      Thanks for the heads-up. All I can tell you is the gears were unbelievably noisy from the get-go and if it blows, it blows. One of the experiments on this car was an attempt to adapt the Ninco anglewinder gears to a better axle, in this case, the hollow Slot.It. Frankly, I'm surprised it made it this far, considering that all that's holding the spur gear on the axle is a mixture of cyanocrylate and sodium bicarbonate.

                      If the car goes Tango Uniform, I will withdraw it. All the race hosts and participants so far have done a fantastic job, but I feel the stirring of a definite chill in the air. I've done what I wanted to do -- I built a car that has proven to be not completely without merit. I knew I had no chance of being competitive, so there's no sour grapes involved. It's apparent that my very presence in the series and on this forum rubs too many of the "Right" people the wrong way, and I'm tired of having to defend every single utterance I make here.

                      The car will run until it doesn't, and that will be the end of my participation.



                      • Never ending innuendo

                        I'm in it to win! If I can't win, I'll settle for glory!! If I can't get any glory, then I'll be happy with some cool prizes!!! And if I'm one of the "right" people, then God help the rest of you!!!!


                        • I am impressed by Reckless and Van's race organization skills, even if fully one-third of the vocal ones are blinded by their Mac's. It takes alot to run all these cars and keep track of all the data, while publishing it as fast as possible. As for Austin and the Great Points Hiatus, I think we can handle the unofficial version ourselves; it's just addition!

                          Now, whassamatta with the Marcos? Does it need a quick fix or a long soak in a hot bath?


                          • I'm in it to win! If I can't win, I'll settle for glory!! If I can't get any glory, then I'll be happy with some cool prizes!!!
                            So..what cool prizes are you hoping to get.....?


                            • So Doc, is there any chance my Porsche will be able to run Sunday?


                              • RAAce 4 railbirdolatry

                                Hey Bart,

                                Your car is still fast, but it's one loud melonfarmer. A few of the sidewinder cars are scraping their spur gears on the track surface which makes for an interesting sound. There will be a few more cars headed to the repair shop within the next few rounds so hang tight with your entry. I'm leaving my Beemer in as is, Pneus Ortmann and all.

                                Hi Paul,

                                Sorry to rain on your parade, but DaveK's 959 and Mr. Bugs' Saleen are in a league of their own. Reckless car while not the fastest, is easy to drive hard and lap almost as quickly. Consistency is what pays the big laps. The GT1 is a good car for this event. It's not so easy to recover when pushed beyond the limit.


                                The nose on your car bobs a bit under power, and the Pneus Ortmann are a huge letdown here. My car tested 1.5s faster prior to Reckless resurfacing the track. A bum set of Ortmanns perhaps?


                                I won this cool pen! Didn't you get one? Free with every fifty cars raced!


                                Your Porsche will survive the race if we don't push it too hard.
                                Last edited by dr vanski; 03-10-2006, 06:29 PM.


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