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  • RAA 2017 Rules

    There are three classes in the RAA for 2017: P, GT1, and GT2. All classes are no-magnet.

    RAA 2017 Rules - Few changes from '16

    Magnetic downforce reduction: 1 point for every gram of downforce which must be removed to meet the 35 gram maximum. This will involve placement of shim steel under the motor to redirect the magnetic field, or installation of a replacement motor, if desired by owner, at owner's expense.
    __________________________________________________ ________________________

    P is mostly open.

    GT1 is full-mod, faster motor, kit/RTR based. GT1 weight minimum 85g.

    GT2 is limited-mod RTR , with slower motors. GT2 weight minimum NONE.
    __________________________________________________ ________________________

    General Car Rules (apply to all classes):

    G.a) Injection molded or resin bodies only, no vacuum formed or blow molded bodies. A +/-7% scale tolerance will be allowed as a general guideline, exemptions from this rule may be granted for certain models.

    G.b) Tires may not project beyond body when car is at rest on level track, viewed from directly above, or at full side to side movement.

    G.c) Guide may not project beyond body when aligned for straight, viewed from directly above.

    G.d) All wheel drive, and multiple motors, may be used only if the actual car used them.

    G.e) Cars must have minimum .030"/.75mm ground clearance, gear may hang lower.

    G.f) Cars must use factory clear glass.

    G.g) Racing numbers must be visible in three places on body. Bodies may be painted in fantasy or realistic liveries.

    G.h) Headlights and tail lights are required, but are not required to actually illuminate.

    G.i) Interior must include, at minimum, dashboard and steering wheel tops. Rear shelf is required under rear window, if car has rear window. Interior must cover all internal workings.

    G.j) Helmeted 3D driver figure is required, with representation of at least head, shoulders, and arms.

    G.k) Wing is required if actual car raced with one, may be modified. Not required to finish race with said wing is damaged/lost.

    G.l) Reasonable, scale appearing inserts are required in wheels, except Slot car Corner Super Wheels, all CBD wheels, Supertire rims, and Slotting Plus wheels with lug detail.

    G.m) Minimum wheel size is nominal 15mm diameter over center-rib, or a scale 16" (.500”) diameter over visible part of rim with tire mounted (simulating a nominal 15" wheel), unless actual car raced with smaller wheels. F1 wheels are not allowed, unless the actual car raced with 13"-14" nominal diameter rims.

    G.n) Minimum front tire width is 8mm. Front tires may be profiled so that a narrower area contacts track, but must otherwise be full width. Clear finish may be applied to front tire tread area. No chemical treatment is permitted

    G.o)All tires must be Urethane, must appear black from a side view. All so sold on the open market.

    G.p) Entrant’s name and class, shall be written on underside of chassis in paint or silver Sharpie. Body screw adjustment information can be done similarly if desired.

    G.q) General Motor Rules, Applies to GTU, GT and P Classes:

    G.q.1) Motors must be stock, as manufactured, currently available. May be run-in prior to this race series. No changes or modifications to motor are permitted aside from removal of capacitors, chokes, or resistors external to the motor. Motor shaft may be shortened.

    G.q.2) No capacitors or other electrical devices may be fitted to motor circuit, except for as-manufactured suppressor and lighting devices.

    G.q.3) Motors drawing excessive current, which results in slowing other cars on the track, or tripping of overload protectors in track circuit, may be disqualified from racing on that track.

    G.r) Cars shall have unique numbers, first come first served. Hosts have requested this, so I want to make their hosting as easy as possible for them.

    G.s) If a modification is not specifically mentioned, don’t do it.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________

    P Class Car Rules:

    P.a) Body must be an open or closed cockpit Prototype class car which raced during the years 1995-2017. No mechanical parts may protrude through holes cut in the body, even if covered by bulges or housings, unless bulges or housings are part of the original body.

    P.b) Chassis is open. May be constructed of any material, any configuration, provided General rules are followed.

    P.c) Motor is open, provided General rules are followed.
    __________________________________________________ _________________________

    GT1 Class Car Rules:

    GT1.a) Body must be a two door, closed cockpit car which raced in any GT series during the years 1995-2017, including ACO/LM, ALMS, FIA GT, Rolex Grand Am, JGTC, and any National GT.

    GT1.b) Chassis must be kit or RTR based, but may be modified. Chassis material is open.

    GT1.c) Wheels, tires, gears, axles, guides, braids, wires, bearings, and fasteners may be modified or replaced by any manufacturer’s parts. No larger then 17X10MM

    GT1.d) Motor must be on the GT1 or GT2 list.

    GT1.e) Complete car must weigh at least 85 grams.
    __________________________________________________ __________________________

    GT2 Class Car Rules:

    GT2.a) Body; same as GT1.

    GT2.b) No podded race type chassis allowed. SCX standard and service type pods allowed.

    GT2.c) Chassis must be RTR based only. Original body-chassis combination must be used. Motors may be fastened in place using tape, screws, or glue. Any chassis reinforcement is allowed, as long as the original configuration (inline, sw, etc.) is maintained. Chassis may be modified for clearance, such as to body or for track clearance.

    GT2.d) Wheels no larger then 17X8 MM, tires, gears, axles, guides, braids, wires, bearings, and fasteners may be modified or replaced by any manufacturer’s parts. Guide holder (to accommodate allowed guide replacement) may be replaced, so long as it serves no other purpose.

    GT2.e) Bearing holders in chassis may be altered to allow different bearings to be fitted. Axle blocks or any tubing may be used.

    GT2.f) Motor may be replaced by others on the GT2 list. Any changes to chassis for motor changes are limited to minor trimming or filling of brackets. Spacers and adapters may be used. Original motor location in chassis must be maintained.

    GT2.g) Motor must be on the GT2 List.
    __________________________________________________ _________________________

    RAA '16 Motor List

    Any motor may be used in P class, provided General rules are followed. There will be no motor list published for P.

    Motors listed below may be used in GT1:

    NSR Shark (FC-130) 20,000 RPM/12v

    NSR Shark (FC-130) 22,400 RPM/12v

    NSR Baby King (FK-180) 17,000 RPM/12v

    NINCO NC-12 (FK-180) 19,054 RPM/12v

    NINCO NC-14 (FK-180) 16,702 RPM/12v

    Piranha (FC-130) 21,500 RPM/12v

    Scaleauto SC08b S-Can (FC-130) 20,000 RPM/12v

    Scaleauto SC20 Ball Bearing "blue" (FC-130) 20,000 RPM/12v

    Slot.It V12/3 “orange endbell” early versions (FC-130) 21,500 RPM/12v

    Slot.It V12/3 "orange endbell" later version, square corner case (FC-130) 21,500 RPM/12v

    Slot.It Flat-6 20,500 RPM/12v

    BRM T-RS (FK-180) 20,700 RPM/12v

    Motors below may be used in GT2:

    Carrera E-200/500 (FC-130) [21,081 RPM/12v] 26,000/14.8v

    Flyslot standard “black stripe” (FC-130) 18,000 RPM/12v

    H&R Racing Hawk Motor I (FC-130) 18,000 RPM/12v

    Scalextric standard “black stripe”, Sport (FC-130) 18,000 RPM/12v


    Eligible Bodies for RAA P Class 1996-2016.

    Acura LMP-2
    Audi R8
    Audi R8C
    Audi R8R
    Audi R10
    Audi R18 TDI
    Bentley EXP Speed 8
    Cadillac LMP
    Chrysler LMP
    Courage C60
    Daytona Prototypes
    Dome 101 Judd
    Ferrari 333SP
    Lister Storm LMP
    Lola B2K
    Lola MG
    Lola B98/10
    Lola B09/60
    Lola B10/60
    Lola B11/60
    McLaren F1 GTR long tail*
    Mercedes Benz CLK GTR*
    Mosler MT900R*
    Nissan R390*
    Pescarolo Sport 07
    Peugeot 908 HDI FAP
    Porsche Spyder
    Panoz LMP07
    Panoz GTR-1
    Panoz LMP1 Roadster
    Peugeot 908 HDI FAP
    Porsche GT1-98*
    Porsche RS Spyder
    Porsche RS Spyder LMP-2
    Peugeot 905
    Radical SR-9
    Reynard 2KQ
    Toyota GT1*

    *Manufacturers exploited a loophole in the FIA and ACO rules which meant cars racing in the GT category were actually true sports-prototypes and sired some road-going versions for homologation purposes. The Porsche 911 GT1-98, Mercedes CLK-GTR and Toyota GT-One were prime examples of prototypes masquerading as GTs.
    __________________________________________________ ____________________

    Eligible Bodies for RAA GT1/2 1996-2016:

    Audi R8 LM
    Audi TT-R
    Audi 80 (AWD)
    Ascari K21
    Aston Martin DBR9
    BMW M3
    BMW Z4 M
    BMW Z3
    BMW M3 GTR
    Callaway Corvette
    Dodge Viper
    Ferrari F40
    Ferrari F50
    Ferrari 360 Modena
    Ferrari 360 GTC Modena
    Ferrari 430
    Ferrari 458 Italia
    Ferrari 550 GTS Maranello
    Ferrari F355
    Ferrari F360 Modena
    Ferrari 575 GTC
    Ford GT
    Ford Mustang
    Honda HSV
    Honda NSX JGTC
    Jaguar XKRS
    Jaguar XKR GT3
    Lamborghini Diablo GTR
    Lamborghini Gallardo
    Lamborghini Murcielago
    Lexus SC 430
    Lister Storm
    Lotus Evora
    Lotus Exige
    Marcos LM600
    Maserati MC12
    Maserati Cambiocorsa Trophy/Trofeo
    Mazda RX8
    McLaren F1 short tail
    McLaren MP4-12C
    Morgan Aero 8
    Nissan 350Z
    Nissan Skyline GTR
    Opel Astra V8
    Opel Vectra GTS V8 DTM
    Pagani Zonda
    Peugeot 406
    Peugeot 406 Silhouette
    Porsche 911
    Porsche GT1/GT1 Evo
    Porsche Cayman
    Renault Megane Trophy
    Saleen S7R
    SEAT Toledo GT
    SEAT Cupra
    SEAT Silhouette
    Toyota Supra JGTC
    TVR Tuscan

    Race Entry:

    Maximum of 2 entries per entrant. Maximum number of cars will be 45.

    Payment is due April 1, 2016. If payment is not received by 11:59pm April 1, 2016, others will be allowed to join. If you withdraw after payment, payment in full will be refunded, minus paypal fee, if used.


    Race Conduct:

    The organizers of the RAA ask that track hosts report race results with photos and postings on SCI.

    Races may be solo or group driven. Each car will receive equal time with each driver if the driving duties are split amongst different drivers. It is recommended that drivers stay in their lanes and have the cars cycle through. Track voltage will be according to local custom and preference. It is expected that track voltage will range from 10 volts on wood tracks, to a nominal 16 volts on "wall wart" powered plastic tracks.

    It is requested that each car be raced for 10 minutes minimum at each track. Race hosts may race cars for less time if they choose, but all cars must race the same amount of time.

    It is requested that slower cars be raced first, then faster cars. Within each class, cars may be grouped by speed, with slower cars’ heats first.

    Race Scoring:

    Winner gets 100 points. There is only one winner per RAAce.

    Everybody else will gets points according to the following formula.

    (Your laps/winner laps) x 100

    Repairs and Adjustments:

    Technical Inspection:

    Tech inspection will be body on. If your cars screw settings that can't be written on the bottom of the car please include a tech sheet with these details.

    Cars which need adjustment in order to pass technical inspection prior to the first race will have 5 points deducted from the first race results.

    The following schedule of point penalties will apply to cars which need adjustment during Tech Inspection:

    Magnetic downforce reduction: 1 point for every gram of downforce which must be removed to meet the 35 gram maximum. This will involve placement of shim steel under the motor to redirect the magnetic field, or installation of a replacement motor, if desired by owner, at owner's expense.

    Weight addition: 1 point for every gram of weight added to make the 85g limit (GT1).

    Each additional, specific rule infraction: 10 points

    Cars which are submitted late for Tech Inspection will have 10 points deducted from their first race.

    Cars submitted without tech sheet will have 10 points deducted from their first race.

    During the course of racing, the following rules apply:

    Cars will be repaired in minor ways without penalty between races (loose wheels, gears re-set or replaced, tires, weights, guides, braids, wires tightened or secured, body screws adjusted). Guides may be trimmed or modified without penalty, if necessary to run on a specific track. Cars may be lubricated. Braids should be set for each track. Replacement part costs to be borne by entrant.
    There is no point cost for these repairs.

    A broken guide mount, or broken chassis, may require a trip back to the owner, or a replacement part sent to the track, by mutual agreement of the track host and the entrant. Track host has the option to return the broken car to entrant for repair, and entrant has the option to request it be returned. There is no point cost for these repairs.

    Penalty for repairs will be in track time lost. If a car can be conveniently repaired between races, there is no penalty. If a car can be repaired during a race, the race host/driver may repair the car under "green", with timer running, and return it to the race. Penalty will be the race time lost. If repair takes longer, (car is DNF) the racing time lost would be the penalty. If a car is found to be incapable of racing at the beginning of a race, car is DNS, and the race time lost is the penalty.

    Tuning will be done, at entrant's request, at the tracks. Cars of all classes are eligible for tuning. This will incur point costs as follow:

    Motor change: 50 points.

    Tire change, tire re-profiling/truing/or gluing, wheel change or truing, gear ratio change, chassis trimming, pod trimming, front axle adjustment, weight adjustment to improve handling, guide adjustment (not counting braid adjustment), and any other adjustments: 25 points each.

    Race hosts will please mention all repairs and tuning to cars on SCI as part of their race coverage.
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    Is the due date for cars still May 30th?



    • #3
      Any motor config legal in P class?



      • #4
        Steve, I don't think that there is any motor configuration limitations in P-Class. It's pretty wide open as long as it meets the general chassis/body/tires rules, but Austin will know for sure.



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          Steve ; Chassis is open. May be constructed of any material, any configuration


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            Thanks,I wasn't sure.
            One last question.
            The new wheels made by Super Tires ( 15 x 11 ),do they need inserts or are the ok as is?



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              The new wheels made by Super Tires ( 15 x 11 ),do they need inserts or are the ok as is?

              The wheels look great as they are, but what are them tires ?

              Can't wait to see how them work.


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                This is going to be fun....

                G.o) Rear tires must be silicone, must appear black from a side view

                I have had enough penalties for wrong type of wire, wheel inserts, etc...

                How do we rule on this...


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                  Originally posted by Oscar Racing View Post
                  This is going to be fun....

                  G.o) Rear tires must be silicone, must appear black from a side view

                  I have had enough penalties for wrong type of wire, wheel inserts, etc...

                  How do we rule on this...
                  Hey there Oscar! We compete again ...

                  No doubt Austin will advise on the letter of the law, but what the heck I'll throw in an opinion, being as I just took delivery of some Super Tires and Rims this week.

                  If you look at 'em carefully, those Big Baby critters in the middle can't possibly meet the criteria. They're not only pink in most areas, there are patches of turquoise and purple on the tread area and inner sidewall. Barbie O'Nuttin will be so disappointed ...

                  Then we have The Boogie Boy:

                  These tires are cleverly identified by patches of verduous luminescence (ooh I'm proud of that) on the tread area and inner sidewall as well. But mounted on the car? Well they meet the criteria, I reckon, appearing to be black from a side view.

                  Now, what about the Black Bandit?

                  Well, things are not as black as they appear. There are actually little white bits on the tread surface - although none on the sidewalls. But surely these are also acceptable within the definition of appearance!

                  So assuming I've got this tire stuff figured out, it does seem appropriate to ask Austin to revisit and amend this rule:
                  G.l) Reasonable, scale appearing inserts are required in wheels, except Slot car Corner Super Wheels, all CBD wheels, and Sloting Plus wheels with lug detail.
                  Simply because those Super Tires Super Wheels are every bit as realistic in appearance as any of the others listed, possibly better. And besides, trying to make inserts for them (the 'standard' ones don't fit) would be a pain in the ...

                  So there are my thoughts, for what they're worth.
                  I now need to commence two or three weeks of gluing and truing and hoping I can make this stuff work so that I don't totally embarrass myself in RAA GT1 this season!


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                    Super Tires and Rims are OK, please use them. A black marker may be needed on the side wall.


                    • #11
                      No issue with the wheels at all.....As a matter of fact why not use any wheel except ones that are designed for inserts...I would like to use Avant Slot plastic fronts (plus they make all the pretty colors also), but they are currently not allowed under the rules....

                      Not sure about just taking a marker and coloring the tire, a few tire swipes with Simple Green and the real color would be exposed. The first two events everyone would have black tires, but after that it would get colorful...The swirls on some of the Tires that don't hit the outside sidewall, I assume those would be ok, but the the pink ones or any other color besides black? I am not sure how many RAAs have been run with these rules, but I think a ruling needs to be made.

                      Wet, now you have me thinking of changing to GT1....


                      • #12
                        HI Austin, Do you have a sign-up thread for the 2017 RAA yet? What is the due date for the cars to be shipped to you? Thanks.



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                            Clarification on wheel size please.
                            No taller than 17?
                            No wider than 10 or 8 ?
                            15x11 15x12 illegal ?



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                              Bad post tried to delete.
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