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RAA 2017 Rules

This is a sticky topic.
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    Hi Austin,

    Can we get a clarification on the due date for the cars, as well as a sign-up sheet for the 2017 event? Thanks.



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      Originally posted by steeveew View Post
      Clarification on wheel size please.
      No taller than 17?
      No wider than 10 or 8 ?
      15x11 15x12 illegal ?


      Looking for an answer.


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        Originally posted by steeveew View Post
        Thanks,I wasn't sure.
        One last question.
        The new wheels made by Super Tires ( 15 x 11 ),do they need inserts or are the ok as is?

        "Harken back to yesteryear..." That is what the 'hot' tires looked like in the '60's, when we called them celastics. Pink, blue, swirls, it was all good.

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          Candies Competition Super Grips! The wheels were plastic, they were made in every color except black. I always bought dark gray ones when they were available, but I did have a Toronado with pink tires.


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            Hi Powers That Be,

            To follow up on Steve's question - are 15 x 11 rears ok in GT1?

            Also - In the General Car Rules: G.o) All tires must be Urethane, must appear black from a side view. All so sold on the open market.....

            So, we know that Ortmann, Paul Gage, BOSA, Yellowdog, MJK etc are Urethane tires. But are NSR,, Sideways etc classified as Rubber tires, and thus not legal? I understand that they're not really Rubber tires, but they're certainly not marketed as anything other than Rubber...

            No more pesky questions, promise....



            Cheers, Tony.
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              But are NSR,, Sideways etc classified as Rubber tires, and thus not legal?

              They are not legal


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                No larger then 17X10MM

                Wider then 10mm is not legal


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                  Thanks for the prompt responses - they were what I expected, just needed confirmation...

                  Onto the next steps of the process...

                  Cheers, Tony.


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                    15 or 17 tall wheels not wider then 8 mm
                    Tires flat may not be over 8 mm wide, rounded side wall ok.


                    15 or 17 tall wheels not wider then 10 mm
                    Tires flat may not be over 10 mm wide, rounded side wall ok.


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                      Thank you for the clarification.



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                        When are the cars due?

                        Is there a sign-up sheet?



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                          My best guess to this question?

                          The cars will be due, as and when the person - Austin - finds the time in his life to figure out the schedule that all the entrants will be asked to meet.

                          And you know what? I'm pretty certain that if there was a sign-up sheet, then we all would have been able to discover it.


                          Folks sometimes need to realize - and I'm telling you this, from the perspective of a guy who needed to take over the RAA when Austin got exhausted with it ten years back, and also being the guy who took on the responsibility of running the Shootout when Terry Noe (who started the series) didn't want to do it no more - that this is a hobby.

                          Not a chore.

                          Whether or not a proxy series appeals to entrants sufficiently that they want to, well, enter, is up to each and every one of them, including Allan and Tony and me etc.

                          But if anybody thinks that making the Proxy Director feel that he - or she, it's a free country - is swimming in the middle of a pool full of sharks, all trying to take a bite out of them is going to bring satisfaction and joy to one and all ...

                          Well, I don't. And speaking personally, that's why I don't do it no more.


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                            Even though I've only been in the hobby for a couple of years, I clearly understand your points with regards to both participation and Direction.



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                              Will the new SCC "Jaws" motor ( 18k long can ) be legal in GT1 ?



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                                I personally don't think asking for a due date is taking a bite out of anyone.

                                Alan has been very good at organizing and running proxies that have 40+ cars. There is a lot of interest in proxy racing, and with that comes questions. Also the last couple of proxies I have entered have hit their high limit of cars very early.

                                I will consider this proxy not fully cooked yet, as I don't want to be a bother to anyone asking for details. Until then I will just consider this an interesting idea.

                                No offense to the OP is intended. Looks like there is some interest so I will await more details. I already have a car prepped if this race does come about. Just need an address and a start date which I guess I will wait for



                                OK so found info on another thread. Looks like June 1 for entry deadline. Not many participants yet. ??
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