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RAA 2016 Registration

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  • RAA 2016 Registration

    2016 Race Across America registration...

    Entry fee for the 2016 RAA will be $20 per car (one entry per class, 2 cars max per entrant) Paypal address Will be setup shortly

    Reminder, in order to reserve your spot, payment is due May 1. Advance payment will guarantee your spot. Also, if you don't pay/are not committed, time will be left for others to join and hastily get a car together.

    If not by paypal, send to; paypal

    Don Pearson
    42 Brookside Dr
    Merrimack, NH

    Cars due for tech May 30

    Send cars to:

    Don Pearson
    42 Brookside Dr
    Merrimack, NH

    If possible, send the cars without clear plastic slot car boxes. A car in a cocoon of bubble wrap is very well protected. The clear plastic boxes are heavy, and we will not be sending the cars from venue to venue with them. There is no guarantee that the boxes will be returned.

    Our experience in sending cars around is that transit damage is very unusual. 99% of the breakage in these races is loss of small, projecting parts like mirrors, during the actual racing. We will do our best to collect these parts as they fall off, and put them in little bags, labeled, which accompany the cars.

    You may send a few spares, if you like, but most never get used. Spares that occasionally get used would be braids and gears.

    No numbers can be repeated at request of hosts...

    45 Car limit to the RAAce.

    P Class
    steeveew Avant Slot Peugeot 908 # 64 PD Here
    Austin Peugeot 908 HDI FAP #9PD Here
    maddick1943 Audi R8 #15PD Here
    jscot111 #1 PD Here
    Audi1 McLaren F1 GTR, #42PD Here
    Budslots Audi R18 #3 PD Here
    arroldn lola PD Here

    GT1 Class
    Brumos RSR Ferrari F40 #99 PD Here
    Wet Coast Racer Ferrari F40 #34 PD
    steeveew GT-1 Dodge Viper # 28 PD Here
    Austin Saleen S7R #50 PD
    redlynr #5PD
    McLiams #707PD
    maddick1943 Lambo 24 Here
    Oscar Racing BMW PD Here

    GT2 Class
    nhdungeonracer Flyslot Porsche 997 #7 dropped out
    Audi1 R8 #23PD Here
    redlynr #8PD
    McLiams #907PD
    Aloha McLaren PD Here
    arroldn Ferrari PD Here
    Spiritracer Ferrari PD Here

    Received cars will be highlighted blue... Late cars will be highlighted red

    Entry fee received will get a $
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  • #2
    Put me down for GT2

    Looking to have #7 as I'd like to enter the same Flyslot Porsche 997 I entered last year.
    Considering the Flyslot's are IL and up against SW's, I thought it fared pretty well in 2015 (3rd overall I think). Hoping to move it nearer to the top in 2016.


    • #3
      GT1 with the #99 Ferrari F40. I now know to have silicon tires the day before shipping this time.


      • #4
        Once more, with feeling.

        GT1 Ferrari F40 #34 please.

        Austin, you want I should Unstick the 2015 Threads at the top, and Stick the 2016 Threads?


        • #5
          GT1 and P class again for me.
          Everything TBD



          • #6
            P-Class and GT1-Class for me; may switch from GT1 to GT2 later on towards April 1st; not sure yet.

            You didn't post when the cars are due for Tech Inspection. If registrations are due April 1st, are you looking at May 1st for cars to be at Tech?



            • #7
              You didn't post when the cars are due for Tech Inspection. If registrations are due April 1st, are you looking at May 1st for cars to be at Tech?

              Need to wait till all last years cars are returned. Some may need time to rebuild their cars.

              I was thinking Tech end of May, 1st race in Mid June


              • #8
                Might change, but...

                #5 GT1
                #8 GT2


                • #9
                  May 31st Tech due date works for me.



                  • #10

                    GT1 - 707
                    GT2 - 907

                    Last edited by McLiams; 01-11-2016, 03:16 AM.


                    • #11
                      The 2016 RAA

                      Don I'll give it a shot with:

                      P Class TBD

                      GT1 number TBD however this Car will be a "Lambo" as AWD !

                      Thanks for taking the helm for 2016



                      • #12
                        P #1


                        • #13
                          P-Class - Audi R18 / #2

                          GT2 Class - Audi R8 / #23

                          ............switched from GT1 to GT2 faster than I thought I would............!

                          Last edited by Audi1; 01-12-2016, 04:06 PM.


                          • #14
                            Please add Oscar Racing to P / number TBD


                            • #15
                              Update on Cars

                              I would like to update my cars:

                              P car Audi R8 #15

                              GT car Lambo #24




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