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The cars are starting to row in

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  • The cars are starting to row in

    A car showed up today. Yes the team well be getting a 1st at tech prize.

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    Car mailed yesterday. We will see how it performs, very minor changes as I'm doing baby steps on the silicon tires.


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      Your cars are here, Love the looks of the rear wheels and tires on the Peugeot. Left side mirror missing.

      Seeing your viper makes me want to go to 132 slotcar and order one.


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        I can't post photo till I am at the camp later this week.


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          I knocked the mirror off a while back, forgot to glue it back on.
          The Viper is nice.



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            My tracker says that my cars were delivered today; please confirm. Thanks, Austin.



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              Does he have to do this for every entrant? Proxy Organizing should be fun!


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                  Just confirming cars received by Tuesday, May 31st are not considered late...

                  June 1st, let the fun begin.....


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                    Hope to ship my cars tonight. Final test and tune until 6:00. Then get to the PO before they close at 8:00.
                    Team Martin cars on the hauler. Should arrive on Tuesday avoiding a penalty.
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                      My car left yesterday For the track and tech.


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                        I have a feeling FedEx are going to be sending me a 'Thank You!' note ...


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                          Hauler shows delivered today around 1 PM.


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                            Just got back from camping in the deep woods, No phones, computers, or email. My son got all the boxes into the house. I will start digging into them all taken photos. All will be posted today. Tech will be tonight, each team penalty will be a find of $10,000


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                              Now that the cars have all rowed in. Or not ...

                              ... I thought it might be interesting to extrapolate some data. Note, this is not official or nuthin' ... also, I've coded the P cars in red, GT1 in blue, GT2 in purple.

                              So looking through preliminary numbers, and focusing only on best lap time achieved during early running at Austin's track, they're stacking up like this, I reckon:

                              Budslots Audi R8 #3 - 7.683
                              arroldn Lola #9 - 7.890
                              jscot111 Audi R8 #1 - 8.134
                              steeveew Avant Slot Peugeot 908 #64 - 8.201
                              Audi1 McLaren F1 GTR, #42 - 8.311

                              steeveew GT-1 Dodge Viper # 28 - 8.315
                              Austin Saleen S7R #50 - 8.316
                              Wet Coast Racer Ferrari F40 #34 - 8.468
                              Austin Peugeot 908 HDI FAP #9 - 8.489
                              Oscar Racing BMW #17 - 8.519
                              maddick1943 Audi R8 #15 - 8.611
                              Brumos RSR Ferrari F40 #99 - 8.733

                              Audi1 Audi R8 #23 - 8.979
                              Aloha McLaren #21 - 9.061
                              Spiritracer Corvette #3 - 9.151
                              arroldn Ferrari #61 - 9.400

                              maddick1943 Lambo #24 - 9.599

                              Last edited by Wet Coast Racer; 06-06-2016, 06:16 PM.


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