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Round #3 Herman P. Finklemeyer Memorial Race Park - Race Report

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  • Round #3 Herman P. Finklemeyer Memorial Race Park - Race Report

    After morning practice/qualifying and a quick lunch the race began.

    I want to thank Butch for allowing us the time today to race his track. It is a gem here in the Cincinnati slot car scene. It is one of my favorite tracks to race and the most rewarding for good lap times.

    Also great thanks to Pat and Matt for their time today to race all the great cars you all sent in!!!

    To make best use of everyones time in getting this race run today on this great track we had 3 min heats in each lane for each car.

    The lanes were each run this way for every car rotating through.

    2...Orange.Greg (Budslots)
    4...Yellow..Butch (HermanPFinklemeyer)

    Now enjoy some pictures from the race while the number crunchers (me) get the results in order

    Herman P. Finkelmeyer Memorial Race Park

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    Excellent intro, what a beautiful track!


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      Yup, Butch's track is hard to beat, that's for sure!



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        So the official results are in! There has been a big shake up in each field. The new track conditions presented some advantages for some cars now that we are on wood.

        SO lets review each class during the race.


        Jscott111 qualified 1st overall but they fought the tires falling off after a long run. The steady pace Steeveew P car was able to do overcame the slight lack in out and out speed. Audi 1 had a very good battle with Jscott111 but just fell short by 20'. Aaroldn, Austin, and Maddick1943 all had steady races with good finishes. Budslots car was out to lunch the team may have messed with the car too much from failing tech at the first race. This dosen't look good for them the rest of the season. They announced today that they are abandoning all in season development on the current car to focus on 2017 .

        1...Steeveew......2nd Overall

        GT1 Class

        This track suited the GT1 class well! The lack of long straights and more of a technical track allowed them to go head to head with the P-Class. Oscar Racing had a fantastic race! The car was solid and there was not many cars that could keep pace through the turns. Steeveew wrapped up second in this class and had 2nd & 3rd in the overall standings! Great run for this team in both classes! WCRacer team was solid after the heartbreaking mechanical at the last race. They pulled of a solid third in class! Austin, BrumosRSR, and Maddick1943 had solid runs with all three staying with-in 8 laps of each other.

        1...Oscar Racing.....1st Overall
        2...Steeveew..........3rd Overall

        GT2 Class

        Big shake ups and one big surprise from this class. Audi1's R8 ran the race of a life time and had us rooting all the way. Once the car was unloaded and hit the track they were fast!!!!! Qualifying 6th was special. Then we saw during the race once a pace and laps were laied down they held there own for a strong 8th place finish. Aaroldn and Spiritracer were also able to make some noise in the standings with some strong runs as well! Aloha was a surprise just in the wrong direction same as Budslots team had. Just not sure why things were off. But they gave it their all to get the best amount of laps they could. In the race the car was fast on the straights the technical fast turns the car was uneasy.


        It was a pleasure to run all your cars at both track we all enjoyed them! We gave each car everything we could for the best finish. The races had some epic battles and some great runs!

        I hope to do this again next year!!!

        It is now back to the drawing board to get a car to carry over to wood


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          Thank you all to the run and reporting ... Big congratulations to the podium finishers Oscar Racing, Steevee, Audi1 and the others...
          Misery loves company and I feel in good company with you Budslot


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            Bud, this is a superb RAAce report, a shining example of 'how to host'! Greatly appreciated.

            Commiserations on how your own car seems to be running, hopefully other tracks will suit it better down the line.

            Hearty congrats to Oscar Racing & Steeveew for their great GT1 performance.


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              Great pics and reporting. Thank the drivers for getting my top heavy Ferrari on the podium.



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                Congrats to Steve on a one-two finish in P and GT classes and to Oscar Racing (that's one fast dog you've got there, Paul..................!) on a first in class and a first in race finish:

                Thanks for hosting, Butch and budslots! Great report and pics.

                Last edited by Audi1; 07-18-2016, 03:35 AM.


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                  Thanks Butch for letting the RAA run at the Herman P Finklemeyer Memorial Race Park, the facility is a slot car racers dream set-up....Looking forward to you hosting the first leg of the I-75 Dual in October.

                  Greg thanks for posting the pictures and results, I hope we can do close to what you did up at Cloverleaf for the next heat...

                  Congrats to all the Podium finishers....


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                    Thanks to all involved in running this round.
                    Congrats to the podium finishers in each class.
                    I wish that track was mine. Amazing !!



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                      Thanks for the commentary and the run. Congratulations to the Winners this looks like it will be wheel to wheel and nose to tail racing


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                        Congratulation's to Paul, Oscar Racing for his overall Victory and the Other class winners. Thanks to the Cincinnati guys for running the round, the track looks amazing.


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                          Where is the next round taking place?



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                            The cars leave tomorrow for Michigan with the CloverLeaf Racing Guys


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                              They're going to be a busy bunch in Fenton. They just received the CanAm proxy cars from Alan the other day.



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