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Scaleracing BRM International Rules 2009

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  • Scaleracing BRM International Rules 2009

    Looking forward to a fun year racing BRM Challenge Events across North America.

    With at in mind here are the new BRM 2009 International Rules.

    All Sanctioned BRM Challenge Events will be run under these rules.

    Hope to see you at the Races, first one "24 Hours of Daytona" Jan 24th 2009.
    Alan Smith
    SCI Owner.


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    Good job on the rules. Looking forward to running these cars this year.
    Two things jump out at me in the rules. One is any allowances for thinning the guide fork for NINCO track? If I read correctly, you can glue the rear bushing onto the chassis this year.

    Any news on when the Toyota's will hit the shelves? Saw a nice review and pictures on a European website. The initial word was that the Toyota is faster than the 962 cars and they were not going to be allowed to run together?



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      BRM Toyota's will be released at the 24 Hours of Daytona.

      They will be shipping out to BRM Dealers after that weekend, once I get back into the office.

      So first will be Jan 24th in Daytona, then right after at Stores.

      Regarding the Toyota performance wise, I have been testing one and have not found it to be much different on our Track.

      It may be a little faster stock, but is lighter and will have to be balanced minimum weight to race.

      We are not including the Toyota in the 2009 BRM Challenge right now, not because of performance, rather to support the Sales of the Porsche.

      Of course people are welcome to buy and race the Toyota as soon as it is released but we will not include it in the Challenge this year.

      You are welcome to thin the guide for NINCO Track, but should not modify it in any other way. BRM are going to address this issue with a special guide more on that soon.

      You may glue in rear axle bearing, but only in their stock position, no modification of the Chassis uprights is allowed.

      This year the Challenge will run non magnet, we have found this slowed the cars by about 2/10th on our Track, and makes it very much a Drivers Class, which is the intent of BRM.

      Guide shims are now shipping out as are the axle stoppers, plus new compound tires are about to be release in both 1/24th and 1/32 scale tires.

      Hope to see you at the BRM Challenge, next one "The 24 Hours of Daytona" Jan 24th in Daytona of course.

      Alan Smith
      SCI Owner.



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        5.4 no magnet

        Thought they came stock with them??????

        Verne reel55


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          The magnet is now to hold instructions on your Fridge.

          Seriously you can race your BRM any way you want, but BRM Challenge Races will be run under these rules.

          This is an attempt to create a clear set of rules to build a user group of Racers Worldwide who can race their BRM Cars in a similar fashion.

          This will allow Teams to travel to other BRM International Events Worldwide and hopefully be competitive.

          I certainly intent to take a BRM North America Team to the Slotlandia Finals in Italy.

          Who wants to join me.

          Take the BRM Challenge first Event of 2009 "The 24 Hours of Daytona" Jan 24th 2009.
          Alan Smith
          SCI Owner.



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            Good set of rules BRM!

            How will the BRM North America Team be decided, Alan? Is it a combined points series from challenge to challenge or is it the same format as this year where Championship participants are BRM Challenge winners in their area?


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              Hey Alan,

              I put together a 53' 6" Rolex 24, 4 lane Carrera layout. It is almost 7' longer than last year but a little more technical. I'll try and get Marty to post a picture for me. It looks like Daytona with chicane.

              Best Regards,
              Greg Walker
              The Race Place


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                My fridge is Stainless Steel...

                Good riddance to magnets!! (those not involved in powering the car)

                When will the weight be available?


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                  Boy you got to carry that weight!!

                  Not trying to send you to sleep.

                  Should arrive with the Toyota's which with a little luck will be released at Daytona Jan 24th.

                  See you at the Races.
                  Alan Smith
                  SCI Owner.



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                    When the weight becomes available can we reduce the size of said weight as long as it is in it's intended position?


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                      Within the BRM Challenge Rules parts must be fitted as stock.

                      So the weights can not be modified.

                      Of course anyone can run however they want if not running to BRM Challenge Rules, but we intend to build Racing following their clear rules.

                      Hopefully this will create racing where people do not have to continually fiddle and tweek to find the "Magic" Set Up.

                      More time to race, less need to tune.

                      See you at the Races
                      Alan Smith
                      SCI Owner.



                      • #12
                        Hi Alan, we here in New Jersey really enjoy racing the BRM car in stock form. We have raced them several times on both Carrera and wood/commercial tracks, and they perform great on both track types, with and without magnet traction. What a beautiful site they are when we have 6-8 lanes of these cars on a large commercial track battling it out! You should see the facial expresions on onlookers who usually race wing car or flexi cars! They never saw anything like a BRM real SCALE car on their tracks!

                        looking forward to more BRM racing in '09 with both the NJ132 club and the C.A.R.S. Vintage Slot Car club here in New Jersey. We recommend these cars to anyone out there!


                        • #13
                          Glad to hear your enjoying the BRM's

                          The new rules and parts coming in the next weeks will hopefully address a few of the issues we have discussed when Racing BRM's hard.

                          The guide shims allow you to adjust the guide depth for different tracks, which will give stronger brakes and allow you to drive deeper into corners.

                          More news soon, looking for Commercial Tracks, Stores and Clubs to get involved with the BRM Challenge.

                          Now off to Daytona.

                          See you at the Races.
                          Alan Smith
                          SCI Owner.



                          • #14
                            Well Daytona was fun.

                            The BRM Cars have now done over 48 Hours on the same motors and stock gears.
                            Alan will continue this test next year to see how far BRM motors and gears will go before failure.

                            We went through tires and a few rear axle bearings, plus completely wore through guides on 3 of the cars.

                            Cars went further than last year, and all this with the General Public driving the cars.

                            Next BRM Challenge Race will be in Florida at Phoenix Raceway March 13th.

                            First BRM Endurance Series Race at March 28th.

                            BRM International Rules apply to all sanctioned BRM Races.


                            • #15
                              Hi guys.

                              Gave this a go last week with another 7 guys, whom had all there cars set up with
                              the same gear ratio, same engines, guide height etc etc.
                              So you could say, there were 99% the same.

                              While running laps around the 30 odd meter track, only to notice that there
                              were some cars with a lot faster and more punch motors than others!

                              Now were talking approx, on a straight that the car would end up around 1 meter in front of
                              the other brm within a 8 meter straight.

                              Now i purchased a new motor from the shop, installed it, only to find that this was also slower that a couple of other cars...

                              So have now given up on running a championship with these due to motors not having the same specs. - Shame as i was looking forward to this.

                              BTW - i also made the car that was the fastest on the track - so it was stock.

                              P.s even tyres were the same height.


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