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Scaleracing BRM International Rules 2009

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    While every motor will be slightly different.

    Plus may require a different gear ratio to get the best out of the Driver,Set Up, Car and Tires. we run BRM Cars every week and even with big differences in skill level of the drivers the cars are very competitive.

    When running BRM Races it is common to have less than 2/10th of a second fast lap between most of the cars.

    We have started using the Race Motor this year ( after 2 years with the Stock Motor ) and do find they last longer, and have stronger brakes.

    We find BRM Cars way closer to being equal than NINCO, or even

    Of course you have to set up the car, most important areas are gear mesh and truing the rear tires. Plus using the best BRM Gear Ratio for your Track and Driving Style.

    We have raced Magnet and now run non magnet, tuning with the BRM weights.

    When running with Magnets it was critical to measure downforce with a Magnet Marshal to level the field.

    The other area that can greatly improve control on BRM Cars is the Guide Shim and using the thinner guide when running on NINCO Track.

    Watch some of our BRM video's to see how close the racing is: [ame=""]YouTube - BRM Regional Final[/ame]

    We find the win goes to the Driver who best controls his car, not necessarily the fastest car.
    Alan Smith
    SCI Owner.



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      To me the motors are not equal to each other,

      I may look at trying a plafit fox motor and seeing what the car will do then with these.

      As for the gears, BLAH - Threw them into the bin , as they were loud in the meshing, even after
      some cutting compound used. So threw in a plafit crown and pinion - Smooth

      Will let you know later on how the Fox Goes.



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        Great video, and that's some good racing.

        Originally posted by Scaleracing View Post

        We find the win goes to the Driver who best controls his car, not necessarily the fastest car.
        Agreed, but when you have 3-4 drivers that are very consistent and equal, the fella with the fastest car wins.