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356 Proxy - Race#2 - Electraville

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  • 356 Proxy - Race#2 - Electraville

    Stolen from HRW:

    by shotgundrg » June 10th, 2013, 12:34 pm

    Hey Gents,
    I started this posting here because the other one is up to 13 pages now. Just easier to get to the current results without wading through everything to get here.

    I did a qualifying run today, for no other reason but to familiarize myself with your cars and to determine a running order for the race.

    I ran each car for 5 laps at 12V. Fastest lap determined starting position. I hope that works for everybody.

    Here is what I came up with:

    1. Reek455 4.776
    2. CKouba 4.857
    3. HRW-013 4.877
    4. Shotgundrg 4.887
    5. Kidvoltage 4.897
    6. Bibbster 4.978
    7. JCIS4ME 5.097
    8. SADCO Racing 5.137
    9. Waytoomuchintothis 5.328

    Pretty dang close if you ask me.

    I'm going to run the race during the week. Not sure what day yet. I'll keep you all posted. Any questions feel free to ask.

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    Rico, thanks for posting beat me to it.


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      Cars are in transit for the last leg. I'll start a new thread when they arrive.


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        Results from Round 2

        It was great fun and I thank you all for letting me play with your awesome cars! But enough of that, I'm sure you all want the results! So without further adeux, here they are!

        1. REEK455 24 laps +20ft 4.707
        2. SADCO 23 laps +18ft 4.967
        3. HRW-013 23 laps +16ft 4.807

        4. Shotgundrg 23 laps +14ft 4.777
        5. CKouba 22 laps +12ft 4.897
        6. Bibbster 21 laps +38ft 4.879
        7. Kidvoltage 21 laps +18ft 5.107
        8. JCIS4ME 21 laps +16ft 5.088
        9. Waytoomuchintothis 21 laps +15 ft 5.408


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          Thanks for the posting Rico. 7th and behind Bibbster. I may have to give up this hobby...


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            Not hardly. It was a fluke I'm sure, as my place is usually down below Waytoomuch.


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