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How about a second race?

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    I have run qualifying on the weekend at the Swamp Monster track; I plan to run the race Wed night if the members agree to drop a class for the night.
    Mikes Aston body hasn’t turned up so I have put the BMW 320 Jagermeister body for the Tassie rounds, it was a bit hard to adapt to Mikes chassis without drilling holes in it, it has great speed but difficult to drive fast through the corners, I will try a bit more weight before the race and see if it helps.
    Manimal’s car suits this track perfectly, going to be hard to beat if it doesn’t break down, as you can see by the times below there are some cars that are very close it’s going to be an interesting race.

    Pos Entrant Car Time Comments
    1st Manimal Escort #2 5.364 This will be the car to beat on this track, super fast with just the right amount of grip
    2nd mmmoose1 Celica #56 5.628 A pleasure to drive on this track
    3rd Biedmatt Capri #1 5.638 Easy to drive, just the right amount of grip and drift.
    4th Hgpanel BMW M1 #61 5.811 Way too heavy compared to other cars, good speed down straight
    5th RSClio Capri #66 5.822 You could drive this car all day and not get tired, very nice car.
    6th o3raledale BMW 3.5 CSL #25 5.949 Good speed around the track, can't really drive hard through the corners.
    7th Chenglaw Capri #5 5.982 Another nice, easy car to drive
    8th Sports Racer Capri #3 6.014 Good speed down straight, needs a bit more punch out of the corners, should race well.
    9th Alexis Lancia Beta #51 6.018 Good speed, needs a bit more grip.
    10th M Rollingthunder De Tomaso #13 6.019 Smooth and quiet, needs a bit more speed.
    11th Mnewns BMW 3210i 6.081 The body doesn't do the chassis justice, very fast down the straight but a bit of a handful in the corners.
    12th Biggy Celica #55 6.111 Needs better grip, hard to drive fast
    13th TonyB Opel Commodore #23 6.985 Motor just doesn’t want to rev, very slow down the straight.


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      Originally posted by chenglaw View Post
      Thanks for the update HG. Actually, the Capri's A pillar was broken before it left for the proxy, I repaired it with a piece of plastic glued over the 2 pieces and it looks like it's broke again. If possible, do you think you can spare the time to make a quick repair for me using the same method?


      I will have a better look on Wed night Lim, might not be as bad as I first thought.



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        I'm in shock. I fixed your car to go faster and it laps faster than mine.

        You do know if your car finishes the race in front of mine there will be a large invoice in the mail for all the work done.

        No pressure.


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          HG, did the race do down last night? Looking forward to the update.
          -Pat Rolland


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