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2012 Scratchbuilt Chassis Proxy round 3 Marsden Park

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    Proxy moxie adieu hello club racing!!

    My car arrived back today after a rather dismal first proxy effort. The bouncing issue cause was apparent since the motor is no longer soldered to the chassis except in the rear. That must have been one heck of a shunt. Chassis is completely tweaked with one wheel in the air, someone has been soldering and moved a torsion bar off to one side for some reason but the most disturbing thing is someone has put some substance into the pivot point to restrict movement apparently not understanding how the chassis works. In looking at the amount of rubber dust on the chassis I'm reasonably certain that the tracks must have a fairly abrasive surface compared to ours and the grip built into the chassis is too much. Probably could have solved the problem with some lower grip tires like Super Grips. Absent the well intentioned "work" I think the design is up to the job, my choice of tires was bad, although it was based on normal proxy rules where you run the entire proxy with the tires you start with and I will have to revisit my body post design as the body is no longer attached as well. Learned some good lessons here.


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      despite all you have said I hope you are going to enter the Nth American Group 5 proxy,thats a good looking car,



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        Not sure where I stand on further proxies, they sound like fun, but this one wasn't. I think Sports Racer needed a little more planning and then current events had an impact so I don't fault him as I have been in similar situations myself. I confess that unless I can get my secretary to keep track of all the rules and time-frames that is the biggest hurdle to entering these things and my chance of that is slim, very slim. The proxy gods smiled on me this time and I managed to understand how, what and when, if I am lucky again that way will probably enter another.


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          OK, so what is happening?
          Where are they now and when is the next race?


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            Cars are in Melbourne, I'll prod Manimmal for an update.


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