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    Cars have been received and will be ready to race this Thursday night on 32Coupe's 3 lane track. All cars will be posted back to their owners on Friday.

    Andrew will post some pix of his track and do the qualifying on Wednesday night. Track surface is Ferrodor, same as the 1st track.

    Alexis, I'll make sure your gears are on tight before the race.



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    HI Guys
    I told you I would push Paul for a fast turnaround for you.
    Here is my track.

    I have roped in a few of my club racers to help out, and we will get your cars back to you ASAP.

    Happy Xmas


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      Thanks Paul


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        Well I got the cars from Paul this afternoon and took them strait out to the track for qualifying, here are the results.

        I do all my testing in the middle lane as you can't ride the rails and I did the same here.

        Sports Racer -------Capri --3 -- 6.320 --Fast smooth and very easy to drive
        Mmoose ----------Celica --56 --6.325 --Fast smooth very nice
        Mrollingthunder -- BMW--13 -- 6.453 --Very smooth and quick
        Manimal -------- - Escort --2 --6.486 --Very fast but bounces out of corners
        Alexis -----------Lancia ---51 --6.507 --Smooth and fast
        o3raledale ---------BMW -- 25 -- 6.511 --Smooth and fast
        biedmatt -----------Capri-- 1 --6.526 --Fast but slides a lot, could go a lot better
        Hgpanel ----------- BMW-- 61 --6.638 --Fast but no brakes and slides easy
        MikeNewns -------- BMW-- 15 --6.759 --No brakes tips over in corners
        RSClio -------------Capri -- 66 -- 6.807 --Smooth but slides a lot
        TonyB --------------Opel-- 23 --6.810 --Too slow and underpowered
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          Ok race has been run and won, it was a good night with a lot of help from my local club racers.
          All car bar 1 had no problems at all, but you guessed it Paul's car let him down with a front wheel falling off and then a loose crow gear, better luck next time.

          And on the podium was................

          Congratulations to Alexis, well done, your car had a flawless run and it loved my track.

          Paul will post all the details when he gets home, some of the fastest laps were very impressive, but they were in the lanes close to the fence and I did expect that.



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            Congrats Alexis on your win in the final race.



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              Thanks,i just saw it,congrats to Ken and Manimal(?) for the podium.Thanks Andrew and team for taking my car to the top spot.


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                All the cars had a problem last night - they were all too fast!

                The cars were run for 4 minutes per lane with a couple of minutes between races for the guys to practice. 3 cars broke the 6 second barrier which is very quick territory and Ken's Celica gave the track record a scare. Mine was on track for finishing in the top 3 but a loose wheel (TWICE!) killed me. My Capri was the only car to have any mechanical problems during the race.

                Position – car ---------- laps --------- best lap time

                1st -- alexis in greece --- 109.9 laps --- 5.912
                2nd -- mmmoose1 ------- 108.7 ------- 5.653
                3rd – manimmal --------- 104.9 ------- 6.024
                4th –- Mrollingthunder ---- 104.5 ------- 6.288
                5th – biedmatt ------------ 101.6 ------- 6.277
                6th – o3raledale ---------- 101.5 ------- 6.130
                7th – RSClio -------------- 100.4 ------- 6.503
                8th – Mnewns ------------- 97.8 -------- 6.437
                9th – Sports Racer -------- 96.9 -------- 5.837
                10th – hgpanel ------------ 95.4 -------- 6.302
                11th – Tony B ------------- 87.5 -------- 6.608

                Well done Alexis. The guys all commented on how easy it was to drive your car. Ken and Chris, congrats on filling the podium. I was watching the races and it was easy to see how well behaved your cars were although the Escort would bounce at the front end coming out of corners which slowed it down a bit.

                Overall results put Ken way out in front with 5 wins and a 2nd place in the last round. Matt came 2nd and Alexis 3rd. Well done guys!

                Thanks to everyone for entering their cars and I’ll get them all out in the post by Monday.



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                  great, I got a result! Thanks Paul, thanks for running the series too, we know it wasn't smooth sailing, but what a good test for our trip to America next year.
                  I can't wait to rebuild my little escort and solve my drama's. the body needs some work, she's a bit smashed up.
                  A big well done to you Ken, I hope I can compete with you next year, even though my car is basic in comparison. Still, if my early season promise translated into results.....what could've been...


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                    Great fun. Congrats to Ken. A solid performing car.
                    Thanks Paul for putting it all together.



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                      Congrats to Ken and Biedmat for top and runner up spots.It was a good test,it is the first time i used this chassis style,based on an idea of Graham Windle and it showed good potential,i now have to find the correct setup.
                      Thanks Paul for running this proxy.


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                        You don't know how close it was Alexis. If I had finished the last race in 7th place or better I would have beaten you for 3rd. If my wheel hadn't come loose.........


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                          And if my crown had not gone loose twice.....
                          I Greece there 's a saying:And if my granny had rollers she'd be a cart.


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                            I can't believe I still finished 9th Overall after missing the last 3 races and making a mess of Race 3. Wonder what could have been if the bodyshell had stayed in one piece and the Capri did all the 6 races. Ah well, what might have been ....................
                            Anyway, thanks Paul for doing the series, it was fun for me whilst it lasted and I also learnt that well-used and weakened bodyshells should not be used for proxies.


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                              Thanks guys! I love the feedback. Looks like I may just rebody the car, up the HP a bit and slap on some new tires and have it ready for the US version! It may even race as a Capri!

                              Don M


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