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    That's not a silly idea. Drivability is a major consideration when other people have to race your car.


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      Just saw this proxy mentioned on HRW. When is this proxy schedule to be run? I just happen to have a Alfa Romeo 155 on the shelf.
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        You're more than welcome to join us.

        Racing will be late May / early June. Most of the discussions have been on the Auslot forum.

        I really should start a proper post on the Home Racing World forum as well.




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          Based on what I've read on the auslot forums a stock would be toast. I'll read the rules again and make a determination. What is the usual cost of shipping from AU to the USA? Would it be similar to the cost to ship it to you?


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            Shipping to USA is cheap. AU$16

            A stock would be a good start, you just need to show us how well you could modify it to be quicker than someone else's :-)


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              Hey Paul, I enjoyed racing with your group last week.
              Most of proxies are delaying or postponing till later. With what is going on, May might be too soon, June might be alright.
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                So good to put a face to a name and beat you in so many classes of racing. :-)

                Yes, this proxy will have to be delayed as none of the clubs in Canberra are currently racing due to the strict rules regarding public gatherings in Australia. We're not allowed more than 2 visitors to anyone's home and even then it has to be for something important like death or marriage.

                Once I know when we can start racing I'll let everyone know the proxy is back on.