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Sprite Proxy Race 2013

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  • Sprite Proxy Race 2013

    Thanks to Alan from SCI, we now have our own sub-forum for the inaugural Sprite Proxy Race!

    VTECFOUR and I (JT Previa) will serve as your organizers for the upcoming event, while Dr. Diff has stepped in to keep track of the statistics and scorekeeping (not mention general cheerleading and enthusiasm ). Bear with us as we figure out the details. Our goal is to keep the rules simple and the proxy fun, while producing some interesting models and fair racing.

    We are finalizing the rules and various other details that have been discussed in VTECFOUR's original Sprite II thread as well as our proxy pre-discussion For now, we are planning two main racing "hubs": Vancouver, BC and New England, USA. This will minimize shipping costs and simplify handling and speed the series, while exposing the cars to a variety of tracks in each area.

    Stay tuned and consider joining us in building and racing these miniature models, sure to challenge your construction skills and put a smile on your face (to match the grille of your car!) .

    JT and Dan

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    Wow SPRITE Prpxy Series is official!

    I took the liberty to create a Scoring and Technical Database thread.

    I will also start a build thread.

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        If you are looking for BWA parts or motors, Al Penrose is no longer selling BWA parts. He is the manufacturer and importer but all sales are now handled by Art at Dart Hobbies.