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SPR 2013 Registration - Now Open

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  • SPR 2013 Registration - Now Open

    Welcome to the Sprite Proxy Race registration page.

    If you've reviewed the Rules & Regulations thread and would like to enter, this is the pace to sign up. We'd like to know what category you'd like to enter and a preferred car number.

    We are reserving spots for a few days in the SPR for SCI members who showed off their existing Sprites and Sprite projects and helped craft the rules for this proxy. If I am tracking this correctly, we have the following likely participants in reserved spots:

    SPX (modified):

    > VTECFOUR #8. ......Paid
    > Dr Diff #19. ......Paid
    > RetroRacer #44. .....Paid
    > Brain #63. ......Paid
    > JT #39. .....Paid
    > MNewns #13. .....Paid

    > Greg Nagy #41. .....Paid

    HP (stock):

    > Pete Shepherd #2. .....Paid
    > Alexis in Greece #23. .....Paid
    > JT #98. .....Paid
    > Greg Nagy #59. .....Paid
    > Newso #47.
    > Lenny Broke #4. .....Paid
    > Fusiler55 #6.
    > Doubl-B #7. .....Paid
    > RetroRacer #45. .....Paid
    > MNewns #33. .....Paid

    > VTECFOUR #3. .....Paid

    Note: > symbol before your name means you have reserved your spot! We are determining when entry fee will be due to confirm your registration.

    Please join us. We are planning for about 12 cars in each category, but if the love of Sprites is strong, we may bump up that quota!

    Registration payments due in by January 4, 2013. $20 per car, or $30 for one car in SPX and one in HP.

    Last edited by JT Previa; 02-16-2013, 06:55 PM. Reason: Updated JT SPx number

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    Can I have No.47 please?



    • #3
      JT...I would like to join in. Thanks for helping to create this super cool car specific Proxy! I would like to enter a SPX car #63.




      • #4
        May i have #23 please?(Donna Mae Mimms')
        How about hosting a round in Athens?


        • #5
          Confirming entry as per JT's PM
          Could I have #4 for HP class please


          • #6
            I would love to but will have to wait for next season.... have fun!


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              I 'd love to see what you'd build for SPRITE Proxy Series!


              Originally posted by HarVWallbanger View Post
              I would love to but will have to wait for next season.... have fun!

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                I'm in too please, one entry for the HP class, doubt I'll use my #43 car though, already planning another build.

                And by the way it's Shepherd not Shepard




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                  Thanks everyone for signing up! So far we racers from 5 countries, multiple continents (and a few islands!) and both hemispheres.

                  Pete - name corrected (sorry 'bout that ). Let us know a number when you are ready.

                  HarV - thanks for the good cheer, join us next year!

                  Lenny - you're in!

                  Alexis - thanks for the invite! We decided to confine the initial stages to two hubs to control costs and logistics. But, after those dates are complete, we might (might ) consider a post-season.

                  Brian - good to have another Mass resident to test against and help ou!t (Brian/Brain is the genius behind the dry ice fog, custom trophy and (reportedly) was able to channel circa 1976 Jackie Stewart at the International Race of Cheetahs

                  Newso - first registrant, nice job!



                  • #10
                    Thank you for the invite, but i think I am going to have to pass. I do not know enough yet about 1/32 chassis building to be competitive, plus it will probably be a full winter with the 1:1 race cars (There is a second MG Midget race car in my garage that we might take vintage racing next summer. )

                    I will try for the next round.


                    • #11
                      JT...thank you the reservation spot. I will delay my entry confirmation due to various other of which is casting sprite bodies. The first mold has been removed from service and mold 2 has begun service.
                      Regards and thanks


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                        Greg and Munter,

                        Thanks for the update. While I'm disappointed you might (I'm still holding out some hope...) not be able to join us, at least it is because you are working on Spridget-related projects!

                        (Greg, make sure to post some photos of that 1:1 project in our Sprite Culture thread. I'll try not to think about you building a full size racer in the time I build a 1/32 one!)


                        • #13
                          Oh, I better confirm that I'm in.

                          SPX class for me.

                          Dan in Canada


                          • #14
                            OK Count me as official. I am officially requesting #19. Class TBD...
                            Leaning towards the SPX class but may run in the HP class


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                              Post Season

                              Originally posted by JT Previa View Post
                              ...SNIP...We decided to confine the initial stages to two hubs to control costs and logistics. But, after those dates are complete, we might (might ) consider a post-season...SNIP...
                              The SLOPpy Little Hill and I have "First Dibs" on the Post-Season and First Reservation for SPR 2014.
                              Last edited by DrDiff; 10-05-2012, 07:10 PM.