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  • SPR Tracks

    This thread will present track info for the SPR races to give folks an idea of the different courses they will be negotiating. A nice range of tracks, from smaller courses with short straights and tight turns - ideal for the smaller Sprites, to large speedways that will stretch out the gearing of these small cars!

    Thanks to all the track owners who have volunteered to host the SPR series!

    JT and Dan

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    VTECFOUR Apartment Track 1,
    Vancouver, BC

    VTEC's track away from home, not to be confused with his track in the Great White North. This track occupies a place of prominence in a lofty Vancouver high rise. It is probably the first track in the series, and likely site of initial scrutineering. Let's hear Dan's description:

    My Apartment 1 track is composed of three 4' x 4' modular MDF sheets. It's small as you can see with 90 degree corners and switchbacks and a longest straightaway of just 7 feet. I've never measured a lane length but I'd guess they'd be around 28 feet each. The three-laner will be powered at 10 volts.

    I want a version of this track! Looks like the perfect spot to relax after work, seated in the nook of the "L", slot car box near at hand. The kitchen is steps away and, believe it or not, a fireplace and balcony on the other side of the room! I think Dan should list this on VRBO (Vacation Rental by Owner). I've always wanted to visit BC...
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      Cornerstone Raceway
      Grafton, MA

      Likely first stop on the New England sweep of the SPR, Cornerstone Raceway is the central hub of northeastern racing clubs.

      Methe05's large, fast and flowing track is NERF's home track and sees frequent racing action from the other NEC clubs including Shoreline of Connecticut, HOST of New Hampshire, HVSC of NY and Team Quebec of, eh, Quebec.

      Bob provided a link with even more photos, driver comments and even a video!

      4 lanes
      Track length: 75′ to 83′
      4 driver stations with reversing switch and fuse
      5 Track call buttons, (one main, one per station)
      XLR and alligator clips
      TrakMate SW with photo diodes
      Pyramid PS26KX power supply, 6-15 VDC, 22AMP
      Continuous, positive polarity.
      MDF latex painted surface with copper tape

      This track occupies a mancave of epic proportions. Next to the track is a large sectional sofa, TV, stereo, coffee maker, refrigerator, large model railroad and of course a workbench with Hudy, test stations, and plenty of pit space. Oh, and a sliding door to a patio with bar-b-q! Add in Bob M, one of the most helpful, generous and gracious slot racing hosts you will ever meet!


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        Targa 5
        Burnaby, BC

        One of the brightest stars in the galaxy of incredible tracks in the Vancouver area, the latest version of Oldslotracer's mythic Targa track. A flowing course through incredible scenery, massive elevation changes and voluptuous curves of this Targa Florio-inspired track. Pictures tell the story better than I could, Luf's link with many pages of photos:

        Track lane length is about 80' and power is set at 10 volts.
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          The Vernon L
          Vernon, CT

          (And, for all the wiseguys out there: no, it is not a hillclimb track, Bob just tilted the track for easier photographic documentation )

          Doubl-B's Vernon L packs many track features into a relatively compact area: a long straight, a short chute and a variety of radius curves to test the mettle of any chassis. As Bob puts it " Very technical - favors a good handling car not a strong motor." Sounds like a recipe for Sprites to me!

          More of Bob's description follows:

          The track is called the Vernon L. It's "L" shaped and resides in Vernon, CT. In town here the elementary school was referred to as the Vernon L so that's kind of the story behind the name. The track is 15 x 8 and short lane is 40' long and the longest lane is 44'. There are photos in my gallery (Doubl-B) and it is hooked up on cables so when it is not being used, it is winched up to the ceiling and the car comes back into the garage. The track is MDF and uses braid. I've had it in operation for about 3 years and just started landscaping last week. I have painted grass and dirt and rumble strips. I just put up the armco barriers and need to get a little more. Should be planting some trees this week. (And Bob's latest photos show that additional sitework.)

          I'm looking forward to seeing this in person. I have a soft spot of innovative track storage systems, and Bob has done a nice job making his insulated garage do double duty.
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            BURNABY GRIND
            Burnaby, British Columbia

            How many people actually have a track on the flipside? Of course, Luf the wood wizard comes to mind. He missed his long gone early hill climb...

            ... so why not shorten Targa 5 and build another track so guys can run while waiting for their turn on race night rotation.

            The running length is 120 feet, up and down, with a present track record of 19.98 seconds. It's powered at 9 volts and our little Sprites look like they'll do well on this tight and twisty course. This will be just a fun demonstration run for bragging rights.

            Have a look at the build that only took a couple of weeks.



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              May I suggest we only Ship across the US Canada border once or 2X max?

              I Still am offering the SLOPpy Little Hill as a host track. I will cover postage to the next round.

              Heck I will cover postage to my round (reimburse the guy who sends them to me via PayPal) and foot the bill to send the cars to the next round (in the US)!

              If the SLOPpy Little Hill is added we can have the hill climbs count as points and have a Special Bragging Rights for KING OF THE HILLS! Best points for both hill climbs!
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                Dr. D,

                Yup, we're keeping shipping to a minimum: all cars start in British Columbia and VTEC escorts them in a briefcase handcuffed to his (non-controller) wrist to the local racing venues (at least three, maybe more!). I just listed the tracks alternating between coasts for specatator interest!

                I appreciate your track (and shipping!) offer, not sure we'll swing it this year. Trying to keep it simple this first year, especially going into a busy spring (for me at least).



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                  Sorry if I've missed this somewhere else but do we know the total number of tracks for the series?




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                    We hope to have three tracks at each coast, plus a bonus run at Lufs hillclimb. If Dan can find time (cough...ahem...he is newly retired...very busy... ) and drivers, he might visit some of the other great tracks around Vancouver.



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                      The Ring


                      This may be too late for the organizers but the Ring is available for a race here in southern Ontario if it fits conveniently somehow in a swing across this great continent. I am sure Kevin, Chris and others from the SS32 driver stable would be happy to assist with racing these little gems through a little bit of the Green Hell. Pictures in the gallery or at

                      Inspired back in 2004 by Luf...



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                        The Ring

                        Art's track is one I've admired for a long time so personally I'd love it if my Sprite got to run around it




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                          I would like to see it happen.

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                            Art, thanks for the offer, I too have admired your "model railroad-quality" scenery, it looks really cool from the photos on the website. VTECFOUR and I have maintained that we would keep this year's event simple, low cost, and minimal shipping especially as we are firs- time organizers. (I also have some spring obligations that might get in the way). I believe we will stick with that, but I suppose, never say never!



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                              I got dibs on a round next year!

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