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  • SPR Schedule

    Registration deadline was Jan 4, 2013

    Info sheets due?

    Cars due at tech inspection?

    First around?

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    As VTECFOUR has noted in private messages to all entrants, we have extended the deadline for entries to Monday, February 18, 2013 which should be ample time to prepare and send cars to VTEC out in beautiful, bucolic, British Columbia.

    VTEC will run the first round of tracks as the tracks, and the fine group of racers in that territory are available. Apparently, it is a veritable Palm Beach of slot car retirement up in the BC: these guys get together and race at a moment's notice, just like snowbirds in Florida get together and...well... do whatever snowbirds in Florida do! Shuffleboard?Play bridge? So schedule will remain up to VTEC who I trust implicitly.

    So get your tech sheets underway and in to Dr. Diff, he's done a great job making an awesome spreadsheet. But don't let those tech sheets slow down your car builds! Get your car done, tested, mailed and then send in your sheets if you are pressed for time.