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SPR Arrivals - Updated with chassis underside pics

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    If that isn't a problem I can send it. Otherwise I can just wait until next time. this is the first car I have ever built and I had some challenges when I fixed the body to the chassis! Than I forgot about that the 18th was a holiday so I wasn't going to be able to get it postmarked by then!

    Originally posted by JT Previa View Post

    Thanks for all your postal pickup duties and photos you are assembling quite a roster out there! And even more to come, awesome.

    Ron - thanks for trying, if you get a chance, try to get your car ready for the east coast rounds!



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      Car looks great, congrats on getting your first scratchbuild together - these Sprites make things challenging. You've built a classic example (reminds me a bit of a mini-Cunningham C4!) of early SCCA!

      Since VTEC is starting the series this week , we don't want to have you mail it out west, maybe get stuck in customs etc. and maybe even miss the shipment out east. We'd love you to join in for some of the fun, so I'm thinking you should send it to me - more in the PM I'm going to send you.


      PS Lenny and Alexis - cars lookin' good on the track, nice additions to the field


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        Got our final car, dansula's square Sprite.

        I believe it's all Penelope Pitlane - resin body kit, metal Clubman chassis, aluminum wheels and inserts.

        Well worth the wait.

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