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Hill Climb Results

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  • Hill Climb Results

    Sprite Brain trust. If you want, to make your decision easier, I can eliminate the points or just use total laps to score the series.

    I would like to post results from the hill climb even if they don't count for points totals.

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    Hill-climb results and points?

    My vote, even though I don't get one, would be 9,8,7... for each HP event and 6,5,4... for each SPX class. If there is a tie then go back to the laps to break it. Of course, I have an ulterior motive for seeing the results of the hill-climb posted and count. Even if they aren't counted, I still would like to see them on the forum, or are they there somewhere, and I have missed them again?


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      here is a type of calculation you could use.

      I think you said each car would get three runs.

      take the total time for those three runs.

      The lowest total is the winner.

      That total is awarded six laps.

      For example the fastest total time is 75 sec. = six laps.

      the next fastest time would calculate their laps by this method:

      2nd fastest time is 80 seconds. 75/80 = .9375 , .9375*6 = 5.625 The total lap count for the 2nd place car is 5.625 laps.



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        What I've done in the past:

        RAA style: Winner gets 100 points . your score = (your laps/leader laps)*100. more is better
        SLOP style: x number of cars in race winner gets x points 2nd gets x-1 points.... more is better
        FTPR style X number of trucks winner gets 1 point 2nd gets 2 points.... less is better


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          Guys, thanks for your patience, we have some white smoke on the scoring system.

          Dan and I have confirmed that we will score the race with points, like we were leaning to when the proxy was being organized. We believe this rewards the entrants of each race equally, without letting a large lap advantage between racers from one race overwhelm other finishes. I appreciate the other examples submitted and they all have valid "points" .

          So, first place will get 6 points in SPx (because of 6 cars, declining to 1 point for the sixth place car).

          First place in HP will get 9 points, declining to 1 point for the final position.

          We will continue to track laps for each racer, and might need it to break a tie.

          Hillclimb will not score on the total this year (sorry Retro!), but results will be posted and receive deserved bragging rights and perhaps a special prize to be determined. Heck, I don't even know the finishing order on that event yet!