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SPR 2014 - miscellaneous

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  • SPR 2014 - miscellaneous

    A bit of a diversion here.

    Just picked up a used 1/24 Bugeye kit body. It's composed of five pieces, the top, sides and front and rear valaneces. It has no identification. Anyone have any ideas of the manufacturer?

    Of course it's larger than my HP entry from last year and to my surprise the same Pendle Slot adjustable wheelbase PCS chassis will fit this 1/24 body.

    These Bugeyes are addictive.

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    1/24 Sprite

    Considering the small size of a Sprite, if you make it stock width, you can probably run it with 1/32 cars on a 1/32 scale track.


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      I think it is a Monogram:

      That slab side construction -I wonder if the 1:1 Sprites were stamped this way and assembled into their semi unit body?

      Hmm, would a 1/24 Sprite be faster than a 1/32 Sprite if they had the same motor type?

      Will this find it's way to Munterville?

      Thanks Dan! How about that Matra blue coincidence too?!



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        Aah, so it's a Monogram. Thanks for confirming. I too was surprised how it's plastic color matched quite closely with my Bugeye 3 sprayed with Tamiya TS10 French Blue.

        Just measured the width and it's no wider at 1 5/8" than the Airfix 1/32 body but definitely longer.

        I think this is worthy of a build and I'll just run it for fun on the same Vancouver tracks for comparison.

        I've mocked some Cartrix 1145 1/32 aluminum wire wheels with narrow Ninco Classic tires and it fills the wheelwells nicely. This body has lots of voids in need of putty so on with the show.

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          Finally built up a chassis for this 1/24 body that's been sitting while other projects were on the go.

          Started with a PCS adjustable wheelbase chassis and added BWA rims/inserts, Ninco classic tires on the front and Paul Gage tires on the rear, piano wire axles all around, home made axle spacers, Scalextric stock motor, Scalextric Sport 9t pinion, SCX Pro 27t crown, Avant Slot guide and Slot It motor wire.

          The body's mounted with a tube within a tube system.

          A slab of .063 lead on the chassis bottom makes the drive more stable.

          For fun, I'll run it with the proxy cars just for a comparison.



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            Dan, those Cartrix wire wheels look fantastic in the photograph! Two questions:

            Do they look as good in real life?

            Where did you get them?

            Cheers and happy new year in the prairies.


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              Hi Alwyn,

              Pretty nice and I'd say comparable to the BRM ones.

              I got Cartrix part no. 1145 from Gaugemaster UK when they were dumping Cartrix stock awhile back.

              The axle bore is 2.40 mm (Cartrix, Fly, SCX, Spirit) and the wheels are secured with a M2.5 screw. Ninco Classic tires will fit or Paul Gage tires for 3 mm centre ribs.

              For this build I needed a narrow rim with less of a mounting hub so I went with the BWAs.

              See you soon.



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                Did some filling and sanding.

                Gonna look for a 1/25 scale driver figure to poke through the hard tonneau cover.

                Runs quite well.



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                  Those wheels do look very elegant. I think a tweed jacket and cap is in order for the driver!



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                    Got some Tamiya Racing White sprayed on.

                    Looking at making a right-hand drive opening in the hard cover for an Immense Miniatures partial driving figure.



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                      Finished the big Sprite with paint detail, colored tape and the terrific Immense Miniatures partial driver figure, Graham Hill in this application.

                      Immense also provides alternative figure heads, so I've painted these if I want to change.

                      Here's a size comparison with my recent 1/32 Sprite build.

                      For fun, I ran it on my Apartment Track in both directions in three minute heats to see how it compares to the HP proxy cars. I did 71.3 laps in aggregate. Most of the 1/32 proxy cars did better than that but I'm happy with the build.

                      All's good in Spritesville.



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                        Cool! Can't wait to see it in person Dan!


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                          Have a look at Britfix's Sprite builds. Wow!

                          For more detail, go to!sprite-and-midget/c137m

                          Would love to see these run in the proxy.



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                            They are masterful and wonderful too....thanks


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                              I was just looking at the new build again: I fear for the safety of the driver! I think a sturdy rollbar is in order!

                              Looks great