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SPR 2014 Race Rules & Regulations

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  • SPR 2014 Race Rules & Regulations

    Sprite Proxy Race (SPR) – 2014

    Rules & Regulations

    General Rules


    1. The body must remain stock Airfix plastic Frog/Bugeye or resin Frog/Bugeye (Munter, George Turner, Tassie Resins, ShotGunDave), JT SPx (Munter), Mk. 2 Square (Penelope Pitlane), Lemans 66 (Munter), Speedwell (SMK) and Fat Bugeye (ShotGunDave). No chopping or sectioning of the body to lengthen, widen or shorten it.
    2. The Bug/Frog-eyed, square or aerodynamic "face"must remain intact. This includes the grille and lights.
    3. Car must have a 1/32 scale driver that includes head, shoulders, arms and steering wheel.
    4. Cockpit must be covered so that the chassis/motor is not visible inside.
    5. Windscreen is optional, and can be any shape or material.
    6. Front air dams or rear deck spoilers may be added, as long as the total length does not exceed 4.13".
    7. Roll bars or cages are encouraged, but not required.
    8. Car must be painted and show clearly the car number in three locations: one on each side and one on the front "bonnet" or rear “deck”. HP or SPX classification lettering encouraged on each side of car.

    Chassis & drivetrain

    1. Wheel outer diameter must be .475 diameter or less.
    2. Car must use rubber or urethane tires, not silicone.
    3. Wheels must have inserts.
    4. Car limited to one standard guide flag. Must not be visible when looking down from above.
    5. Car cannot have any magnet other than magnets integral to motor.
    6. Chassis may be any material or construction.
    7. Chassis must not be visible outside the car as viewed from directly above the car.

    HP Class Rules in addition to General Rules

    1. Body width must be stock Airfix plastic Frog/Bugeye or resin Frog/Bugeye (Munter, George Turner, Tassie Resins, ShotGunDave) body width (1.65+-") at widest point.
    2. Tire width limited to .25" maximum.
    3. Motors are limited to:
    - S can:
    Ninco NC1, NC8,
    BWA-NC1 (old and new 2012 version),
    Cartrix TX-1, Pink Kar Power Plus 1,
    Artin white endbell 13,000 RPM/12v motor
    - Slim can, FF-050 or FF-030:
    BWA FF-050 slim can (old and new 2012 version),
    SRP (Slot Racing Parts) RD Power16 Motor No. 1090 FF-050,
    Dr Vanski FF050,
    M/T FF050
    SCP (MRRC) FF-050 slim can.
    Solarbotics FF-030
    SCX 1/43 motor
    SPX Class Rules in addition to General Rules

    1. Body limited to maximum allowable width of 2.0".
    2. Additional body modifications limited to flared wheel wells and connecting rocker panels. Wheel opening diameter and wheelbase should remain similar to stock.
    3. Motor is unlimited and must not be visible outside the car
    4. Maximum tire diameter is .734". While .475" diameter wheel compliance is encouraged, wheel diameter is unlimited, as long as maximum tire diameter is in compliance.

    Race Organization

    1. All races must be run on routed wood tracks. Note: A painted plastic track may be considered by organizers.
    2. All races must be run at 10 volts.
    3. If the cars are run on multi-lane tracks in competition, all cars must do a heat with each driver and on all lanes. Example: driver A runs all cars in turn on lane #1. If races are run on single-lane tracks or by one driver, the same driver must run all cars in turn on the lane or lanes used.
    4. All cars must be raced for an equivalent distance covered in a minimum of 9 minutes of racing ( at least three, three-minute heats per car).
    5. Race track venues (pending):
    - Dan’s Apartment 1 or 2 (BC, Canada)
    - Luf's Targa Burnaby (BC, Canada)
    - Luf's Burnaby Hillclimb (BC, Canada)
    - Don’s Attic (BC, Canada)
    - Perry’s Canyon (BC, Canada)
    - Doug’s Laguna Douga (BC, Canada, pending vacation)

    - Art’s Ring (Ontario, Canada)
    - Drew’s Spa-Lyons (Ontario, Canada)

    - Bob’s Cornerstone (Massachusetts, USA)
    - Bob’s Vernon L (Connecticut, USA)
    - Jeremy’s Hazard (Connecticut, USA)


    1. All cars must be postmarked by January 3, 2014 for delivery by January 22, 2014.
    2. Cars are to be mailed to retro racer 44 in Pitt Meadows (Greater Vancouver Regional Area), British Columbia, Canada.
    3. Entry fee for US and Canadian entrants to be $25 (USD) per car to be paid via PayPal to VTECFOUR. Enter a car in each category and pay a total of only $35 (USD) for the pair. Entrants outside of US or Canada should add $5 (USD) per car for additional shipping costs.
    4. Registration payments due in by November 29, 2013.
    5. Limit of one car in each category per entrant.
    6. Limit of 12 cars per category. May be increased at discretion of Organizers.
    7. Cars will be scrutineered for compliance with SPR rules. Deviations may be corrected or, if not, cars may be penalized in standings or deemed unfit to race.
    8. Entrants to provide description of components used for reference.

    Scoring and Prizes

    1. Scoring: TBD from examples presented.
    2. Awarded for best overall performance. Competitors will select from prize list in descending order of finish from first place. Additional prizes awarded at organizers discretion.

    Damage and Repairs

    1. Cars damaged in transit or racing may be repaired by host or returned to owner at owner's discretion. If replacement parts are required, owner is expected to reimburse host for cost of part (only).
    2. Organizers assume no liability for damage to cars during shipping, handling, racing or any other activity.

    End of Competition

    1. Cars and earned prizes (if any) will be mailed back to their submitting owners at the completion of the competition.
    2. Withdrawn cars will be mailed back to their submitting owners on request before the end of competition.

    * 2014 rule modifications shown in blue.

    Get ready for SPR II!
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    I'm In

    I'm ready for SPR II, or at least I will be. Count me in for a car in each class.


    • #3
      That's the spirit Keith!

      Head on over to the 2014 Registration page to confirm your number (we've reserved last year's for ya).



      • #4
        SCP (MRRC) FF-050
        I would like to know which motor this one actually is?
        Is there a part number or spec for it? Is it the SRP motor listed again by mistake?
        Last edited by Phil Kalbfell; 09-26-2013, 11:48 PM.


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          SCP (MRRC) FF-050
          I would like to know which motor this one actually is?
          Is there a part number or spec for it? Is it the SRP motor listed again by mistake?
          Oh noooo! Potential controversy already!

          Should I use that motor in my car? Will it be faster?

          Phil, I'll have to convene the rules committee to review this, because I just plain don't remember. I'd urge everyone to use BWAs FF-050 for consistency, but we are trying to be accessible. Do you have a link to previous discussion about this - I gotta head off to the salt mines...

          Oh Dan...



          • #6
            Well I have found where the SCP ( MRRC) FF 050 camr from! Seems you copied what Sports Racer had listed for the IPS Proxy! What you did not knowvwas that he lives surrounded by politicians, and like them he can just make things up!
            The motor does not exist, he meant to refer to the SRP motor.
            So the mystery is solved.


            • #7
              Hi Organiser.

              I note all races most likely on wooden tracks but one is hillclimb and painted plastic track cannot be ruled out.

              I note no minmum clearance stipulated however so what is your recommendation or has this been left out of rules by accident.


              Chas Le Breton
              Newbie from NZ


              • #8
                Welcome Chas,

                All the listed track venues are wood including Luf's Burnaby Grind Hillclimb. The mention of plastic track running was just to give us some leeway, but isn't in the plans.

                The absence of minimum clearance was on purpose so go as low as you dare. Bare in mind that both of Luf's tracks in Vancouver, Canada have pretty dramatic elevation changes.

                This is what I learned from running the cars last year in the HP and SPx classes.

                - the slimline FF motored cars were the leaders
                - choose a motor with a modest rpm within each class for driveability
                - metal chassis rules
                - tire traction was critical and urethane was the best compound

                Hope that helps.

                Dan in Canada


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                  Hey Phil,

                  Thanks for solving the motor mystery My mother always warned of the evils of copying...



                  • #10
                    Burnaby Grind

                    For those who are unfamiliar with it, the Burnaby Grind is Luf's hill-climb. It has the usual engineering and scenics of all of Luf's work. (Luf is the guru of home-based routed tracks) I have attached the link to its description on Luf's site.

                    Last edited by retro racer 44; 10-02-2013, 06:07 PM.


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                      Hi Ken.

                      Originally thought I had problem with wheels for HP - 12.1mm. Munter had warned me when I first asked about SRP that 13" wheels were required. I have such a set. Now that I have measured I see 13" wheels are spot on. Whew!!!

                      None of the other rules appear to be a problem either but I have not checked Munter's bodies against same. I am sure they will be fine.

                      A couple of clarifications however would be appreciated.

                      1. 0.25" max tire width for HP - does that include sidewall bulge.

                      2. Seeing some of the SPX cars being built - do any changes need to have a full sized prototype.

                      Thanking you.


                      Chas Le Breton
                      Last edited by charlesx; 10-02-2013, 10:13 PM.


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                        Hi Chas, Welcome to SPR. I'm not one of the Grand Poobahs, but I helped make the rules.

                        Munter's bodies are the norm for this proxy. Some people use Airfix kit bodies which have the same dimensions. There are others around also. I don't expect you will have a problem as long as you follow the rule dimensions.

                        My HP car last year had 0.25 tread, and did not include sidewall bulge, and was fine. True scale wheels for a stock Sprite would be less than .15 and would get hung up in the slot.

                        While most of the HP cars had a stock appearance, only some of them were based on an actual prototype. The SPX cars were much wilder and only had to be Sprite based, and still within the rules.

                        Dan or JT, correct me if I am wrong, but that is how I see it. Last year's car collection thread and this year's build thread will also give you some guidance.

                        Have fun building. I hope you have a magnifying glass.


                        • #13
                          Thanks very much Retro Racer 44. Appreciate encouragement.

                          Yes enjoying build threads. Good to see some builders getting on job early.

                          Certainly plenty of room for inspiration there.


                          Chas Le Breton


                          • #14

                            Retro is spot on (and timely - are all Canadians retired? ) with his advice regarding rules: 1.) 25" max HP tread and 2.) that SPX cars don't need to have 1:1 prototypes, but are encouraged to be proto-typical, believable models. After all, we want the group photos to look great, without any "how did that car get in there" moments!

                            Thanks for your enthusiasm and make sure you fit those bulges in the maximum overall width!



                            • #15
                              Hi JT.

                              Acknowledge 0.25 is total tire/tread width including any tire bulge. Slab sided tires are therefore allowed. Please advise if this is wrong.

                              Is 1.65" (HP) and 2.0" (SPX) total width as well as body width. That is wheels/tires must be within same? Note 1.65 for HP is +- so some tolerance is allowed but none in SPX?

                              Dimensions convert as follows:

                              Length 4.13" = 103.25mm
                              Width HP 1.65 = 41.25mm
                              Width SPX 2.0 = 50.8mm
                              Wheels diameter HP 0.475" = 11.85mm
                              Tire diameter SPX 0.734 = 18.35mm
                              Wheelbase - not supplied but I make about 63mm - is there an official measure?

                              Finally I note Phil K's question re motors. I note RD Power 16 is S can not FF050. Used to be called SRP1092 - this does not sound right as much more powerful motor than rest.

                              Eligible SRP motor I would have thought should be SRP1090.

                              Look forward to your advice and clarification so I can get on with the building of my car.


                              Chas Le Breton

                              PS. I have just noticed that wheelsbase question answered in another thread. Think motor one however still needs attention.
                              Last edited by charlesx; 10-12-2013, 01:59 PM. Reason: Measurement and motor clarification