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SPR 2014 Race Rules & Regulations

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    Body and tires are both subject to car width regulations. The +- was because some of the different manufacturers bodies were, well, different.

    As to the motors, I will concur with your suggestion based on the contents of this thread and have clarified the regulations accordingly (SRP is now 1090).



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      SRP Proxy motors

      Thanks for that JT.

      Have started sorting out rest of parts and sizes required for HP (mainly wheels and tires). Man those cars are small and the tires narrow.

      Have been keeping an eye on liveries of cars being built. Thinking Yellow and green or vice versa may be different but perhaps I need to look at last years event photos.

      Re motors attach a photo of two such motors I have just sourced from NZ supplier via new shipment from Germany.

      1. The "slim can" has always been called the SRP1090 Power 16 and is stated as producing 16000rpm @12v.

      2. The old SRP1092 "S" can however is now stamped with RD-Power 16 by SRP so one can understand the confusion. I am not aware whether or how it is rated by manufacturer. According to "Dart Hobbies" however the latter is rated at higher RPM and considerably great torque than the SRP1090..

      Another suggestion from "Helpful Harry" here - there are currently two "Rules and regulations" threads. This can be very confusing. Would it be possible for these to be combined.

      Busy here watching the "Bathurst 1000 V8 enduro" which you may have heard of in the USA.


      Chas Le Breton
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        Hi again JT.

        Sorry to be a pest again but am I right there is no max. tire size for Sprite HP.

        Max. for SPX is 0.734".


        Chas Le Breton


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          Glad you can easily watch the Bathurst 1000 - does that NASCAR export still return to crash other drivers on the twisty bits?!

          We didn't put a max dia on the HP tires because 1) our plan was to minimize rules and 2) the HP class limit on body modifications self-limits tire diameter. hopefully, you don't send us a tractor!

          We do have two rules threads, so I can understand potential confusion, but this year's is preceded by 2014 in the title. Many of the proxies leave their past threads up, and merging would be more confusing in my opinion.



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            Spr build

            Thanks JT.

            I do not think the Aussy V8's are anything like NASCAR (or at least NASCAR as I know it) as they race on road circuits rather than ovals. They are certainly both good to watch however.

            Ta also for clarification on tire size for HP. Promise I will not produce a tractor.

            No problem with rules thread. If older ones could be closed off it might do away with problem. Not sure if this can be done with this forum.

            Am going to start my own build thread as suggested by Shortland17.


            Chas Le Breton
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              Would be interesting to know what the final race schedule is (have put COMPLETED beside rounds already run).

              Earlier post says

              5. Race track venues (pending):
              - Dan’s Apartment 1 or 2 (BC, Canada) COMPLETED Round 4
              - Luf's Targa Burnaby (BC, Canada) COMPLETED Round 2
              - Luf's Burnaby Hillclimb (BC, Canada) COMPLETED Round 1
              - Don’s Attic (BC, Canada) COMPLETED Round 6
              - Perry’s Canyon (BC, Canada) COMPLETED Round 5
              - Doug’s Laguna Douga (BC, Canada, pending vacation) COMPLETED Round 3
              - Art’s Ring (Ontario, Canada) COMPLETED Round 7
              - Drew’s Spa-Lyons (Ontario, Canada) COMPLETED Round 8
              - Bob’s Cornerstone (Massachusetts, USA)
              - Bob’s Vernon L (Connecticut, USA)
              - Jeremy’s Hazard (Connecticut, USA)

              but I do not believe we have ever been advised of final list. Would be great to know.

              Regards Chas Le Breton (Charlesx)
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                Some Good Discussion - A Few Things...


                Some great discourse within this thread. The box arrived by snow plane (see Ice Pilots) for the next few rounds here in the GTA and I've looked over all of the cars. The collection looks really great. Well Done Boys! There are some issues with cars that I would like to address and so I suppose what I am really asking is to find out how much I can do as an impartial host to make sure that each car runs as intended. I believe I may have answered my own question 'to make sure that each car runs as intended'... so pending any objections I will set aside an afternoon to do such... I'll post everything I've done within the new thread I'll start for the first race in the GTA... I'm planning to run the Ring race this Wednesday evening to kick things off (but keep this quiet)...

                Remember to have fun - a hobby is supposed to be fun...




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                  Ready for another found already, this series will be completed while others only have completed two or three rounds! Great series,well done.


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                    Hi Art,

                    Yes, please make repairs to facilitate the racing on your and Drew's beautiful tracks.

                    Looking forward to the outcomes.



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                      Hi all.

                      Looking forward to last two rounds in Canada and then last three in USA. Art's then Drew's places next I think.

                      This will be the second time I have run on your track Art. The first being Round 6 of VRAA recently.

                      Great series so far and already thinking about cars for next year. Love the variety of tracks and all the photos. Makes you feel really part of action even if half a world away.

                      Has also been a great learning experience.


                      Chas Le Breton, New Zealand


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                        Hi Chas:

                        I believe the schedule as you posted above is correct, unless the New England boys throw in another round. That means 6 rounds down, 5 to go. Anyone for nail biting? Well, maybe after the GTA rounds, eh?