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    Brian, this was on the SPR 2014 Race Rules & Regulations thread, although pending:

    Race track venues (pending):
    - Dan’s Apartment 1 or 2 (BC, Canada)
    - Luf's Targa Burnaby (BC, Canada)
    - Luf's Burnaby Hillclimb (BC, Canada)
    - Don’s Attic (BC, Canada)
    - Perry’s Canyon (BC, Canada)
    - Doug’s Laguna Douga (BC, Canada, pending vacation)
    - Art’s Ring (Ontario, Canada)
    - Drew’s Spa-Lyons (Ontario, Canada)
    - Bob’s Cornerstone (Massachusetts, USA)
    - Bob’s Vernon L (Connecticut, USA)
    - Jeremy’s Hazard (Connecticut, USA)

    I think I'm scheduled for around Christmas!!


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      It may seem like that, but we will be doing tech, Hill-climb and qually for Targa this Sunday. After that, the races can take place a week or so apart. We should be done at this end in a month, then off to Toronto.

      I suspect if all goes well and there are no serious hitches, the whole schedule should be done by summer.


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        Is the schedule posted above close to accurate? The cars were sent to Keith, which track is Keith's? Or are you Dan? Then again you could be Don.

        When looking it over I thought that Dan's attic was very far away from Dan's apt!!! Had to go to Luff's to get there!! Enjoy my friends! Yeah I know it was Don's apt!! Excited to get the race underway. Daytona today! Guy from our club is down there on the infield!


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          Still no sign of my Sprite, 3 weeks since I posted it. I'm starting to get quite concerned now, I'd be really gutted if it was lost. I did send it fully insured and declared a value on it which was quite high so could it be held up in customs?

          I checked the tracking on Post Canada but it didn't recognise my tracking number.




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            that's great news....some racing gets underway this Sunday!

            Good luck to's to some spirited spritely racing!



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              Not really great news for me Brian! But I'm sure you misread my message

              Fingers crossed everyone



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                oh, no Pete not great news about your car(s) not arriving yet. I was responding to the news that racing is starting on Sunday.

                Hopefully your package will arrive sometime soon...and can catch up to the field.



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                  Ready to go!

                  I have set up a score spreadsheet for all of the series. As soon as it has something to report I will post it. We will be starting tomorrow, but we will be able to catch up Pete's car when it is finally released from Limbo. We might have to run time trials with just one car, but we can use the same drivers and lanes and get a fair result.

                  Pete, if Royal Mail tracking says it is in Canada, it should be trackable on Canada Post. It could be in Customs. If you send me the tracking number, I can call Canada Customs to see if it is there. That will probably mean an hour or more waiting for the call to go through, but hey, I'm retired with lots of time. You might want to contact Royal Mail from your end to see where it is also.


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                    GVSCC Tracks


                    All of the tracks listed for BC are in the Greater Vancouver area, and belong to members of the GVSCC. You can easily guess what that means.

                    Luf's is the hub of our club, and he lives in Burnaby.

                    Perry lives five minutes from Luf's in New Westminster, Don lives in North Vancouver, and Doug lives in Kitsilano, which is in the City of Vancouver proper. Dan has an apartment in Coquitlam that he uses when he is here, rather than in Winnipeg. These last three are about a half hour away from Luf's.

                    I also live a half hour from Luf's, and have no track of my own. (except a SLOP track) I asked Luf to let us use his tracks for the proxy, so I sort of consider them mine for now.

                    We will just hand carry the cars from one to the other, so no shipping until they go to Toronto.

                    I hope this clears up any confusion about the races in BC.

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                      Good News for Pete


                      The missing little Sprite coming from England appears to have been flying under the radar.

                      In spite of our best efforts to track it, we had no idea where it was.

                      Today I got a parcel card and checked the tracking for Pete's car. What do you know? It is waiting for me in the Pitt Meadows Post office. It was not tracking yesterday and now it shows that it is here. I can pick it up tomorrow, and we can run the qually and hill-climb with it on Friday evening. It is also going to make it for all of our races at this end.

                      Whew! We can all breathe easier now, eh?


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                        This is great news and a huge relief, yes for a model car! Thanks Keith for the update, let’s hope it’s in once piece and able to be competitive amongst this year’s cars. By the sound of things everyone has picked up the pace!




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                          Last, but Far from Least

                          I picked up the last car from the post Office today. It may be late, but it is a beauty. The outer box again looked like someone sat on it, but with a double box packaging, the inner one was intact.

                          Of course we all know the reason for its stealthy arrival is because it is missing its front number. Oh yes, the post office knows our rules and acts accordingly.

                          We will qualify it on Friday night and run it on the hill-climb as well. Then we will make the hill-climb results official with Pete's included. Saturday we will be running the Targa Burnaby.