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SPX 2014 Results and Scoring

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    I had all but given up on my SPX car,thought it was just too far down on Horsepower, But there is some glimmer of hope and very pleased with the HP car it is going well.Thanks to all who run this round.

    Keeping these races so close together works very well and does help maintain a very high interest in the event.


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      Baited Breath

      For those of you are waiting with baited breath for the results of Don's Attic race, you have to wait a little longer. We had conflict with other personal commitments, imagine that, and so the last Greater Vancouver race is tentatively scheduled for Thursday at 2pm.

      Look for results Thursday evening.


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        Last West Coast Race - Don's Attic

        Our last race is now in the books and it was an interesting couple of hours. Don's track is a tight little 50' three laner with one short straight. There is no room for the cars to stretch their legs. It is the exact opposite of the last race on Perry's Rocket.

        Again there were some changes in the results.

        HP Class -
        1. 17 - Phil Kalbfell - 72.93 Laps -
        2. 15 - Mether05 - 71.49 -
        3. 27 - Pete Shepherd - 71.21 -
        4. 7 - DoublB - 70.99 -
        5. 45 - Retro Racer 44 - 70.97
        6. 23 - Alexis in Greece - 69.15
        7. 5 - CharlesX - 67.65
        8. 98 - JT Previa - 66.14
        9. 71 - Black3sr - 65.58
        10. 33 - MNewns - 62.14

        SPX Class -

        1. 63 - Brain - 81.69 laps -
        2. 39 - JT Previa - 78.36 -
        3. 44 - Retro Racer 44 - 76.5 -
        4. 77 - Phil Kalbfell - 75.47
        5. 9 - CharlesX - 75.22
        6. 8 - Vtecfour - 72.14
        7. 71 - Black3sr - 69.78
        8. 13 - Mnewns - 69.05

        Best Heats - (For bragging rights only)


        Phil and Pete 25.36 laps
        Retro 24.62


        Brain 29.0
        Phil 26.62
        Retro 26.21

        Hot laps

        HP - Phil - 7.17

        SPX - Brain - 6.21

        I will update the spreadsheet in post #8 later this evening.

        Last edited by retro racer 44; 02-27-2014, 05:29 PM.


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          Thanks for all the work you've done running our Sprites, thanks for the good run with mine and congrats to the podium finishers!


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            The spreadsheet in post #8 is now updated to include all West Coast (Greater Vancouver) races.


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              uh...I guess I will be hoping for more tracks with short straights! Thanks for the awesome run!
              Nice to see different cars reaching the podium....depending on the type of track. And much appreciation for the Greater Vancouver Slot racers for hosting these events.



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                so ah...are the cars in transport somewhere? What's next?



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                  The entries should or will be on route to Doubl-B for a three-track (Vernon-L, Hazard, Snipsic) hub running in Connecticut USA.



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                    Hi all.

                    After all the hype about the draw I remembered I thought I was 4 points behind JT with one round to go. That meant I had to beat him by 5 places to win outright which seemed fairly unlikely.

                    I see JT was 4th which by my reckoning leaves me still 1 point behind. I note on score sheet also that he was awarded 5 points to my 8.

                    It therefore seems to me that he was the clear victor and a well deserved one at that.


                    Chas Le Breton


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                      You're graciously trying not to share the glory, but you're both co-champs.

                      JT was inadvertently listed as fourth rather than fifth, so was awarded four points, giving him a total of 77 points (4 + 73).

                      That's your total (8 + 69) too, with a dramatic, come from behind performance in the last two races.

                      Well done!



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                        What a finish to a series! After the tight finish in HP, we expected a similar finish in SPX. As Charles noted and Dan clarified, after we transferred the series totals to our race tally sheets and added points for the finish, we thought I had won by one point, just like Doubl B just beat Phil K by one point in HP. Thats what I posted live as we were moving through the raceday. Only when I was setting up the SPX cars for the series photo, did I realize Phil's car wasn't listed properly. Checking, we found that his name hadn't sorted in the spreadsheet. When his results were added (he beat me into fourth) I lost my one point advantage and the tie was in place!

                        Very gracious co-racers we have in this group!
                        Congrats to all the participants and winners.

                        Thank you to fellow Sprite modeler Dan/VTEC for co-founding and co-organizing this series. He constantly demonstrated his reasonable, thoughtful attitude as we burned up the Internet with our email discussions about how to make this series work. Dan's is also a significant prize donor!

                        Thanks to Retro for scoring and organizing many of the BC area races and car receipt and unpacking. I'm not sure how we unloaded so much on Keith, but I am sure thankful he stepped in to help!

                        Thank you to Art in Toronto for receiving/shipping the cars and organizing the Toronto-area races, as well as his prize donations. Many of our cars wouldn't be practical without his Dart/BWA parts.

                        Thanks to another unsuspecting victim, I mean, volunteer, Bob / Doubl-B in Connecticut. Bob kept adding races on smaller tracks which fit our cars well - and shook up the standings! Bob received, unpacked and repaired cars and helped with a manual transfer to our Massachusetts finale. Bob also made a significant prize donation.

                        I also need to recognize the efforts of all the individual track owners who made time to host a Sprite Proxy Race. Without their willingness, our series wouldn't have happened. Luf in particular contributed tracks and video!

                        Thanks to SCI, in particular Alan and Wet Coast who helped set up our forum pages and provide this method of meeting the world!

                        : Thanks to Paul Gage, urethane tire manufacturer extraordinaire for his prize offerings.

                        Finally, I need to thank my clubmates Bob / Methe and Brian / Brain to running the racing, repairing a few cars, packing up (and being Jackie Stewart) while I reported. I hope everyone in this race is as lucky as I am to have such quality clubmates, who happen to be great drivers, car builders and tuners too.

                        HP Series Results per Retro's Spreadsheet (see first page of this thread)

                        1. Doubl-B
                        2. Phil
                        3. Mether
                        4. Pete
                        5. Retro
                        6. Alexis
                        7. Charles
                        8. JT
                        9. Black3
                        10. Mnewns

                        SPX Series Results

                        1. JT / Charles /
                        3. Brain
                        4. Retro
                        5. Phil
                        6. Black3
                        7. Vtec
                        8. Mnewns

                        We'll probably post a separate "prizes and car returns" thread in the next few days. To be honest, we are awaiting a prize delivery, and are trying to find out when to expect the items. If the timing proves unreasonable, we've discussed providing PayPal prizes in addition to the prizes we have on hand that we can include in return boxes. Please let us know if you are particularly anxious to receive your car and we will expedite the return. I hope to have a better answer by mid-week.

                        Whew! Hope I haven't forgotten anyone!

                        Last edited by JT Previa; 06-08-2014, 04:40 PM.


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                          Hi JT.

                          Thanks for the explanation as to how the final points evolved.

                          Probably no hurry with my cars at present as when VRAA and VRAAII cars arrive they will be my priority - VRAA at least.

                          Hear, hear to all the comments you have made.

                          Must say I am a little surprised at how my SPX car went in the last round as I thought it was rather under-powered for this track but clearly the longish straights and twisty bits balanced out.

                          With my HP it is certainly back to the drawing board. Nothing wrong with the angle-winder concept but the ali "u" chassis was probably too rigid. Think I had a couple of 4ths but final 7th place was a pretty fair indication of its potential.


                          Chas Le Breton (charlesx)


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                            Charles, your SPX's success at Cornerstone was it's driveability - it was so easy to drive well, you could push it hard into turns (especially when dueling with another car) and not push too hard and deslot. The faster motored cars could tempt you to go too fast, and ultimately lose. Both Brain and I found ourselves driving your car so hard against our own cars! Brains was close to yours in driveability, but I my style really matched your car. Alexis' and Retro's cars in HP were similar, I could drive them all day, and felt I got faster as the laps wore on.



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                              Thanks JT.

                              When car left NZ I was fairly happy with how it went but thought it would be out-gunned on straights. It did handle well however as you say and this clearly paid off. Was a great success also for MRRC slimline motor which was a bit of an unknown. Sounds like it was the right combination of speed and torque.

                              With my HP however I was not at all happy. It appeared OK down straights but would tumble on corners really easily. Was at least a second slower on our local tracks. Was surprised how well it went sometimes.

                              With both cars I had no idea what could be expected or opposition so SPX 1st= is a real thrill.

                              You have still not said what new event is!!!


                              Chas Le Breton


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                                You have still not said what new event is!!!
                                Hey Charles, who do you think we are, JT Ecclestone and Dan Marie Balestre?

                                Notwithstanding the renowned international juggernaught the SPR has become, one of us even still works a day job!

                                We're building suspense, fine tuning details, organizing promotional photos, beta-testing rules and negotiating TV rights.

                                We're also still out of breath from this series, and we haven't even packed up the cars to send back yet!

                                But don't despair, save some space in your modeling calendar and you'll have some fun in our next character filled series (and I'm not just talking about the entrants)...