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SPR 2014 - Round 1 - Burnaby Grind Hillclimb - Results are in and videos linked!

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  • SPR 2014 - Round 1 - Burnaby Grind Hillclimb - Results are in and videos linked!

    Here's a full report on the Burnaby Grind Hillclimb, the same track as last year, with a running length of 120 ' and powered at 10 volts. A very good single run is in the low 20's.

    The roster of seventeen cars (HP - 9, SPx - 8) looked great in their variety of liveries, colors and even shapes.

    HP class

    SPx class

    The format was the one used for regular racing at Luf's, the best four out of five runs.

    As already reported, the results were:

    HP class

    Doubl-B #7 - 86.94
    retro racer #45 - 89.19
    Phil Kalbfell #17 - 89.35

    The rest of HP were:

    4. charlesx - 90.40
    5. mether05 - 90.50
    6. alexis in greece - 95.40
    7. JT Previa - 99.77
    8. black3sr - 107.11
    9. MNewns - 112.04

    Pete Shepherd's car, noticeably absent and seemingly in transit or at Canadian customs, will be run on its own upon arrival, so the results may change.

    As the driver, here are my impressions.
    1. doubl-b - class of the HP field again, so smooth
    2. Phil Kalbfell - what a beauty, very driveable
    3. retro racer - solid, man!
    4. charlesx - 90.40 - only sidewinder and FF030 motor set ups, tires are slightly slippery
    5. mether05 - 90.50 - smooth, but an off hurt it's chances for a podium
    6. alexis in greece - 95.40 - way better tires than last year
    7. JT Previa - 99.77 - handles well but seems slower than last year
    8. black3sr - 107.11 - trouble with tire rub but fix helped a bit
    9. MNewns - 112.04 - rumbly because of tires and possibly tight chassis to body

    SPx class

    JT Previa #39 - 82.80
    BRAIN #63 - 83.35
    charlesx #9 - 83.56

    And the rest of SPx were:

    4. black3sr - 85.22
    5. retro racer 44 - 86.31
    6. VTECFOUR - 89.45
    7. Phil Kalbfell - 98.41
    8. MNewns - 107.04

    As the driver here are my immediate thoughts.

    1. JT Previa - smooth as glass
    2. BRAIN - my favorite car of the lot, such a great handler
    3. charlesx - so driveable
    4. black3sr - another great handling car
    5. retro racer 44 - another planted car that just sticks
    6. VTECFOUR - peaky in throttle response
    7. Phil Kalbfell - a couple of offs really hurt this car's podium chance
    8. MNewns - tight chassis to body really makes this car hop

    For more pics I'll be posting them on another thread or they can be viewed in my pictures under SPR 2014_Round 1_Burnaby Grind Hillclimb for HP and SPx classes.

    As well, we'll be listing a video link of the running, once Luf does his editing.

    Thanks to all the podium finishers and participants for entrusting us with these little jewels. It was great fun!

    On to Targa Burnaby next.

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    Thanks for the run,especially with the HP car, bit disappointed with the SPX that Ithought would be easy to drive.
    Congratulations to all the guys on the podium and all the entrants that have made a big effort in building these tiny cars.
    Can't wait to see how they nw go on the road course.


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      Great photos and look forward to the video.

      Regards Chas Le Breton (Charlesx)


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        Whew. At least I was not last.

        I was getting frustrated with the HP during the build. Seemed like every change I made was a step back or when I did have it running half decent I would not leave it alone. Anyone wants to make adjustments please do so.

        The brass and wire SPX chassis is in the parts box and I went with a butchered plastic Cooper chassis.

        Can't wait to see them run here in the East.


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          Nice job to all the entrants and drivers/reporters for this event....thanks to all!

          Way to represent East Coast Sprite Buddies!

          And...ah the link for the SPX pics does not seem to be least for me.



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            Brian, are those flames spouting from your SPX?? A new addition for the year, right? No wonder CharlesX's Sprite Police Interceptor was hot on your tail, your car would fit right in The Wild Ones or Road Warrior!



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              yea, ah its flaming. I also had to scrawl the SPX on the body with a Silver paint pen to make sure I met the rules for this year.



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                Both links were going yesterday but I cannot open SPX one today either.


                Chas Le


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                  If the link won't work, just go into my public albums to see pics for HP and SPx.



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                    These results are from SPX RESULTS POST No 2


                    Doubl-B - 86.94 - 1st - 10
                    Retro Racer 44 - 89.19 - 2nd - 9
                    PhilKalbfell - 89.35 - 3rd - 8

                    These results are from post No1 above.
                    HP class

                    Doubl-B #7 - 86.94
                    Phil Kalbfell #17 - 89.19
                    retro racer #45 - 89.35

                    I think some thing is wrong!


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                      Beautiful cars in here!.....
                      OK my question is " A very good single run is in the low 20's." ????? I guess I don't understand when you say 20's and these are doing 86's?????????? Is there such a thing as "metric time" or are these really that slow???????????


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                        Originally posted by HarVWallbanger View Post
                        Beautiful cars in here!.....
                        OK my question is " A very good single run is in the low 20's." ????? I guess I don't understand when you say 20's and these are doing 86's?????????? Is there such a thing as "metric time" or are these really that slow???????????
                        A single lap is in low 20s. I believe the timing for the Sprites is the best of 4 of 5 runs so total of four is in the 80s. I could be totally wrong too.


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                          You're right Black3sr. The number in the 20s is for a single run, the number in the 80s is for the total of four runs. The record run on the hill is about 19 seconds and the hill is used every race night with a dozen or so people getting five runs, so you can see our little Sprites did very respectable times.

                          Phil- I don't see what the problem is. The only difference is the post #2 includes the 10,9 and 8 points which go into the tally for the whole series. The results for each event will be converted into 10,9,8,7,etc points for the finishing order. The winner getting 10. In SPX there are eight cars so the winner gets 8 points.

                          OK, I see it now. I was looking at the numbers not the names. See my post # 16 for the correct numbers so far.
                          Last edited by retro racer 44; 01-28-2014, 10:29 PM. Reason: add last sentence


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                            You're right about the HP finishers. I switched HP cumulative times between you and retro racer, so the podium should be:

                            - Doubl-B
                            - retro racer 44
                            - Phil Kalbfell

                            Thanks for catching that.



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                              Thanks for clearing that up for me.