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SPR 2014 - Round 3 - Laguna Douga - Results are in!

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  • SPR 2014 - Round 3 - Laguna Douga - Results are in!

    Round 3 was held at Doug's (fotodoug) Laguna Douga, a 75' three-laner powered at 10 volts located in his mancave, a converted garage.

    This fast track has some challenging wiggles that you have to watch out for.

    Now that's a display screen to keep track of your laps and times!

    Here's the HP field...

    ...followed by the SPxers.

    As reported by retro racer, the finishes were:

    HP class

    Mether05 #15 - 56.58
    Pete Shepherd #27 - 56.08
    Phil Kalbfell #17 - 55.62

    4. JT Previa #98 - 55.15
    5. Doubl-B #7 - 54.54
    6. Retro Racer 44 #44 - 54.23
    7. Alexis in Greece #23 - 53.84
    8. Charlesx #5 - 49.62
    9. Black3sr #71 - 44.83
    10. MNewns #33 - 44.61

    Here are some cars in action.

    MNewns, Black3sr and JT Previa

    Phil Kalbfell

    JT Previa





    SPx class

    JT Previa #39 - 60.85
    BRAIN #63 - 60.30
    Charlesx #9 - 59.46

    4. Phil Kalbfell #77 - 56.92
    5. retro racer 44 #44 - 56.61
    6. black3sr #71 - 56.00
    7. VTECFOUR #8 - 55.62
    8. MNewns #13 - 51.69

    More action pics.




    retro racer 44

    Phil Kalbfell

    JT Previa


    Great run with nary a breakdown. Ran all the cars and took pics within two and a half hours.

    Congratulations to the podium finishers and participants.

    Special thanks to Doug (fotodoug), our track host/driver, and Don M (tf1250) for driving as well.

    Onto the next track!

    Dan (VTECFOUR) & Keith (retro racer 44)

    P.S. We have a repaired SPx car to run on Friday before announcing the final SPx results for Round 2 Targa Burnaby.
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    Excellent report and photos thanks Dan and Keith.

    Congrats to podiumites, organisers, drivers, track owner and other helpers for well run event.

    As expected my HP car was completely out-classed at least in part due to gearing. Pretty happy with my SPX car however which appears to be holding onto the last podium position fairly well.

    Great to see third different competitor winning round of HP. JT seems to be the one to beat in SPX but good to see Brain giving him the hurry up.


    Chas Le Breton


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      Thanks guys for running this round, and thanks for putting my HP on the podium again.
      Looks like the SPX needs some more grunt, especially for this track.
      Congratulations to all the entrants for getting these cars built and running for this event.


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        Fotodoug's Magic

        While we were at Fotodoug's, he took a shine to one car in particular and wanted to photograph it. Those of you who have seen Doug's work before know that he is the master of photographing slot cars.

        He wanted a picture of Pete Shepherd's #27, and set up and took the picture before we left.

        Here is the work of Fotodoug's magic camera. Enjoy


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          Wow - great photo of Pete's great workmanship! That should get up on the main forum somewhere...

          Speaking of photos, there are some photos behind that track that just might divert a driver's attention...

          (I remember seeing a track profile of Doug's layout in the past and thinking how well the track/room is set up, glad the SPR got a chance to race on it!).

          I concur with our antipodean friends Charles and Phil, who commented on the shake up in the finishes! Congrats to Methe05 in HP, whose car is delivering on last year's promise. Pete's second podium and Phil's persistence. Looks like DoublB's car didn't like this track as much.

          I love the "hurry up" expression that Charles used to describe Brain's pursuit of my SPx!

          Thanks to Doug, Dan, Don and D(k)eith (what, no other D names??) for the driving, photos and report!



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            WOW - thanks for the great run!

            Congratulations to JT and Brian in HPx, way to go!

            Pete, that car is stunning!


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              It gets better!

              Wow another podium Very pleased with that

              Thanks again for the quick turnaround of racing and then a report. Thanks to all the drivers and to the track host Doug.

              Well done to Mether on his win in HP (the best class).

              Also thanks Doug for the beautiful picture of my Sprite, I'm sure you must have photo-shopped it as I'm sure it didn't look that nice when I sent it....



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                Like I said, Fotodoug's magic camera.


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                  Oh..nice track set up in that Man Cave! I think my car could have beaten JT's SPX if the driver had not been trying to check out the vintage cameras and all the 'art work' on the walls as he spun around the track.

                  That is a beautiful Photo presentation of Pete's car.