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SPR 2014 - Round 5 - Perry's Rocket - Results and pics are in!

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  • SPR 2014 - Round 5 - Perry's Rocket - Results and pics are in!

    Round 5 was run on Perry's 66 foot Rocket, the faster of his two tracks on a winched platform located in his double car garage. Both were just completed in January replacing his two previous four-lane wood tracks. Power was set at 10 volts more than enough on this fast track with long straights and a sweeping banked corner.

    That's Perry and his creation (with Luf's help).

    Here are the HP cars, the first to be run.

    ...followed by the SPx hot rods. Notice the slight bank in this sweeping corner.

    As reported by Retro Racer, here are the results once again.

    HP Class

    Phil Kalbfell #17 - 75.2 laps
    Pete Shepherd #27 - 75.0
    Doubl-B #7 - 74.8

    4. Retro Racer 44 #45 - 71.9
    5. Charlesx #5 - 70.9
    6. Mether05 #15 - 70.2
    7. Alexis in Greece #23 - 69.4
    8. JT Previa #98 - 68.6
    9. Black3sr #71 - 66.3
    10. Mnewns #33 - 60.6

    Some HP cars in pose.



    Alexis in Greece


    SPX Class

    JT Previa #39 - 84.0 laps
    Phil Kalbfell #77 - 84.0
    Retro Racer 44 #44 - 79.9

    4. Charlesx #9 - 79.8
    5. Brain - #63 79.5
    6. Vtecfour #8 - 78.6
    7. Black3sr #71 - 76.7
    8. Mnewns #13 - 75.7

    SPxers in pose.

    Retro Racer 44



    Here are some driving recollections and thoughts.

    The cars geared for longer straights and with a little more rpm showed there mettle. The drivers ran best with controllers set with no brakes.

    HP Class

    Phil Kalbfell #17 - though not the fastest on the straights, this car was very driveable for all three lanes and drivers
    Pete Shepherd #27 - as good as Phil's but an off made the difference
    Doubl-B #7 - smoothest of the bunch but some unexpected offs on a couple of lanes affected the final result

    4. Retro Racer 44 #45 - smooth and steady
    5. Charlesx #5 - best accelerator down the straights but tippiness in corners held back drivers
    6. Mether05 #15 - nice driving car but down in power
    7. Alexis in Greece #23 - smooth and tires compared to last year's entry had much better grip
    8. JT Previa #98 - smooth but down in power
    9. Black3sr #71 - hindered by it's suddeness to come out in corners
    10. Mnewns #33 - lumpy ride that truer tires would have helped

    SPX Class

    JT Previa #39 - for me, the easiest car to drive fast. A joy to drive.
    Phil Kalbfell #77 - smooth and consistently easy to drive to its potential
    Retro Racer 44 #44 - planted and easy to drive

    4. Charlesx #9 - smooth
    5. Brain - #63 - a corner monster but some unexpected offs in all three lanes affected outcome
    6. Vtecfour #8 - leadslead and down in straight line speed
    7. Black3sr #71 - smooth but corner tippy
    8. Mnewns #13 - good straight line speed. Again, lumpy ride from tires really affected performance

    In summary, congratulations to the podiumites and all the participants.

    Special thanks to Perry (track host/driver), Don C. (driver) and Don M. (marshal).

    Onto our last track, Don C's Attic Track this coming Saturday before sending the cars to Art at Dart Hobbies in the Greater Toronto Area.

    Dan (VTECFOUR) & Keith (Retro Racer 44)
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    Great report thanks. Photos too excellent. As Phil says steady progress through races and generally good communication keeps interest up. Keep up the good work.

    For our NZ Canam proxy event entire programme and dates are decided on at start. Admittedly we do not have the distance and weather constraints but is hard when you are half a world away and do not know what is happening.


    Chas Le Breton (Charlesx)


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      Thanks guys for the run! Nice to see a variety of cars performing well! Hey...ah my 'offs' in the SPX class weren't caused by JT's Silver bullet wagging its tail in front of me? were they?

      I guess I am a little underpowered for a track with such a nice long flow to it. Congrats to Retro and Phil for stepping up to the platform!



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        Thanks for another nice round! Good to see some more variety of tracks and finishing order.

        Thanks for taking the time to take and post photos. (I was helping the CanAm series at Methe's this weekend and it is a lot of work!)

        Hey...ah my 'offs' in the SPX class weren't caused by JT's Silver bullet wagging its tail in front of me? were they?
        I'm sure that these experienced drivers don't dirt track fine slotmobiles through the turns like I do!


        PS: Got a box of goodies from DART Hobbies today for the Sprite Awards vault Thanks Art a great supporter of quality models and small classics.


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          It's been great fun running so many events in the same area. Dan has been the "Keeper of the Cars" and just brings them every time we race. I keep teasing him that one day we are going to drive across the city only to discover the cars are still at home, but not yet. I only has to remember them one more time. Without having to ship between races does keep the intensity up.


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            Thanks Guys and especially to Perry for letting our cars loose on his track, and what a great track I might add!

            Can't complain about another podium, the top 3 in HP were very close.




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              Thanks for the run, congrats to the podium finishers.