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SPR 2014 - Round 6 - Don's Attic - Results and pics are in!

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  • SPR 2014 - Round 6 - Don's Attic - Results and pics are in!

    Ran the last race out here on the west coast on Don C.'s picturesque Attic Track, a technical 50' three-laner where the handlers shone.

    Isn't this a cool start/finish tower?

    HP cars ready to run.

    SPxers ready to follow.

    And here are the results as already reported and some comments.

    HP Class

    Phil Kalbfell #17 - 72.93 laps - slower staightline speed but obviously a great driveable and handling car
    Mether05 #15 - 71.49 - just as good as Phil's but an off made the difference
    Pete Shepherd #27 - 71.21 - another great performer who's result was affected by an off

    4. 7 - Doubl-B - 70.99 - so smooth but unexpected offs affected placing
    5. 45 - Retro Racer 44 - 70.97 - really good traction from tires, so easy to drive
    6. 23 - Alexis in Greece - 69.15 - handled track well
    7. 5 - CharlesX - 67.65 - best accelerator on the straights
    8. 98 - JT Previa - 66.14 - speed down throughout but handles well
    9. 71 - Black3sr - 65.58 - better on the tighter track but still prone to very sudden offs
    10. 33 - MNewns - 62.14 - still bumpy

    Some cars in pose.

    Retro Racer 44

    Pete Shepherd

    Phil Kalbfell

    Alexis in Greece


    SPX Class

    BRAIN #63 - 81.69 laps - easily best handling car, felt like it was on a magnet track
    JT Previa #39 - 78.36 - smooth, driveable and fast but brakes adjustment really needed on controller
    Retro Racer 44 #44 - 76.5 - very driveable car with good handling

    4. 77 - Phil Kalbfell - 75.47 - another good handler
    5. 9 - CharlesX - 75.22 - smooth and handled corners well
    6. 8 - Vtecfour - 72.14 - good speed but controller really needs a lot of brakes
    7. 71 - Black3sr - 69.78 - smooth but jerky in the corners
    8. 13 - Mnewns - 69.05 - just too thumpy to drive smoothly


    Phil Kalbfell



    Well, we're finally done, six local tracks in around five weeks with a good variety of layouts to test the mettle of any car.

    Operationally, we're fortunate that all the track owners and drivers are retirees with more opportunity during the week to host and lend a hand driving or marshalling, namely Luf (oldslotracer), Doug (fotodoug), Perry, Don C. and Don M. (tf1250).

    We averaged about two hours running per track, just enough time and effort to maintain the fun aspect.

    The track hub concept is a good one if you have a mass of venues within a reasonable driving distance allowing quick work of running and presenting results in a timely manner. This isn't that common so the Greater Vancouver racers are quite fortunate in that regard with Luf being the centric in many regards.

    A general consensus among the drivers was that more cars had a chance to be podium finishers than the initial series. Metal chassis whether scratchbuilt or off the rack and FF050 motors continue to rule.

    The cars are now packed with the classic Scalextric Mini Cooper prize soon to join them and then they're off east to Art at Dart Hobbies in Mississauga, Ontario (Greater Toronto Area) for the running on The Ring and Spa-Lyon.

    Once again, thanks to our local track owners, drivers and marshallers and to the entrants for entrusting us with your cars.

    We look forward to the remainder of the proxy.

    Dan (VTECFOUR) & Keith (Retro Racer 44)

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    We're done! For this year!

    Great set of pics and race comments, Dan.

    Note - In Dan's second picture of the Attic track, when we arrived, Don had his crossover section in place. A piece two or feet long can be replaced to either run three lanes or one long continuous lap that uses all three lanes. Don keeps it that way for testing and tuning.

    You couldn't see all the details from the pics, but Don has filled in the track area with lots of interesting scenery and structures, such as a multi bay pit with crews out servicing F1 cars, a mini golf course, a 50s style hamburger joint complete with hot rods and custom cars, and a lake with a dock and a boat. I really must take my camera a do a full photo shoot of all the dioramas on this beautiful 50 foot three laner. There is also a separate loop that crosses the track. We set a ghost car in motion around this loop during IROC races and we have to time our crossing to avoid collisions.

    The cars are all boxed up in their original boxes, and then put, like a puzzle, into a larger box for shipping.
    I plan to take the box to the post office tomorrow, and it will be on its way to Toronto.

    It is kinda sad that our part of this proxy is done. Oh well, I'm sure we will want to do it again next year.


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      Great job everyone, thanks for the time and effort you put in to this proxy! Great tracks, great coverage! well done!


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        Wow, retired guys come through again to host another great race! (What are you guys gonna do with your free time after this? Let's see, there's always world peace I suppose...).

        And Brain's bomber finally finished atop the SPx heap! And my other clubmate Methe a close second to Phil's flyer in HP! Gonna be tough listening to them at the next race!

        I'm looking forward to the racing on the new tracks around Toronto! I wonder if that enthusiastic Toronto mayor could declare a Sprite Proxy Race day or something!



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          Yes, I agree, very nice job with getting the job done on several tracks in quick succession. It's nice to participate in a proxy where there are actually new results each week instead of constantly logging on to find out that nothing has happened over the course of several weeks. You've set the bar high for the other "hubs" to maintain and I'm confident that the timely running will continue...

          Awesome proxy and great job everyone!



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            Thanks to all of you for running the races is such a timely fashion.

            I will contact Art to get invite to go see them run for the running on The Ring and Spa-Lyon. Hopefully, i can turn in some more consistent 2nd last place finishes.



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              Another week and another round completed, fantastic effort.
              I really like the way this Proxy is keeping the momentum up, great.
              Thanks also for another win for my HP car. Maybe I should just build another like this for the SPX!
              Congratulations to all the entrants on the podium,well done.


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                That might work except for one slight problem, you ran the fastest lap for this last race in HP at 7.17 sec, but Brain ran the fastest in SPX at 6.21. The SPX class ran on average a second faster than the HP. The variety of our tracks resulted in different for some cars on different tracks. They were all fun to have in the race.


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                  Congrats to Phil and Brain for their great wins. Particularly good to see Brain have his time at front.

                  Thanks also to track owner plus all the organizers, drivers, marshalls etc.

                  Finally the photos - again great. Looking forward to Art's The Ring.


                  Chas Le Breton


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                    If I build a replica of the HP chassis for the SPX I would have to upgrade the motor, probably a Scalex!


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                      Well done to everyone in the greater Vancouver area - I lived in your world during my graduate years and loved the new Thunderbird residence at UBC (at the time)... I remember storing my CBR600F3 in my studio suite there over each Christmas since the elevator made it easy to do!!!

                      Now I'm an old fart and prefer my Buick... so here we are in deep with more snow than I've seen for the past 12 years... but no need to ask Toronto (or Toronto mayor Ford) for help - since we don't live there (our cities make a profit)... we'll get our races done as quickly as we can...