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SPR 2014 - Round 12 - Cornerstone Raceway

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    Thanks guys, we've got a great group of cars and entrants!

    Bob - we were busy, we'll catch you next time. Congrats on your victories- that was a close finish!

    Retro- Thanks for the spreadsheeting, don't be afraid to check our calculations regarding the series, we did it on the fly.

    I'm very comfortable being co-champ with a resurgent CharlesX! But I will leave it to you and Dan to discuss if this is appropriate or we should look at tie breaking ideas (Our crew suggested most wins for instance, but I recuse myself!). When it is this close reward both.



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      Thank for a great coverage of a close final race. Very close series with a equal points in SPX and Double one point ahead of me in HP. Just shows what a great series this has proven to be.
      Congratulations not only to the people on the podium but also to all the entrants who took up the challenge to build these tiny car.
      Also congratulations to all the hosts, drivers,organisers and score keeper who have made this a very good, well run and reported proxy event.
      12 races in 6 months, well reported is some thing to be very proud of, other proxy organisers should take notes.

      I hope the event continues in the same format. I feel sure the no of entrants will increase.
      Certainly plenty of interest .


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        We really appreciate your comments! We wanted a series that was close, fun and car building challenging and we have it, as you the noted kudos belong to hosts and participants.

        I doubly appreciate Phil's comments because Phil is a veteran of many proxies for a wide variety of cars and has high standards and expectations.

        Phil's gracious comments demonstrate how close, and variable the racing was. We saw cars go from mid pack to the podium and top qualifiers slide down the orders depending on the track. My SPX drove like it was on ice today, our surprising top SPX qualifier turned out to be tough to race. I think the long straight hurt Pete's HP here (more top end needed), but it was close across the entire heat.


        PS We've also had a civil proxy with minimal controversy and frustration, that is impressive! I wish we could all meet in person on a raceday, I think we'd have a great time. (I must admit to thinking maybe a NERF club visit to BC next winter...)


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          Congratulations to all involved. I endorse all the comments made by Phil and others. This was certainly one of the best run and most exciting down-to-the-wire events I have ever run in and that includes slot cars, karting and yachting over the last 54 years.

          I have been running in NZ and Aussie slot car proxies for the last 3/4 years but this was the first year where I have tried further afield. I must thank the likes of Munter, SlotsNZ and Phil for getting me involved and the continuing encouragement I have received from them and many others in the proxy fraternity.

          Up to the organisers but on normal count back system JT would have got the nod for SPX but I am very proud to share first place with him if that is organisers decision. Either way I will very be very happy.

          All the best to everybody and I look forward to next year. Not sure what is the new proxy event talked of recently but if it is Minis I am all in.


          Chas Le Breton
          Charlesx, New Plymouth, New Zealand


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            Originally posted by Black3sr View Post
            Only two hours to go. I am already tuned into BBC. Multiple PVRs set to record as well. I am sensing a win in SPX

            and in HP I just
            Well I was half right. My HP while one of its' better performances was still well down.

            Now maybe I was predicting 1 st in qualifying for the SPX which doesn't count for squat. It sure can use some wight. Maybe next year.

            Thanks everyone for all the effort. I certainly enjoyed my first proxy series.



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              Congratulations to all the podium finisher's, it was close all the way to the last race.

              A huge thanks goes out to our organizers and hosts, in 19 weeks, from January 26th, 12 races were run! That's 12 races in 19 weeks! Great job everyone.

              My one observation is: tires tires tires! GOT to be glued and trued. These little guys can not afford any "hop" or lack of grip! Secondly motor, Brian's #63 (MT SL-2) and Charlesx's #9 (MRRC slim can, I assume same as the Revo-Gram slim can) drove well and handled great! Brian's may have been slightly under powered on the long back straight (which I'm told I need names for), but overall was right behind the leader.

              Notice that the top 4 overall laps of the lower powered HP cars were better than positions 3-8 of the SPX cars!! Very interesting, lower powered motor, very narrow tires! hummm?

              Again, great job everyone, I had a blast, and that's what this is all about! Oh yeah, and eating my wife's chili on the deck with friends is pretty darn good too!

              BobM <><

              BTW, any suggestions for straight or curve names, with a biblical or Christian twist would really be appreciated! PM me! Thanks!
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                Now that is a nice twist of fate for me....with JT and Charlesx tied for first....I get a 2nd place! I'm happy with that. It was very exciting as I, by chance, was driving my own car in the last heat...chasing Charlesx....and finishing just .2 segment behind him. His car was very nice to drive and I drove the 'pants' off of it when it was in my I may have contributed to my own short fall in the end.

                Black3sr....we were excited about your top qualifying position....Bob had it really flying on some of the Q laps. We thought that It was definitely the fastest car on the long straight...and even on shorter segments had great acceleration.....but with that speed came more opportunities to deslot...and that's what happened during the heats. All the drivers had at least one deslot...and that did set you back.

                thanks all....looking forward to more fun Proxy racing with this group!



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                  Thanks to the race team for the close race and the great coverage .What a great series this has been.
                  Congratulations to the podium people as well as to all the entrants who made the effort of building these small cars.
                  Also thanks and congratulations to all the hosts, drivers,marshalls,organisers and score keeper who made this proxy one of the best around , well run and reported .


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                    Just like to add my thanks to the organisers and participants for putting on a fantastic proxy. I really enjoy the coverage especially when Jackie Stewart is involved!

                    Already looking forward to next year.