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  • Teams Entered in the Race

    1. Team Slot Car Corner (Connecticut, Quebec)
    2. Team JayGee/MonaVie (Wisconsin)
    3. Team Slingshot (Georgia)
    4. Team Wildcard (Pennsylvania)
    5. Team Ninco (Chicago)
    6. Team GLSCC (Chicago)
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    Hey...Look at that will ya???

    Team SCC is already in first!


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      Hi Jeff,

      Lance sent payment some days ago for Team Slingshot's entry.




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        Good! We now have a completely filled podium...


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            Team MVSCC (tenative title) has humbly submitted its race entry. Jeff, I also sent you an email with more questions.


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              Hi Jeff,
              Mahoning Valley, (and the group I race with) are actually located in Ohio. I myself am in PA, but I named the team after the club since I hope to have the team made up of members of the club. If we can't get a majority of the team to be club members, I'll rename the team to something more descriptive...or maybe something just plain weird.


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                I would like to submit a new team to the race, the team name will be (Team Ninco, Chicago IL).
                Over the past few weeks Neal and myself have been watching and learning and have seen the posts on where are the chicago guys, and one thing that is a concern is the cost for the traveling teams. On behalf of our team sponsor (Ninco) I would like to open my home up to the traveling teams to reduce the cost of the trip. This hobby has been great for myself and my family, and the club I belong to (Great Lakes Slot Car Club) is an extended part of my family, in the past Ninco has been there for us, and this is just one way of returning something back to the hobby. I live about 35 or 40 minutes from the track and have a wood track in the basement. You are welcome to all that is here, bring your own food and drink, bring a sleeping bag or air mattress. No need for any compensation, if your feelings are such, make a donation to your favorite charity. Please contact me to arrange any accomodations or 630-532-0714

                Thanks Frank (Voodoo)


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                  WOW Frank, that's very generous! Guys like you are what makes the slot car hobby great!
                  See you in Chicago.

                  Let's fill those other three spots.



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                    Hi Frank,

                    What a wonderful offer!!!

                    Let me know when you've sent your entry fee to Roger at Mid-America Raceway. Once you've done so, I'll add you name to the official entry list.

                    Glad to see that a team from Chicago has entered. With the raceway practically in your backyard, I suspect that you'll have your cars extremely well dialed in by race day.




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                      Team Members

                      We know the team names, it would also be nice to know the team members. So, let's start with Team Slot Car Corner.

                      Steve Sawtelle (slotcarcorner), CT
                      Mike Chiocchio (smokeio), CT
                      Dickie Pearson (nhdungeonracer), NH
                      Georges Hamel (geeo007), QC
                      Christian Gingras (cgingras), QC
                      Claude Boucher, QC

                      We all usually run on private wooden tracks, in our respective clubs. The only plastic we still have left in our club in Qu├ębec is a Strombecker 4-lane track.
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                        Team Slingshot consists of:

                        Lance Perry (Slingshot)..................GA
                        George Bagley (SouthernSlotter)......GA
                        Jon Grizzle (low tech).....................GA
                        Doug Whelan (tmsolmax).................GA
                        Jason Stanley (?)...........................GA
                        Mark Azarraga (Mark)......................GA

                        Our club started off racing on plastic tracks such as Scaley Sport, Scaley Classic, & NINCO. We are beginning to find that wood is good, and we now have 2 wood tracks in our club with more soon to come I assume.


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                          What is the paypal address so I can send my entry fee please?


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                            Hi Dave,

                            I sent you a PM.

                            - Jeff


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                              Yup got it.


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