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Coverage of the Chicago 24

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  • Coverage of the Chicago 24

    Well we have a wireless! I'm not certain about a live broadcast but I'll have photos and video from the race as time permits.

    Practice is now.

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    Tech inspection

    The field. 2 Ninco Ford GTs, 2 ProSlot/Scaleauto Toyota GTs, 1 Spirit Dallara. The Moslet is only a parade lap car... not an entry.

    Racers round the track on the first laps of the race.

    Mark and Mike next to each other during the first heat.


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      Thanks, Dave. Great pictures so far. When you get a chance, could you tell us which car belongs to which team? Oh, and if you can, it would be great to know the SCI screen names of the drivers on each team.


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        Team JayGee-Slot It Audi
        Team Ninco-Ninco Red Ford GT
        Team GLSCC-Ninco Blue Ford GT
        Team Slot Car Corner-Yellow/Black Toyota GT1
        Team Slingshot-Red Toyota GT1
        Team Wildcard-Red Spirit Dallara

        I'll take a photo of each heat final from the computer screen if I'm able.


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          Any News, positions as it runs?

          Any lap counts, any Slot Race News?

          Who is doing what, did they have qualifying if so who is top dog!!

          Has the race started yet, if not when you they roll off.

          Live feed?

          Alan Smith
          SCI Owner.



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            Middle of 2nd heat - 59min heats.

            Slingshot - 494laps
            SCC ------ 476


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              Excellent, guys. Keep the news coming! Dave, thanks for the car lineup.


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                Great to see a seven car field. Keep the updates coming!


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                  Wow. If you have wireless you should have nabbed an Eye Fi card. It will upload automagically as you take photos to a wide variety of sites.


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                    At the end of 3 heats here's the totals. 4th heat running now.

                    Racers during the third.

                    Jeff "JayGee" marshalling during the heat.
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                      The connection speed is far to slow for a live feed sorry.


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                        Names to faces?



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                          Following with interest from the other side of the planet - putting faces to names helps!

                          What's also interesting is that there must be some kind of 'unofficial' international lane colour convention - the 8 lane Carrera track at Armchair Racer in Sydney has the lanes labled exactly the same: Red on the outside, Black on the inside and the other lanes in between also labled the same - spooky...

                          Cheers, Tony.
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                            lane colors

                            Those are the standard 8 lane colors that have been used on USA commercial tracks for 45+ years. I remember them from about 1964/65 at least, if not earlier.

                            Good Luck to Team Slingshot from Atlanta, our hometown boys.



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                              Any problems so far?

                              A fair gap between First and Last place already, were there any issues?

                              Also Slingshot and SlotCar Corner are about 1/2 second faster pace wise. Is this Set up, gearing skill or luck?

                              Can you supply any inside knowledge as to what is happening. Anyone had to Pit or had a problem yet.

                              Come on all Racers.


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                              Alan Smith
                              SCI Owner.



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