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  • Originally posted by SouthernSlotter View Post
    I am so honored to be a small part of this prestigious magazine.
    Definitely, me too!

    Originally posted by SouthernSlotter View Post
    Christian, we would have showed a little skin in the picture if you had ask us to.
    I thought he DID ask. Nobody in the back row is wearing any pants.


    • P.S.
      Christian, we would have showed a little skin in the picture if you had ask us to.
      Please don't gross us out like that....


      • Originally posted by nhdungeonracer View Post
        Please don't gross us out like that....
        Hey Dickie, A little skin would have been a credit compared to the little apron you had on in Slotboy #3!

        "We love to go to the YMCA"


        • New world's record in Brno 24h: 243,36 miles!!!

          Complet results:


          • Congrats to all involved, this is a really great accomplishment!


            • Congratulations, guys! Great accomplishment, indeed!

              So, when are we meeting in Chicago again? *grin*


              • Format for 24 Hour Races

                I would be very interested in hearing about the latest 24 hour Race and how exactly it was run.

                Was this a 24 Hour race in the true sense of the words, the cars ran for 24 hours continual running.
                Was there a dark segment like a real 24 hour race.
                Was the 24 hours a 24 hours of the clock or was time stopped for track or other issues.

                I find 24 hour racing, and Endurance racing in general a fun form of Slot car racing. I personally think in a 24 hour race the clock should continue to run and the only stoppage should be for track or Scoring problems, but like real Endurance racing the time should continue.
                Curious to see how this latest 24 hour record was set.

                Also what type of tires were used and if rubber tires how many?

                How many and which motors were used.

                I am still waiting to get the motors back from the Chicago 24 Hour to test wear on them and to see what problems occurred to those that were changed.

                Congratulations on a New 24 Hour Record, very interested to hear more especially if it replicated a real 24 Hour race with darkness and a continual clock.
                Alan Smith
                SCI Owner.



                • 24h Brno:
                  8 x 180 min = 24h
                  race stoped only when crash 3 cars
                  start race at Saturday 12 o'clock
                  night race 22,00 - 5,00 h
                  motor NSR 30000/min or Scaleauto 30000/min
                  tires Slotit F16 (3 - 6 pair) or F22 (2 - 3 pair)
                  more - foto, video:
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