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TLOR2017 Concours d'eleganz

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  • TLOR2017 Concours d'eleganz

    I am still waiting for our last entry for this year's series... that said I'm anxious to get the series rolling and don't want to delay anymore. This year came very close to not happening at all. As it is only 5 (okay... maybe 6) folks decided to enter cars. Granted, Mitch58 entered 3 racers and get honorable mention as the "Over Acheiver" of the series.

    This year's Concours competition, like the last TLOR is participant's choice. If you entered a car you get to vote for the cars in both classes.

    Below are the cars in Race Group A The "Tiddlers" (2 litres and under)

    Race Group B (over 2 liters)

    Please vote for your favorite in each class.

    Thank you!
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    That's a pretty small voting panel.


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      Originally posted by reek455 View Post
      That's a pretty small voting panel.
      Tell me about it...

      The response since I posted has been... underwhelming.



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        Not having seen what hasn't arrived, and Greg's work is always superb, I would have to lean towards Rico's Aston. I've always have a fondness for the DBR1, they just have such great lines.


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          The MGA is superb but the Aston Martin ticks all the boxes for me.


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            I'll vote for the Maserati A6G, in a competition that is almost impossible to pick one over the other.

            Too bad about the turnout. These cars are jewels, and it is a shame we never had 30 of them. This is the first proxy I have sent a car in hatched on SCI, and the response for this has not been good, and with the delay I almost forgot about it.

            My hats off to the cars that did show up. They are in a class of their own, and the finest examples of what slot cars can be.