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    Great news. Glad to see that he is on the mend. My car is ready, just say the word and the show can continue. Will you and the girlfriend be conducting the race?


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      Rix..nah I don't have track...but Iwill be conducting the tech inspection and then Julie and I (well when Julie get back..she had to head to Montana for some family business yesterday) will be shipping the cars to the first race point..right now I am thinking this thing should be kicked off in Chicago, since Sliverhelmet has several tracks lined up for us there plus that is Burt Levy's home turf...


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        I did recently PM macknnc about the track situation here in Chicagoland. Several friends I race with are certainly willing to hold a TLOR segment. I have 3 confirmed (with 2 more willing) and will send mack pics and stats shortly. Due to the nature of these being vintage models I'm ignoring the commercial size layouts. And here we will have enough drivers for each lane so they will be not just be time trials.

        Burt Levy is very enthused about it and I've even offered him a seat but he's kind of bashful about his ability to "feel" these cars. He is certainly willing to donate books and merchandise for prizes and will make them certificates so the winner can pick the one(s) he needs. Let's hope the extra time (a whole month more) gets us all a chance to get more friends and cars entered and make this a fun event indeed. I think everyone will be a winner.

        Glad to have you back, Mack. Now let's hope I don't collapse shovelling snow out there.


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          Silverhelmet: Yeah I know what you mean. Julie tried to get me to go to Montana with her, but I told her she was out of her mind. I had the good sense to be born and grow up down here in the picturesque winters, no White Christmases, but no shoveling snow either!