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TLOR Round 4 - PMCC

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  • TLOR Round 4 - PMCC

    Round 4 of this year's TLOR proxy comes back to the Pebblestone Model Car Circuit in Irvine CA this Saturday, November 21.

    We will start with Qualifying around 2:00pm and then go straight into racing. As always our format will be 2 minutes on each lane, repeated for two sets of drivers, so each car will get 12 minutes of racing from 6 drivers.

    I will not have a video stream unfortunately (I'm not up with that technology yet), but I will post on this thread as we go through the afternoon, so you will get almost real-time feedback.

    So, watch this space and see you Saturday!


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    Thanks for the update Dennis, have fun with them, I know we did.



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      Just a reminder...

      The votes are in and we have a winner in Class B. We have a 3-way tie in class A.




      Please vote again for your favorite of the remaining 3. I'll announce the winner of both classes when the votes are in.



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        I'm from Chicago...... Can I vote again ?


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          Originally posted by Brumos RSR View Post
          I'm from Chicago...... Can I vote again ?
          Only if you're dead...



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            Race Results


            The race is in the books. My apologies for no real time coverage today, we were a little short on drivers who could stay late so I pushed the program ahead quicker so as to give all the cars a good run.

            For those who do not know the track:

            We qualified all the cars together, with Barney Poynor doing the honors in blue lane. then we ran the Group A cars twice through the rotation with two sets of drivers. The racing was very close:

            The two #145 cars were identified by an m or a p for Morgan or Porsche. Very few problems were encountered, other than a total power loss for Car # 9 at one point. We stopped to check it, it turned out to be a loose pinion, so we reattached it with some red Loctite and carried on. It ran well thereafter. There were a few other cars that did not fun great in qualifying, but responded well to a little attention and ran fine in the racing. The #69 MGA and the #26 Porsche both needed body screws tightened to prevent the wheels binding against the body.

            The Group B cars were blown away by the #2 Corvette, but otherwise it was again a nice close race with lots of good racing and laughs among the drivers:

            No issue with any of these cars during racing, except for a piece of plastic coming loose inside the #2 Corvette, which allowed the body to roll more than originally intended. Needless to say, it made little difference to a very good car, and I have since re-glued the piece.

            Tomorrow before I pack the cars for their journey to Chicago, I will run those that I did not personally drive today so as to be able to give a summary of each car's performance here.

            Thanks for sending us your toys to play with, we had a blast as always.

            Happy Thanksgiving to all.

            Dennis and the "Pebble-heads"


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              Thanks for posting the results from the round at Pebblestone Raceway, Dennis. Looks like you guys had a good time!

              Congratulations to Chris and Rico in A and B Classes for their wins!

              Glad to see a Merc on the podium................



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                Thanks to all the competitors, the "pebble heads" and to Dennis for a great round..........and thanks for gluing the bits back onto my car.

                Chris Walker


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                  I'll gladly accept the second step on the podium X2! Thanks for all your help!

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                    End of Round 4 standings

                    Below are the standings for TLOR 2015 to date. I'm starting to get the hang of excel, though I'm sure someone will point out any inconsistencies.

                    Chrisguyw is still the one to beat though his lead in class A isn't unassailable.

                    Remember I'm still waiting for 6 votes to break the 3-way tie to determine the Class A Concours winner

                    Thank you!

                    Last edited by greenman62; 11-22-2015, 12:42 PM.


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                      Well now, knowing what I know now, if I had an hour alone with my Jag I could give Chrisguyw a run for his money. It's amazing what you can pick up looking/driving other guys cars. Maybe next year.


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                        Originally posted by Mitch58 View Post
                        Well now, knowing what I know now, if I had an hour alone with my Jag I could give Chrisguyw a run for his money. It's amazing what you can pick up looking/driving other guys cars. Maybe next year.
                        Well Mitch, spill the beans, make it public, and let everyone know what you discovered......I am always happy to pass on whatever little I know, and am equally happy to find out tips/info. from others

                        Chris Walker


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                          Actually about a week after I submitted my car I came across a different chassis that would have been a perfect fit and is much smoother than the one I used.
                          That said, after participating in the first three rounds and helping to qualify for round three, all I can say is great job on both of your cars. they are not only fast and smooth, they were just fun to drive.
                          All of the cars are great and for the most part very competitive with each other, but a few always stand out for one reason or the other. I could have stood there and run Greenman's class A car all day long.


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                            I was very busy all weekend and have a nasty cold to boot so I was not on the computer at all. What a pleasant and unexpected surprise, congrats to greenman62 and Ferrari1950 for rounding out the podium. Thanks to Dennis and crew for hosting the race, job well done.



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                              Thanks gents, sorry the Ol' Number 26 is a problem. It seems lack of preparation is never a solution.

                              May it stay in one piece.