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TLOR on Luf's Targa and the Burnaby Grind

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  • TLOR on Luf's Targa and the Burnaby Grind

    Hi all:

    A big transporter pulled in today and deposited the TLOR cars at my doorstep. All seem to be in good order and now the planning to run them begins.

    I plan to give them a shakedown/qualifying run soon, hopefully this weekend and will post my observations at the same time. I will use that order for the hill climb and the Targa.

    Since Luf is rebuilding the Targa track in the next week or two, we may wait until it is done and run it then. It will be similarly themed, but a new track design and build. Better than before, no doubt.

    Watch for updates in the next few days.


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    My apologies for the lack of update. That is because nothing is happening. My plan to test and qualify today, then race this weekend has fallen through. Luf is in the process of rebuilding the Targa and we decided to wait the couple of weeks to do qualifying and the race on the new track. Meanwhile, I plan to run the cars on the Burnaby Grind Hill Climb before racing on Friday.

    When Luf sets his mind to track building the dust flies fast and furious. He has already started laying out the roadway pieces and will have them ready to install after this Friday's club racing. Then out with the old and in with the new, similar but better. He is planning the first club racing the following Friday and then we'll get the race done on the New Targa.



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      ...just a side question....

      slightly off-topic but....

      when Luf builds a new Targa track....

      what becomes of the old one?

      ....just curious....



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          Usually if some club member wants it they get it free, but it might be put in the dumpster. Sometimes Luf uses certain sections of the old as part of the new, so the remains aren't worth keeping. The previous Targa is still in a club member's garage waiting to be put up, since five years ago.


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            5 years!

            Send that puppy down here, we'll be racing on it next week.

            5 years...


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              no, no, send it down HERE

              Originally posted by kidvoltage View Post
              5 years!


              5 years...
              the mind reels....


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                Garage finds can be everywhere......


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                  You've got it! The quest is on!

                  1) find the garage
                  2) find the track
                  3) find a truck
                  4) find someone to help load the track
                  5) find someplace to drive the track to

                  well, it's all a dream anyway.


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                    Meanwhile, I plan to run the cars on the Burnaby Grind Hill Climb before racing on Friday.
                    A new one on me. I've done the Grouse Grind but did not know there was one in Burnaby


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                      The Burnaby Grind

                      Hi Mike:

                      The Burnaby Grind is a 1/32 hill climb named after the famous Grouse Grind. Unlike that climbing trail though, the only exercise you get on the Burnaby Grind is your trigger finger.

                      Two Pics of it can be found in post #9 of our Targa Proxy thread found here-



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                        I like that.


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                          The Last Open Road Runs the Hill Climb

                          Sixteen TLOR cars ran the Burnaby Grind this afternoon and we had a great time. Thanks to Dan, vtecfour, for driving and Luf, oldslotracer, for filming the event. I recorded the times and I will post them below.

                          We ran each car up the hill four times and the best time will count.

                          I took pictures of the cars on the track and also the podium finishers that I will post in a few minutes.

                          Group A

                          Place Name, Number, Best Time

                          1. Chrisguyw, 145P 20.86
                          2. Retro Racer 44, 45 and Kidvoltage, 26 both at 21.10
                          3. Ferrari1950, 69 21.63
                          4. Reek455, 22 21.94
                          5. Mitch58, 9 23.18
                          6. Mrossmassler, 418 23.34
                          7. Greenman62, 145 23.61
                          8. Old23, 51 25.73

                          Group B

                          1. Chrisguyw, 2 19.44
                          2. Retro Racer 44, 44 20.14
                          3. Greenman62, 24 21.23
                          4. Brumos RSR, 3 21.58
                          5. Mitch58, 18 21.93
                          6. Ferrari1950 69C 22.04
                          7. Audi1, 19 22.23

                          Luf took some video of each car and will edit and post it later.

                          Thanks to everyone for letting us play with your cars.

                          Last edited by retro racer 44; 04-01-2016, 10:30 PM.


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                            Burnaby Grind Pictures

                            Here are the pictures.

                            All the cars lined up on the hill.

                            The Little Tiddler podium with the 45 and 26 tied for second.

                            And the big guns.



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                              Congratulations to the podium builders!!!! Way to go RR44 with 2 podiums. I'm in love with that #145p if it's ever a available
                              Last edited by Brumos RSR; 04-02-2016, 02:02 PM.