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U13 2015 - Round 6 - Spa-Lyons

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  • U13 2015 - Round 6 - Spa-Lyons

    U-13 Proxy Race - Round 6 - Spa-Lyons - March 9, 2015

    I couldn't take it anymore and finished the trip to the lovely Spa-Lyons in a rental VW...

    As we made our way to the paddock Fritz and I marvelled at the number of spectators here to see Round 6 of the U13 series...

    ...some good bird watching...

    ...many had camped... that the most interesting man in Cornwall there - Sir Nigel's brother???

    ...enjoying a skinny dip before the race...

    ...other last minute preparations were being made by track staff and volunteers...

    ...and there were plenty of photo opportunities beforehand...

    Finally it was time to Qualify!

    Qualifying order was random. Again, every entry would have 60 seconds within which to record their fastest lap. Track owner and host Drew qualified all of the cars in the centre lane. Results would determine race order for that class.

    ...our first qualifier...

    Qualifying Results by Class:

    1. #15 - 9.400 sec.
    2. #72 - 9.409;
    3. #177 - 9.502;
    4. #45 - 9.640;
    5. #36 - 9.684;
    6. #5 - 9.746;
    7. #2 - 9.848;
    8. #7 - 10.052;
    9. #13 - 10.277;
    10. #95 - 10.687;
    11. #23 - 11.624;

    1. #44 - 8.064 seconds;
    2. #5 - 8.191;
    3. #8 - 8.237;
    4. #72 - 8.263;
    5. #79 - 8.305;
    6. #63 - 8.431;
    7. #11 - 8.460;
    8. #31 - 8.813;
    9. #22 - 9.030;
    10. #4 - 9.363;
    11. #33 - 9.401;
    12. #162 - 9.542;

    ...stay tuned...
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    Another great set of photos of another fantastic track!

    Congrats to Methe and Retro on earning top qualifers!



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      I have pics of the podium climbers. No blue ones sadly.


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        U-13 Proxy Race - Round 6 - Spa-Lyons - Results

        U-13 Proxy Race - Round 6 - Spa-Lyons - March 9, 2015

        The Race:
        All cars would race in each lane for 3 minutes (9 minutes total). Three drivers were assigned one to a lane for all heats/races. Traditional scoring and timing was used - power went off at 3 minutes and the cars rotated onto the next lane - segments were recorded to measure the total laps/distance of every car.
        U13 cars raced first. They were divided into three groups based on their qualifying result with the fastest group running last. X13 were divided into four groups based on their qualifying result with the fastest group again running last.

        The Race - U-13:
        ...several pairs raced together for much of the race, including our race leaders #15 and #45... it would be close but #45 had a touch more grunt and hung on for victory... ...and this time #72 would lose out in a close duel with #177...
        ...your podium finishers...

        Final U-13 Race Results:
        1. #45 - 55.90 Laps;
        2. #15 - 55.17;
        3. #36 - 53.99;
        4. #177 - 53.32;
        5. #72 - 53.13;
        6. #5 - 52.64;
        7. #2 - 52.01;
        8. #7 - 51.99;
        9. #13 - 51.48;
        10. #95 - 46.74;
        11. #23 - 44.32;

        The Race - X-13
        As we ran through the groups it became clear that many cars in the third group were running well enough to win... #79 woke up and established a gap that couldn't be reduced while the next 6 were bunched together and trading positions throughout most of the race... #44 lost ground with a few offs in the last heat in turn 2...
        ... when the dust settled - the podium finishers...

        Final X-13 Race Results:
        1. #79 - 62.85 Laps;
        2. #63 - 60.79;
        3. #8 - 60.54;
        4. #72 - 60.51;
        5. #5 - 60.37;
        6. #11 - 60.12;
        7. #44 - 59.62;
        8. #22 - 58.47;
        9. #31 - 56.51;
        10. #33 - 53.66;
        11. #162 - 53.18;
        12. #4 - 50.54.

        Congratulations to all of the entries and cheers again to the organizers for their hard work and efforts... it was an exciting set of races here in the GTA...
        A big thank you to Drew who hosted this round... and a thank you to our dedicated drivers for this race - Drew, Mike V. & Tim for racing the cars on their dedicated lane and to all of the marshals, especially 'what just happened?' Bill... I'll leave it to the drivers to comment on the handling...
        No cars were harmed during the running of this round... good luck to everyone for the remainder of the proxy!!!


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          Thanks everyone, great job all around, beautifully scenic'd tracks and great photos!

          Thank you for all your time and effort, it is much appreciated.

          Congratulations to all the podium finishers! This has been a very close series thus far! That says a lot for the builders!


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            Woohoo! Two wins in Toronto for the #45 in U class. It must be because I grew up in Toronto (East York and Scarborough).

            Too bad the #44 couldn't complete the sweep after qualifying first, but offs will kill your lap count every time, eh?

            Congrats to all those on the podium, and a big thank you to all of you in the GTA for making this happen so quickly. On to BC!

            I have up-dated leaderboard in the scoring thread.

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              Another terrific run at the GTA hub. Isn't that just a gorgeous Art-built track with a cool layout and scenery? Congrats to the podiumites. Nice to see my fellow Canadians get well into the overall fray. Thanks to all the drivers and marshals and especially to Drew, track owner, and Art, GTA hub master/sponsor, for their time and effort in keeping the series moving along.

              Onto the west coast tracks for the last hub.



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                Another exceptionally nice looking track that also looks like a tonne of fun to drive!!

                Also would like to thank the drivers, marshals, track owner Drew and Art for looking after another leg of this proxy.


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                  One less off in each race and I would have had two podiums ! Drat! Still it was fun to watch. Pizza was great.

                  I was nice enough to give Timmy (oops) a ride home. We made it with no offs.


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                    Thank you for all of the effort put has been a blast to sit so far away and see how you have kept this Proxy moving ahead of pace, provide feedback, great photos and levity.
                    Congrats to all of the podiumites. I will continue to dream that one day I will ascend to those heights.
                    I remain so impressed with the creativity and complexity of the chassis in the field. Does anyone give lessons on how you guys do it?
                    Hope all of the participants and drivers have enjoyed this as much as I have...cannot wait for the next event out west.
                    Thanks again to all those that made it happen in the last stop


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                      Thanks for the run, great pictures and congratulations to the podium finishers.


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                        What a great variety of cars on the podium! Congrats to the winning BC Boys, but I'm glad my New England club mates are hot on their heels! Further thanks and kudos for the prompt racing and entertaining reporting! The teams running each hub are fantastic!



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                          Another great track and fantastic pictures! Glad to get a 3rd in U13....the SPA has some long sections and my #36 does not have much top could have probably put a rubber band around the trigger and let it run non-stop around that course. And thanks to the drivers for taming my Graffiti #63 to get me a 2nd in UX13!...that car has plenty of motor but I thought the rear tires lacked grip.

                          Congrats to Retro for another 1st place finish! And TF1250 congrats for a dominating run in UX13.



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                            Somewhere between my fingers and the Scoring thread, the corrections I had made on the spreadsheet got lost. The sorting is now corrected in U class, and #31 got the 9 points he earned, not 31. Oops! I don't know why it reverted to the earlier uncorrected version, as I had made both those corrections.


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                              Great reports, great photos and glad to see the proxy moving forward in a brisk fashion! Thanks everyone!