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Thoughts! Best looking, most unexpected performance and favorite tracks!

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  • Thoughts! Best looking, most unexpected performance and favorite tracks!

    What a quick and efficiently run proxy! Great job everyone!

    Seems the end came so quick and now has just fizzled!

    So with that in mind I have a few of questions, feel free to add any of your own polls!

    1. What do you feel was the best looking car?

    2. Car with the most unexpected results (good or bad)?

    3. Top three tracks?

    That's all I've got so far... hope you have fun with this!
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    End of Proxy

    You are right, Bob, it does seem to end abruptly when a proxy is done, especially compared to the lead up.

    I know that Dan is working on goody bags and will soon get your cars home. He has been waiting for promised prizes to arrive.

    I am probably biased, but in my book, Don's UX flared Lotus Elite has to be the star of the proxy, both in performance and concours. I would judge JT's yellow Mini a close second on concours, but having lived ten years in the Northwest Territories, that coat of arms on its roof sealed the deal.

    Performance-wise, definitely biased, I was amazed that my U class Alfa tied for first. I expected mid field or maybe the low step of the podium, but first was a big surprise. It also amazed me how completely tied it was with Brian's car, although the results came from different races, the stats were identical.

    In the middle, Aloha's Mini had to win the award for fighting above its weight class. For a well tuned but basically stock old Mini, it was easy to drive and performed well.

    On the other end I was surprised how poorly Alexis' cars did. Alexis builds a really nice car, and they should have had better results, but we're held back by their tires. Alexis, try some tires from Luf or Paul Gage next year and your cars will do better.

    I am biased and definitely spoiled by Luf's Targa being my home track, but I would also choose the two tracks in the Greater Toronto Area for the level of scenic creativity they show.


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      Hey I am the last to get up....
      What interesting questions you have posed, first I wished I could have seen each track and car in person. That being said the host's and their associates did a great job of pictures and details.
      So here goes...
      For build and appearance in U Class Retro's Alfa, Brain's Toyota and Mether's Honda. Ux Class the craftsmanship was amazing and the Bug Eye Sprite, JT's Mini, TF's Lotus and Retro's Alfa are all just amazing.
      As far as tracks I am envious of all of them. My favorite has to be the Burnaby Hillclimb, The Ring, Cornerstone oh heck and all of the rest. The tie in to the proxy theme was outstanding.
      The car that puzzled me the most was Alexis' car that look so well engineered and did not finish that high in the standings ... It must have been the tires?
      Outstanding cars the Ux Lotus and the two U class winners.
      Some other thoughts I love the twinds that Black3sr entered and Retro support of the Alfas
      One thing that would be interesting to see is which tire manufacturer did well...I know from some of the feedback certain tires had way more traction on certain surfaces...
      So finally it did all end so soon ... Just want to say it was a blast to be involved in this event.thank you again.


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        Yeah, it felt like such a relief after the last race. Five track runs in two weeks was ambitious but fortunately the track owners, drivers and marshals were all retirees and available most days and times of the week.

        I can't say I had a favorite car but was impressed by the northeast U.S. car entries - so intricate, creative and finely detailed bodies. In general, I really appreciated everyone's effort to incorporate mechanical innovation with modeling detail.

        The surprise had to be Aloha's stock rtr Scalextric Mini. The rare car with plastic chassis and wheels competed so well with its metal chassis/wheel competitors.

        On the flip side Alexis's slippery tires did him in. The chassis builds were innovative but the lack of rear grip couldn't be overcome.

        Track-wise, I'd go for Art's and Drew's Ring and Spa tracks in the GTA of Canada. Just gorgeous and urethane tire friendly. That brings up a point as it seemed once the cars arrived there, the urethane shod cars seemed to perk up.

        Are the northeast U.S. tracks silicone run tracks?



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          See also U15 Tires Used Thread...

          Yes, the Northeast tracks are silicone. The spec sheet can be found in U13 2015 photos, post 18.

          I will try and tally just the cars, wheels and tires. Unfortunately, not all of the entries are listed. Maybe the owners can fill in the missing data.

          If my memory serves me, most of the tires were Luf urethane's and Paul Gage and a couple of Yellow Dogs.
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            Just to add my 2 cents...

            Best looking cars: TF250's Lotus and Brains (Brian's) #36 Toyota, both very well done! Nice finish and great performance!

            Unexpected result: Aloha's #172 Mini. Was fun to drive at Cornerstone and hung in there really well! It's the reason I even asked the question!

            Best looking tracks: The Ring and Spa-Lyons, look like they have a nice flow and very nice scenery!
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              I thought all the tracks looked great and would be fun to drive, but the detail at Spa Lyons and The Ring was amazing.


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                Originally posted by TF1250 View Post
                I thought all the tracks looked great and would be fun to drive, but the detail at Spa Lyons and The Ring was amazing.
                After seeing these in person makes me want to tear mine up and start again. They are just beautiful I drove the U13s on Art's and they were so much fun. I did marshal at Drew's.

                Isn't it time to start another proxy? I will be #73 next time. Geez maybe we should start an over 70 Proxy.