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VRAA 2016 Tech Inspection

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  • VRAA 2016 Tech Inspection

    The scrutineers have completed their work. The cars have been poked and prodded, measured and weighed. There were a few minor transgressions of the maximum tire width spec in GP2.5 (noted in red on the spreadsheet). As these were all front tires, were likely the result of a failure to adequately smooth the tire casting flash, and in no case did it affect the tire contact patch, I am going to let the culprits off with a warning and a public shaming rather than assess any penalty.

    Several cars in both classes were submitted with tires pushing the limits of the rear tire width spec for the same reason. If the rear tire width measurement of your car on the spreadsheet is 7.25mm, I'm probably talking about you. Gentlemen, in future please take a few minutes to sand or grind off this unsightly bumpiness. Extra width in the tire sidewall offers no benefit to traction, it looks like crap and it must have some, albeit small, negative impact on the balance of the tire/wheel and smoothness of the car.

    Rant over.

    Here are the entrails... I mean DATA for you to study.

    I will post top and bottom photos of each car tomorrow.


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    Small correction

    # 28 250F wheels - TRRC not TSRF



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      tech inspection

      Hi Stewart, Thanks for compiling the "spec" sheet.

      You have my rear tires as Mitoos, when they are actually Dart's........clearly just a typo/old guy rear wheels are however Mitoos!!

      An early thanks to Stewart for once again organising this event, and to all the entrants...Good luck!!

      Chris Walker


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        This being my first proxy with tight rules and PENALTIES, I am pleased that all my efforts, tears and sweat to get it to fit the numbers have paid off with a pass in all tech columns. Ok, so no tears, anyway, it is good to see I passed.

        I hope that lots of the tracks have short straights as my lead sled has the lowest gear ratio of its class and needs it to push the second highest weight along.

        I'm sure I will be much more interested in perusing the cars this year when they come here for the run on Luf's Targa. I was one of the drivers last year but not having a car in it I didn't examine them too closely.

        I'm really looking forward to this proxy starting.



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          Thanks for the corrections, gentlemen. I'll wait awhile for any others to come in and then I will update and re-post the chart.



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            Keith, the low gear ratio on your Merc will likely help pull all that extra weight out of the corners and might assist in braking into the turns, but you are correct that it will struggle on the longer straights.



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              Mine is correct as stated...thanks for all the details


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                Tech Photos

                Here are the GP2.5 Cars for your study:

                I am looking forward to racing them.



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                  More Tech Photos

                  Here are the GP1.5 cars for your study:

                  A lot of fine looking cars here. I can't wait to see how they race.