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Upgrading wires on Carrera digital decoder

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  • Upgrading wires on Carrera digital decoder

    Hi everyone!

    Topic : Is it worth it to upgrade wires on a Carrera digital decoder.

    With analogue cars a lot of us upgrade to better wires (bigger gauge, pure copper, silicone insulation) to improve the current path from the braids to the motor. But on a digital car, the current has to go through the circuit path on the decoder board no matter what quality of wires we're using.

    I am about the chip my RevoSlot 911 GT2 cars with Carrera digital decoders. The RevoSlot cars come equipped with good quality good gauge silicone wires. And as you know the Carrera decoders come with tiny small gauge wires.

    So I was wondering, is it worth it to desolder the tiny Carrera wires and use bigger and better silicone ones and solder them directly onto the Carrera decoder board.

    Thanks in advance for your inputs!

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    I'd do the guide wires just because the Carrera ones are a little stiff and might break with much motion. The ones from the chip to the motor can be left as original, though.


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      I agree with MR although we change the guide and motor wires. The only reason I change the motor wires is because with our break in process, the wires become stiff. It easy enough to do.



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        Originally posted by CincySlots View Post
        ... with our break in process, the wires become stiff. Bruce
        I saw your tune up videos on YouTube, are you saying that the WD40 makes the wires become stiff ?

        Very usefull videos by the way!


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          Yes, I’m pretty positive it’s the wd40. It’s not in the electrical cleaner long enough, I don’t think.



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            Bruce, do you solder the new wires directly onto the Carrera decoder board without any JST connector? Which wire gauge do you use?

            I'm thinking about this option : desolder the Carrera wires and solder a JST connector directly to the board (if I can find a size that fits)
            Last edited by DavinciQc; 08-19-2018, 07:24 AM.


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              I don’t touch the wire ON the chip. Sorry but too much hassle answering PM’s on this site. Please use our email,

              I’m tired of logging in every 2 seconds, lol



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