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    Originally posted by Wet Coast Racer View Post
    Does this not conduct electricity?
    I don't know exactly what you're asking?

    You never use an Acid core solder on Electrical connections because it will cause corrosion. You always use Rosin core solder for electrical or electronics soldering ( with a caveat. See below ).

    Acid core solder or a separate Acid Flux is only used for fairly large soldering of metal plates or tubes, like in plumbing or scratch built chassis building. It aggressively etches the metal to form a good bond for the solder to the Metal. Even then it should be washed off or neutralized after use. Silver Solder flux is even more aggressive.

    Acid flux is impossible to thoroughly clean off of fine wire strands and small electronics circuitry. It will wick into the wire strands under the insulation, and underneath small electrical or electronics components. It will eventually cause a failure as the acid slowly eats away at the metal.

    Some Acid core fluxes will conduct electricity, which is another reason to not use it on any Electronics or electrical connections.

    A proper Electronics grade solder will not conduct electricity along circuit paths if you have a bit of residue left over and it is non-corrosive. " No Clean " electronics solders ( such as MG Chemicals ) are the best for DIY electrical and electronics soldering.

    Edit; Some Rosin core fluxes do contain a mild acid to clean the metals being joined. But it is designed to be neutralized after use. There are three common grades. Electronics grade solder ( No clean ) is an R rating. Automotive electrical flux is either R or RMA rated. RA rated Rosin core solder or Rosin flux should never be used near anything electrical.

    Source Wikipedia:

    Traditional rosin fluxes - available in non-activated (R), mildly activated (RMA) and activated (RA) formulations. RA and RMA fluxes contain rosin combined with an activating agent, typically an acid, which increases the wettability of metals to which it is applied by removing existing oxides. The residue resulting from the use of RA flux is corrosive and must be cleaned. RMA flux is formulated to result in a residue which is not significantly corrosive, with cleaning being preferred but optional.

    Bottom line. Don't buy your solder or flux for working on your motors or wiring your track from Home Depot or Napa. Buy the proper electronics grade solder and flux from local electronics supply shops.

    Edit2: Always use an external application of approved flux even if the solder itself contains a flux in the core. The job will go much faster and you will get a better joint every time... This applies to either Acid core solders or Rosin cores solders.
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      Originally posted by Kennm113 View Post
      Where can I get one of thoes...? I think I'm just messing my tires up
      Search for "slotcar tire truer" there are a couple varieties out there.


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