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Third eye predator 2 - 3000mp Gawronski edition controller?

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  • quakebo
    I have striped it down and the actual problem is the hole in the trigger that bearing goes into has worn slightly bigger. I should get a new trigger one day but I will keep using it as it works great and don't notice the problem when using it. Now if it gets really bad I will have to order a new one.

    Trouble is I'm in the UK and third eye are in the USA so postage would cost a lot more than a new trigger.

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  • Third eye predator 2 - 3000mp Gawronski edition controller?

    I have a third eye predator 2 - 3000mp Gawronski edition controller with no fans. Will I be able to run G12 cars or will it get to hot. I will be only running two heats that are 15min long and there will be other heats between mine so the controller will get to cooldown between my heats.
    If I need to fit two 40mm fans how would I wire them into the controller.

    Also what size and type of bearing do I need for the trigger as mine is very worn after 13 years of use and could do with replacing.