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Wheel & Tire Size - Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Wheel & Tire Size - Frequently Asked Questions

    Wheel size is a question that comes up all the time, and the bright idea of introducing a Stuck Thread in this Forum has been brought up.

    I'm going to get the ball rolling by importing a Post of Robert's from a 1/32 Thread.

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    Wheel Size FAQ

    The standard wheel size for race cars was 15" (nominal diameter) in the 1960's.
    In current era LMP and GT racing, it is 18".

    The nominal diameter of an actual automobile wheel is the inside dimension of a tire which fits. The flange, against which the tire presses when it is inflated, adds about 1/2" to 3/4" all around, or a total of 1" to 1.5" to the rim diameter. Thus, a nominal 15" wheel will be from 16" to 16.5" outer rim diameter. This is the rim you see on a slot car with the tire mounted.

    The outer diameter of slot car wheels may be measured with the tire on or off, as long as the diameter of the visible rim is measured.

    From small to big:

    Slot.It "14.5mm F1" wheels measure .474" rim OD, or 15.17" in 1/32 scale. They represent a 13.5" to 14" nominal sized wheel.

    Slot.It "15mm x 8mm" wheels measure .536" rim OD, or 17.2" in 1/32 scale. They represent a 16" nominal size wheel.

    BWA standard wheels measure .551" rim OD, or 17.6" in 1/32 scale. They represent a 16" nominal size wheel.

    Slot.It "17mm x 8mm" and "17mm x 10mm" wheels measure .590" rim OD, or 18.9" in 1/32 scale, nearly the size of a standard 18" wheel as used in LMP and GT racing.

    BWA LMP sized wheels measure .624" rim OD, or 20" in 1/32 scale, representing an 18.5" rim in 1/32 scale.


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      So when simplified even more:

      F1 = 14"
      15 mm = 16"
      17 mm = 18"


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        Wheels and their sizes........

        This will become as complete a listing of STOCK rear wheel sizes as I can put together.
        Wheels measured with digital calipers.
        Four measurements will be made. A: rim height. B: rim width. C: shoulder width. D: shoulder height.
        In measuring FLY car wheels I've found that the molds they were no' exact. Panoz with slightly different sizes from left to right. Some of the older ones more off than that. New cars much better. I'll sort of average those ones. Unless you've a better idea?
        Also, where the various manufacturers have used same size wheels on a variety of cars there will be a list of cars that corresponds to those numbers.
        I've only been gathering these things since '99 or from before that I likely don't have so can't measure. Some manufacturers us several different wheel sizes on different versions of same model....SCX Peugeot 206s come to mind.....haven't any real idea how to address that 'cept maybe list 'em all, though I'm not sure how useful that would be........

        BMW CSL
        Porsche 934 A.13.40mm B. 13.0mm C. 5.85mm D. 1.0mm
        BMW M1
        Porsche 935
        Ford Capri.....A. 16.2mm B. 11.0mm C. 7.45mm D. 1.0mm
        Lancia Beta
        Renault R5 Turbo
        Audi Quattro
        Porsche 911 (all).. A. 12.7mm B. 9.5mm C. 6.45mm D. .65mm
        Porsche 906
        Ford GT Mk. II
        Lancia 037
        Porsche 908 (all)
        Porsche 917 (all) A. 13.9mm B. 11.2mm C. 6.45mm D. .85mm
        Ferrari 512 (all)
        Chevron (all)
        Lola T70
        Ford GT40 A. 12.7mm B. 10.95mm C. 6.35mm D. .8mm
        Ferrari Daytona A. 12.85mm B. 11.15mm C. 6.36mm D. .81mm
        Alfa Romeo 156 GTA A. 15.0mm B. 9.8mm C. 5.0mm D. 1.0mm
        Alfa Romeo 147
        Alfa Romeo Giulia (all) A. 12.65 B. 9.15mm C. 6.35mm D. .75mm
        Venturi.....................A. 15mm B. 11mm C. 6mm D. 1.15mm
        Lola B98
        Viper (gen.2)
        BMW 320
        BMW M3 GTR
        Porsche 911 GT1
        Porsche 911 GT1 EVO
        Porsche 911 GT1-98
        Panoz Esperante GTR1 A. 14.95mm B. 10.3mm C. 7.35mm D. .75mm
        Panoz LMP1
        missing from the FLY list are the generation 1 and 1b Vipers.....those early ones....I don't trust that my own still have the original wheels. if you've got one of the early Vipers, the list includes all the pre A84 cars and A85 - A202 please measure the stock rear wheels and post the numbers.

        Dome Judd A. 15mm B. 11mm C. 7.5mm D. 1.2mm
        Porsche 911 GT1 A. 15.8mm B. 10.4mm C. 8.0mm D. .75mm
        Audi R8
        Audi TT DTM A. 14mm B. 7.85mm C. 5mm D. 1.2mm
        Audi A4 DTM
        Mercedes CLK DTM...... A. 15.85mm B. 8.25mm C. 5.2mm D. 1.0mm
        Opel Astra V8 Coupe
        Opel Vectra GTS V8
        SEAT Cupra GT
        SCX WRC Rally cars: Peugeot 206, SEAT Cordoba, Ford Focus, Mitsubishi Lancer, Subaru Impreza and etc have been made with two different size wheels...near as I can tell the tires are the same whichever wheels the rally car in question is.

        size one: A. 14.2mm B. 8.3mm C. 4.95mm D. 1.0mm
        size two: A. 14.45mm B. 8.0mm C. 5.15mm D. 1.0mm
        Classic NASCAR A. 14.8mm B. 8.15mm C. 3.1mm D. 1.5mm
        Ferrari 512BBLM A. 12.5mm B. 11.15mm C. 4mm D. 1mm
        Porsche 935/78 A. 18.2mm B. 11.5mm C. 4.7mm D. 1mm
        Audi A4 DTM
        Mercedes CLK DTM A. 15.4mm B. 9.9mm C. 4.8mm D. 1mm
        Opel DTM
        Ferrari 575 GTC A. 15.5mm B. 15.0mm C. 4.85mm D. .85mm
        Lotus Cortina A. 10.46mm B. 5.6mm C. 2.4mm D. 1.0mm
        March 83/84G A. 12.75mm B. 10.5mm C. 6.3mm D. 1.9mm
        BMW 320 A. 13.15mm B. 12.0mm C. 7.35mm D. .75mm
        Porsche 550 Spyder A. 14.0mm B. 12.0mm C. 2.4mm D. .9mm
        Greenwood Corvette A. 12.9mm B. 11.8mm C. 7.2mm D. 1.35mm
        NSU A. 12.35mm B. 7.0mm C. 3.15mm D. .5mm
        Wheels and tires for the NSU are different. Where most tires/wheels are held in place with a rib on the wheel that sits in a groove on the wheel the NSU has a rib on the tire that sits in a groove on the wheel.
        Raid Trucks A. 13.4mm B. 8.25mm C. 5.2mm D. 1.2mm
        Formula 1
        Champ Car A. 11.9mm B. 12.2mm C. 7.0mm D. 1.2mm
        Classics. A. 14.15mm B. 5.7mm C. 3.0mm D. 2.0mm
        Austin Healy 3000
        Porsche 356
        Ferrari 166MM
        Ferrari Test Rossa
        Jaguar XK120
        Porsche 911 GT3 (inline motor) A. 14.85mm B. 10.5mm C. 5.9mm D. 1/3mm
        Mercedes CLK DTM
        Audi TT DTM
        Opel Astra DTM
        McLaren F1GTR
        McLaren F1GTR A. 15.7mm B. 10.6mm C. 5.9mm D. 1.3mm
        Toyota Supra
        Honda NSX
        Nissan 350Z
        McLaren F1GTR A. 13.5mm B. 8.5mm C. 5.2mm D. 1.2mm

        NINCO has produced their McLaren F1GTR with at least three different wheel sizes. Believe they've even produced on in the last couple years with the small wheels. This wheel size was a sort of 'standard' for several years.

        that's it for now
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          BUDDY, FRIEND, AMIGO, . . well, you get the picture.

          Oh yeah do we need this!

          You may already have my tyres (oops TIRES) guide. By combining these 2 databases, a lot of hot-swapping will get way easier.


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            This is a very good idea

            With the crucial meassurements (A: rim width. B: rim height. C: shoulder width. D: shoulder height.) you can go to the (at the moment) best aftermarket tire website wich has drawings of all these meassurements on all their tires, and easily find out wich tire that will fit your rims.

            Btw; The best aftermarket tire website at the moment is

  , NSR, SuperTires, etc... you all have great tires but you need to put more info on your websites!


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              SlotCarCorner has an application chart for Supertires. Click here:

              Professor motor has one for Indy Grips. Click here:
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                Originally posted by RichD View Post
                SlotCarCorner has an application chart for Supertires. Professor motor has one for Indy Grips.
                Yes, and that is good, but it could be much better. Some list widht and height, but most just lists a few cars they know it will fit on. The reason I mentioned the JelClaws website is becuase they have put a little extra effort into it, and published all crucial meassurements, especially the RIB (shoulder) width and height.

                I really appriciate that extra info, becuase if I can't find a direct fit replacement tire for a specific wheel, then I at least can check if it will fit on the RIB, if the tire fits a bit loose or is slightly to narrow or wide, it can be fixed by gluing it to the rim, but if the RIB channel in the tire is too narrow I know it won't fit at all.

                Moniquispot: Thanks, that's a great amount of data you have collected there. grately appriciated. I'll add some numbers to this thread as I look over my cars. If everybody does this, then we can gather a resource big enough to actually "force" the tire manufactorers to publish matching info on their websites, that would be an accomplishment wich would benefit us all, and probably even increase the number of sold tires too.
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                  Latest version of the tire chart I have been compiling.

                  Anyone with additions or corrections, let me know, I'll continuously update it. - and add a Jelclaws column as soon as I have time, unless 356 beats me to it.
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                    I assume these are all rear wheels?


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                      yes indeed...


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                        Probably asking too much, but you know, it would be nice if there were a tire/wheel listing that matched up to a known prototypical tire/wheel size. If I'm looking for 12.00/15 for a car as that is what the real one used, it would be VERY helpful.



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                          it's only math.


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                            I have posted this about four times so far. It is still good reference material. This is actual historical material. Easy to convert to 1/32; one inch is 1/32".

                            Goodyear "Sports Car Special" Engineering Data, c. 1963:
                            Tire Size - Cross Section - Diameter





                            Cross section refers to the width of tire at its widest point, near the midpoint between the shoulder and the bead. Table from Car Model Magazine, Dec. 1963.


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                              Very Confused-


                              I am quite confused when it comes to tires and wheels. I just ordered several different sets of tires and wheels among some other stuff from

                              It looks to me like the tire recomendations on the web store are different from the prof motor tire chart that is also found there. I ended up using the Prof Motor chart and that agreed with my initial research on the web site using their hubs and tires.

                              I have mostly SIPA19-Als hubs that are 17.3x10mm. I think these are called "large" hubs, (They are the tallest and widest hub I see on the web site)

                              So, I want a medium rubber and from the P.M. reference chart It looks like the following tires will fit the 17.3x10 rim: P2 Compound - SIPT05, SIPT02, SIPT08. Each of these three tires is a bit wider and taller in that order.

                              But on the Hotslots site when I click "read more" it says "
                              For small Slot.It hubs (SIPA04)."

                              I don't see any of the SIPA01-09 hubs listed on the web site? Are these old rim product numbers? They are also listed in the tire reference chart.

                              And, the SIPT05 tire is listed in the reference chart under BOTH small hub and large hub? .

                              I AM GOING TO BE SO ****ED when I get a bunch of wheels and tires that don't fit together!



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