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Robert Livingston Motor List converted to a spreadsheet

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    It has been such a useful database.
    II just read Robert's comment in relation to determining eligibility of different types of motor for a car class.
    "Let experience be your guide. I would put a maximum wattage rule in place and just allow anything that is less than or equal to your maximum.

    Warms my heart, as I have spent several years saying the exact same thing whenever people say "this class will be xx,000 rpm" regardless of whether it is an ff050, a S-can or an FK180


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      I downloaded the Excel version of the database and added a column for watt ratings, that way I can sort the table by watts, which I consider to be a better of ranking motors than by RPMs. RPMs by themselves will not tell you how a motor will perform on the track unless you are comparing motors that are the same make and model. A low RPM high torque motor may have the same performance on the track as a high RPM low torque motor with the same watt rating if the right gears were used.
      It would be nice if the list was updated.