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A question about transformers for Eldon

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  • A question about transformers for Eldon

    Hi Everyone,

    I have a vintage Eldon (circa 1961) set.

    My track works great when I race one car, the track is unable to support two cars at the same time. I suspect my 54 year old transformer is not putting out enough voltage. What is good remedy? Will a train transformer suffice, specifically one that will allow more voltage to be applied to the track?

    I could also use some advice for tires. Is there a way to soften them up or is there a place I can buy tires?

    thankyou in advance for your help

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    to SCI!

    I did an SCI Search just using 'Eldon' and found these threads, maybe there's something there.

    Where you're at isn't far from Tacoma, a veritable hotbed of slot car knowledge. Folks at Fantasy World, or 132Slotcar, should be reachable via phone for you if you want to talk to a human being; but that may not be even necessary, as I'm sure some bright and shiny SCI Members out there will have answered your questions before the weekend's out.


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      For power you can use most any power supply. I even used an AFX wall plug for a couple of years. I just changed out the track plug with a RC type connector and wired the track the same. this pack has settings for 6v, 12v, and 22v. Since then I purchased a variable voltage power supply that works great. I can set it at what ever voltage I want, usually 10v and I can turn it down to 8v or 6v for the grandkids so they can stay on the track.
      As for tires you can get urethane tires that will work. Paul Gage makes some specifically for Eldon cars in all three sizes. You can get them thru E-bay or Slot Car Corner.
      Depending on where you live you'll find most of the things you need online. Some areas have hobby stores that carry slot car items. I live in the Portland area and there is very little available locally.


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