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Basic Electronics for novice's

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  • Basic Electronics for novice's

    Thought I would start a thread to help others out
    If you have any tips, help. advice then post here for all to benifit.
    LDR's ( Light Dependent Resistors ) No matter how simple it may be to you it may be a god send to others so here is my first tip on
    LED'S ( Light Emitting Diode ) Be aware there is 2.5v, 5v & 12v LED'S possable even more.You want the 2.5v with a 47ohm resister

    How do you know what colour the LED is ( trust Me bought some other day and all of them were clear ) also do a test on coloured ones and even if you have cut the legs off to the same length. A simple test is put your multimeter on DIODE test ( this should be your first item to buy in electronics 2nd soldering iron )
    Ok check out pic below

    the Leads from multimeter are connected to Black to common and red to volts /amps diode etc dont worry if they are fixed leads all the better. Now just turn dial to diode see pic for symbol the LED WILL ONLY LIGHT the correct way round so you know which is positive ( PIN on LPT 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17 are all POSITIVE and negitive (ground is PIN 25 )

    Try this you MUST put in resistor or it will blow the LED'S take care dont short out on other pins or you may blow the LPT port if not sure how to do it . . . dont do it

    I take no responsability

    Also try this to locate pins

    I normally strip colour back to wire then cellotape the colour on to paper with the pin Number trust me this is easy to trace when faults happen

    BLUE = PIN 2 start light red ( blue wire is connected to led on gantry )
    RED = PIN 3 start light Amber ( red wire is connected to led on gantry )
    Green / Red Pin 10 Lap sensor lane 1 (Green/red wire is sensor to lane 1 )

    when you have done all this pin it on wall or under table

    More info / ideas on my web site
    hope this helps out now go and set up your Ultimate racer 30 on your PC. . . have fun

    Regards Gazza ( Pierick how do we make this a sticky ) 10pm GMT UK
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    Making a Flag Man

    Lets add a Flag Man to add more fun

    Ok First I take no credit for this as this Belongs to Brian Brown at

    To find out which way round they go see below

    . . . . .

    With multimeter set to DIODE ^ you can see the current flow. Red end of lead ^connect's to data pin
    This will need to be set up in "General" then "Circuit" under start Lights the circuit could be substiuted to any think you like E.G

    1 Large Flashing LEDS
    2 A small Horn / Beeper
    3 Any thing else you can think of ?

    For more info post here or
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      Lets wire up an LPT port

      Ok here we go had a few e-mails on where do i start routine so below is a basic diagram on what goes where. If you are not sure by all means e-mail me or post on here I will always try and help out




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        Thanks That clears things up


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            Hi Gazza,
            Thanks for this post as it has helped me setup my lap timing system using darlington receivers as well as IR emitters. The receivers work without the IRs even in the dark, should I be using resistors with these as well to "detune" them at all?


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              Hi Gazza,

              Thanks for this post, it has helped me setup my lap timing system using Darlington receivers as well as IR emitters. It works so well that it works without the IR's even in the dark, Should i be using resistors for this so as to "detune" so it relies on the emitters?




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                  Here is 2 simple designs explaining how to invert detection on any PC parallel port or 5v compliant input port. Might be usefull for fuel/refuel detection.



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                    help with LED

                    HI am just new to this and am trying to set up some racing lights startetc.

                    I have wired up a green LED however as soon as i plug it in to the port it lights up and doesn't turn on or anything when i start race?
                    i have also tried to turn it off on the circuit set up but still stays lit??

                    may have some future questions coming as am new to electronics, but am confident, with what doing when reading this,

                    also having a test button in the setup for port wires could be a good idea?

                    thanks Ryan.


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                      hi do we need to put the 47 ohm resistor on the photo sensors also?
                      or is it just for the leds


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                        Hi Ryan

                        the LDR needs no resistor

                        The LED may it all told depends what size (power rating ) it is if its lower than 5volt then 47Ohm resistor is required

                        Regards the light staying on . .
                        what pin Number have you wired it to

                        also posted some where else is

                        Under Hardware Settings>General>Circuit , is the Green Light set as Pin 2, on LPT1 ?

                        To check if it is functioning correctly, go to Hardware Settings>Hardware>LPT1 , a pic of the parallel port should come up, click on Pin 2, it should turn on or off each time you click it, and your LED should do the same if wired correctly. If not, also try Pins 3-9.

                        If Pin 2 (or 3-9) won't change state, then maybe another printer program is controlling it? Or you may need to recheck your wiring.


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                          Greetings from Portugal

                          Beeing a total noob on electronics, can you tell me how to and where to wire the fuel/refuel detection in this picture?

                          Kind Regards
                          Rui Soares


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                            Pin 10 could be laps for lane 1 . .

                            pin 11 could be Refuel for lane 1. . .

                            pin 12 could be laps for lane 2. . . .

                            pin 13 could be refuel for lane 2. .

                            Hope that helps Gazza

                            That would then be a BASIC 2 lane set up


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                              Can someone tell or show me how to wire a call button and relay? Based on what I have read, (please correct if I am wrong), I wire the call button using parallel port pins 15 and 21. For the relay #2 and 21.

                              If my selection of pin numbers are correct, does it matter which of the parallel port pins go on the relay? Does 2 go to 85 and 21 to 86?

                              There are four "pins" number 85, 86, 30 and 87A. The latter two are for the track power, 85 and 86 is to activate the relay.




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