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Trackmate Hardware with UR3.0

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  • Trackmate Hardware with UR3.0

    I have just installed a Trackmate kit with a USB connection to the PC. Is anyone familiar with the equipment settings to use in UR3.0?

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    I believe I just installed the same... what is it you want to know?

    ...I found out I have a quota for data on the site - "Upload failed due to your usergroup's upload quota. This file will require 1.21 MB but you only have 1.00 MB of 10.00 MB remaining."

    if you PM me your email I can send you a Quick Start Guide

    EDIT: disregard - I thought you were asking about settings for Trackmate... I'm going to bed - need sleep!!
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      Thanks for trying. I just exchanged emails w/ Pierrick at UR and he says UR is not compatible w/ Trackmate hardware.


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        confirmed! ur40 targets trackmate when the core engine is stabilized. Current under test ur40 manages for the time beeing: arduino uno & mega, phidgets, dsxxx, webcam and serial. This release has a modular evolutive architecture to add any kind of sensors