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Track System Files for ScaleAuto system

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  • Track System Files for ScaleAuto system

    Hi all,
    I have completed track system files for ScaleAuto track system, apart from a couple of bugs I can't identify in border display, and 12 lane multilane layout menu display.
    Anyone who wants is welcome to a copy.

    Pierrick is going to look at those bugs for me, and will update, then add to the UR30 downloads library.
    Meanwhile, feel free to pm me with your email address and I will send on to you.
    They go into the LIBRARY directory.

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    Better not edit that post.....

    I made two sets of borders, one in real colour grey, one in red/white for easy viewing in designs.


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      Pierrick Guillard-Prevert has published an update to his “Ultimate Racer” software in the layouts module.
      The new download is version UR 3.0.31r1

      He has added the ScaleAuto (and Policar) track file definitions I wrote for the layout editor, plus a couple of other modifications he has made himself, as noted on his page linked below.

      These track file definitions are now part of every download.