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Need some help setting up races

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  • Need some help setting up races

    As per my previous post, I figured out my wiring problem for the lanes. Now I'm trying to figure out how to run races. I've been playing around for a bit looking at the heat generations and I'm not seeing what I want to see. Right now I was using 3.0.28B4 but switch to demoing the latest build, as I am not opposed to purchasing the software. However I would like to get a handle on how to operate it before purchasing, to meet our needs.

    We have an 8 lane track. We can have anywhere from 4-20 races on a given night participating in an event. Each racer will need to run each lane once and will be putting their car back on the track where it stopped from the previous heat. So far, I have not been able to get the heats to use anything other then the first 3 lanes if I just have 3 races. How do I need to go about setting this up, so each person runs each lane once? We use the standard European rotation.

    Looks like a nice program, but the instructions seem to be a bit thin on explaining what everything does, or the programs terms are not what we use, thus confusing us.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    Welcome to my confusion. 1st off... UR30 is the correct software, as you mentioned it has a lot of customization capability. Weakest part of the program is the documentation, something I've been trying to upgrade. Ricky (Program author), uses English as his 3rd language (French and Computer Programing are 1 & 2), Euro terms are not always the same as US, and his primary effort goes into creating the software. I edited the HELP (Playing a Tournament), and to my knowledge what you want to do is totally a capability in UR30, however, trial and error, of a setup maybe your best guide. Round Robin is a key in that Euro Round Robin means EACH LANE not each Racer. 20 Racers on 8 lanes is a lot of heats...regardless.


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      Setting up Races (aka Race Event, Tournament).
      UR30 help - (from Web site
      Select drivers, slot cars and teams to play a race event
      • Select drivers, slot cars and prepare race event
      • Display the race event heats
      • Display the race event scores
      Race Event builder (automatic generation of heats) requires completion of the 3 areas
      1. Selection of Cars, Drivers, Teams
      2. Heat generation format
      3. Configuration of heat settings
      Descriptions of parameters and terms are defined in these sections. If it does not generate what you’re after… it may require you adapt your thinking of what it should do, to what it does do. I wish I could add more but honestly don’t use this portion of the program and outside of translating the help to readable US English have not tried to understand it better. Tip: Try to generate on smaller scale (4 Lanes 8 Drivers) until desired results obtained to gain knowledge of what program generates then expand. Attached is spreadsheet I used to gain logic for help re-write in Feb '13.
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